The Perfect Weekend Getaway!


First off, before I even start this post I have to let you guys know that I've never been to the Northern Areas of Pakistan. I remember heading over to Bhurban once and then staying over for an hour or two and coming back so I don't really count that trip as visiting the 'Northern Areas' - I've read countless blog posts about getting away, having 'stay'cations and how this sort of thing refreshes your system but I couldn't imagine how that would work out. I've been on two vacations during my life, one was to England where I explored London for a month, and the other was last year when I jetted off to Chicago and spent almost three months there. Coming back always made me miss these places beyond anything, BUT it opened my mind and subtly changed my thinking and approach to so much in life. While I had hoped the same would happen on this two night, three day excursion to Nathiagalli - I really didn't have the highest of expectations. I was heading over to the uber popular honeymoon destination for Pakistanis with my office fellows for a retreat which had back-to-back meetings and lots of psychical team building exercises as well. Expectation levels at this point were low, but I was very excited at the prospect of hitting the refresh button.

So, so glad to report I was wrong! I LOVED Nathiagalli, and explored as much as I could in the two days that I had even if it meant walking until my feet hurt after a full day of meetings and the sort. I don't want to seem like a bitch but what made Nathiagalli such a peaceful and rejuvenating experience for me was the resort that we stayed at - actually it wasn't the resort per se, but it's location! Simply stunning. I was constantly in awe, left with my mouth hanging open as I tried to take in all the majestic mountains that surrounded as, the pinecone tress, the curling roads - everything look picture perfect as if it was right out of a movie set. I know for a fact (though I can't prove it) that the air in the area definitely was purer, lighter and I may be crazy but gave me more energy!

Can you guys see that might mountain behind the trees? I had to sit down and look at it for a couple of minutes to take it all in, seriously. 

The amount of greenery surrounding you from all sides, it's UNREAL!

Don't these roads look like they've come right out of a Hollywood movie, lets say - The Red Riding Hood?!

Guys, where else would you randomly come across scenes like this? A beautiful horse eating random leaves from random tress at the edge of a random road!? 

So the resort that we stayed at was Hotel Summer Retreat, it's sort of a two part hotel. There's this, and then a 30 second walk and you have Hotel Green Retreat. They both work together, or under the same management and are simply the best (and priciest) in the region. For our stay, the teams rooms were in Summer Retreat and all the conferences, lunches etc were in Greens. Personally Summer had the better views out of the two.

While it's not the fanciest hotel to look at, I couldn't care less because the views it offered - breath taking! Below is the view I was lucky enough to see every morning when I woke up! WOW!

Right as I stepped out of my room to the terrace area, this is the sight that would welcome me. Now can you blame me for being late to breakfast every morning? Haha 

I ate Pakoras there like crazy, seriously! There's just something about the chill weather that makes you much on these, and sip on the sweetest chai like crazy!

I looked up as we were eating our Pakoras, and this is the sight that greeted me?! I mean, what even is this beautiful-ness surrounding me everywhere? God, really is great.

On our first Pakora run, our driver drifted off for a bit so we sat outside the car to this beautiful view and ate pakoras like there was no tomorrow. Can you imagine, having a view like this, unobstructed, right before your eyes and munching on some salty hot pakoras, taking breaks in between to sip on some super sugary sweet chai - there's nothing quite like it. 

I don't wanna go all religious on anyone here, but guys, surrounded by so much beauty, I felt so thankful all of a sudden. All I could think of in that moment was about how truly insignificant we are in front of the forces of nature that surrounds us - how we day in and day out taint the natural beauty that has been given to us. Khair - it was quite the moment and while I can't quite explain it in words - it's something that will stick with me for a long, long time to come. 

I'm going to stop this post right here, before it gets even longer than it currently is lol - all you need to know about pricing, travel time, things to do and buy and eat etc will be in tomorrows post so stay tuned! 

My Everyday Makeup Collection & Organization


This is a follow up to last nights post where I talked about my shopping experience from Kaymu - now let's get into what I actually bought.

Now let me tell you something, I browsed and browsed and browsed and there were so many great makeup organizers that I just couldn't decide what I which one I wanted to go for. It was that that I came across this one and I thought 'wow - this would fit my everyday morning/office makeup staples perfectly' so I ordered away! To know more about the ordering procedures and my delivery experience, please read this post HERE!

One thing I had in mind while selecting this was to use a seller that has good reviews, ratings and feedback. Kaymu is a lot like eBay - you have to make sure you're ordering from a trust worthy seller to ensure that you get the best quality product. I honestly was a bit skeptical after placing the order about the quality of the product, but I have to tell you, I am SUPER PLEASED with it! It's amazing quality and the price is pretty great too! The plastic doesn't feel cheap and tacky, the drawers glide in and out and it was packaged very well so it came to me without any scratches or marks on it.

Check out what I've kept in the organizer below, trust when I say it fits ALOT - because it really does. Now, don't think I slap on all this makeup everyday, but because this has more filling capacity that I had originally thought of - I've filled it with numerous options - basically it's lip products galore.

That's about it for my review, if there's something you'd like to ask then please ask away! I'd love to answer your queries in the comments below.

Link to the seller I used - HERE!

Price - PKR 1,199

Kaymu shopping experience review - HERE!

Top online makeup stores to shop from in Pakistan - HERE!

My Online Shopping Experience From Kaymu


So I'm some of you might know what Kaymu (click HERE!) is, or might have come across it's adverts on Facebook. From what I have understood about Kaymu so far is that it is basically a Pakistani version of eBay. There are hundreds of sellers on the website that sell thousands of products, everything from home ware and technology to fashion and beauty! I've seen things like the Artis brush dupes on there along with Zucchini Spiralizers which are all the rage amongst health freak these days - point being, when I say you can find anything on there, you really can.

With Kaymu, what you need to know is that it is, like I said, quite like eBay - that means you have countless sellers, and you have to verify yourself whether that seller is a high quality seller or not.

Customers leave lots of review, ratings and feedbacks on sellers so when you're ordering - make sure you keep that in mind and then order away.

I ordered a makeup organizer from a reputable seller and got exactly what I wanted. Actually, I was a bit hesitant about the quality at the time of ordering, but when I got the package - quality-wise, it was way better than what I was expecting - seriously! (post on a complete review of that coming tomorrow)

Ordering Procedure - 

Their online ordering procedure is quite simple, you add the items to your cart and order away. I know many people love the Cash On Delivery service, so they have that as well. As soon as I ordered, the very next day I got a confirmation call from a Kaymu representative. The day after that, I got a text from the TCS delivery person with the date and approximate time when the rider would be coming so I could have the cash for COD ready (if that's the option you've availed)

The package itself was very well packed, and like I said in the beginning - I'm super satisfied with what I got from Kaymu! I will definitely be ordering another sets of these drawers (full post on what's inside coming soon)

Another thing I'd like to mention is that you can also be a seller on Kaymu with a lot of ease, here's HOW! - no need to pay or anything, it's completely FREE!

Hope you guys liked my review! I've done another super comprehensive post on the Top Online Makeup Stores/Website To Order From In Pakistan - so if you're interested in reading that, please click HERE!

You can visist the Kaymu website HERE!

My Mom Reviews - Body & Skin Care By The Body Shop

So, incase you've been keeping up with my blog, you would've seen that my mom got the opportunity to go on a shopping spree, courtesy of The Body Shop on Mother's Day this year (you can read the complete post HERE!). Now as a part two of that post, my mom will be taking over and reviewing the products that she got. She is a big fan of the Body Shop, has been for years and years so she picked up mostly body butters and lotions etc, because she feels like that is their top product. She told me that if there is anyone who wants to try out something from the Body Shop (and hasn't till now) then they should start with their body butters since they have no alternate!

So first off, here's a list of the thing she got -

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter ( complete review HERE!)
The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Butter
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Puree
The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Lotion
The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel

So now she will be taking over, here are her reviews -

The Body Shop Body Butters 

These have to be my most repurchased items from the Body Shop, especially the Strawberry scent (review HERE!). I've used up so many tubs before getting this one, and will continue purchasing it. The scent is absolutely divine and last on subtly for hours. It has the perfect amount of moisture for summers but for winters, if you have dry skin like me, I would advice you to get the Shea Butter range. That is phenomenal! No matter how dry your skin is, your skin will feel moisturized and most importantly, stay moisturized after using the Shea Butter range products. I have been a long time purchaser of the Strawberry scent (and that was the first item to go into my shopping bag lol) but the Atlas Mountain Rose also has a beautiful and soft rose-y scent that is not over powering or too sickly sweet at all!

The Body Shop Body Purée's

I feel like when the Body Shop created this product, they had the Pakistani heat and summers in mind. Now this product is no ordinary body lotion, trust me. As soon as you take it out, you'll feel a cooling sensation because it is sort of watery, that not only makes applying and absorbing it super quick and easy, but the coolness it provides, that is what makes it so special. I previously had the Satsuma scent in this, or the Peach one, can't exactly remember, but I remember what a treat it was applying it in the hot morning and immediately loving the cooling sensation.

The Body Shop Shower Gel

I'm not really into buying shower gels, but my youngest son loves the Body Shop Lemon shower gel so I thought I would give this one a go. As always, I picked up the Strawberry (review HERE!) scent since that is my favorite and I have to say, I liking it so far. You know it's summer time and smelling good all the time in a necessity so I like using this in the shower and then pairing it up later with the Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry - what this layering does it that it makes the scent linger on for a long, long time!  

Her Top Recommendations

So since I have tried a lot of Body Shop products, here are some other recommendations that I wanted to share -

The Body Shop Strawberry Range
I'm sure by now you can tell that I am a fan of everything in this range from soaps and scrubs to body butters and lotions. (review HERE!)

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner 
I regularly dye my hair so using this really prevented the damage as much as it could, not to mention, these two lasted me a long, long time! They just don't finish, which is a great thing!

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine
Now like I mentioned, I dye my hair a lot, so after washing and drying them, I would always apply just a bit of this towards the ends. It is basically pure coconut oil, so don't use a lot otherwise it will look like you have oily hair, but what this does is it gives some shine and luster to the hair which obviously lessens with age.

The Body Shop Shea Collection
This is perfect for winter time, especially for those with dry skin. Me and my younger daughter, both use this only during the winters and our skin never dries out too much! (review HERE!)

Her Top Scents

1. Strawberry range
2. Satsuma range (perfect for summers!)
3. Coconut range
4. Shea range (review HERE!)

Well, that's it from my mothers takeover - hope you enjoyed this post!

Current Favourite Colourpop Eyeshadows!


My last post was a super super comprehensive post (read HERE!) where I discussed all that needed to be when it comes to Colourpop Super Shock eyeshadows! My love affair with these pots of goodness started with these three eyeshadows and it has now led to a crap load of implies purchases! Let's just hope my friends from the US visit Pakistan soon so they can bring these over for me lol - Anyways! Back to the point - this won't be a review post - it's more of a please-look-at-these-swatches-and-marvel-at-the-greatness-of-the-Colourpop-Eyeshadows kinda post!

(I'd suggest you guys read my complete review post regarding Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows before proceeding so you guys have an idea of the texture, finish, pigmentation etc <3 Read that post HERE!)

How drool worthy are the swatches! Seriously guys! Now let me try and describe these eyeshadows below haha!


A beautiful burnt copper eyeshadows with sheen, not glitter - a swipe and amazing pigmentation! 


The MOST incredible eyeshadow I own, its a duo chrome with reflecting glitter so simply stunning. Sometimes it looks purple, sometimes blue, sometimes the glitter looks pink, sometimes turquoise-y - it's simply stunning! A MUST MUST MUST buy! 


Very different from other eyeshadows I own, its basically a peachy-pink eyeshadow full of glitter! When you put this on, seriously looks like you've spent your timing working in the eyeshadow and then separately adding glitter! Gorgeous! 

Which one do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below <3 

All You Need To Know About Colourpop Eyeshadows


So for the longest time, I was very turned off from buying anything Colourpop - with the incredible social media hype around the eye shadows and lippie sticks all the time, and literally everywhere - I felt like it was too invasive as a brand and decided not to fall for the hype. Fast forward a couple of months, and there was a Black Friday sale that made me want to order, thinking that even if they weren't worth the hype I would have something to review on my blog (ahh the brain of a blogger, always thinking of ideas)
Complete Image CreditsHERE! and HERE! respectively (since I've lost my memory card and now my Colourpop Eyeshadows are all used and not-so-pretty to photography - plus this is my go-to blog aswell, go and have a read - you'll love it I'm sure)

So a friend who was coming over brought along an array of their infamous liquid lipsticks (check HERE!) for me along with a couple of eye shadows that I had had delivered to his place. Since I will always choose lip products over eye shadows I played and tested the liquid lipsticks for a long time before I came onto the Colourpop Super Shock eyeshades!

Now you guys need to believe me when I say - these blew me away! From the texture to the pigmentation to the finish; there is nothing at fault here! I could be paid to find a fault with these and I still won't be able to come up with any.


The texture is quite unusual, it's almost wet and cushion-y and indents as soon as you touch it. On the website it says to always keep them tightly closed when not in use so I'm assuming they have some sort of liquid action going on that needs to not dry up! Anyways, whatever the science behind it is - these are smooth, silky (insert all positive adjective for an eye shadow) and unlike anything I've tried in terms of eye shadow in general.


The pigmentation is basically the - I first tried these with a brush and was blown away by how pigmented the shades I have were, but the real treat came when I used my fingers to apply. O.M.G It was a moment where I questioned myself and wondered why I did not give into the hype and order earlier? If you think that the pigmentation with these on your eyelids is good with a brush, please use your fingers and prepare to have a magical makeup moment! What you see in the pan, is what you get! Nothing less :)


These suckers last for ages and even after a full work day in the summer heat, I found that their shine or pigment had barely faded. Like I'd give it a 9/10 after a 8am to 6pm day - they're THAT great! So once you put them on, there will be no need to faff around or be worried about half your eye shadow fading away. These will stay put!


There are a truck load of finished but the ones I ordered are the metallic and shimmer/sparkle finish. When I tell you the swiping on the shimmers with your fingers and blending it out makes you look like you've applied pigment and glitter and spend 40 minutes on one eye alone - please believe me. The sparkle is on another level - it seriously looks like you've done a lot with your eye makeup when in fact all you did was swipe on a shade with your fingers in under a minute! Some other finishes include matte and satin.


Now these pots of amazing-ness are priced at $5 a pop and I know you're thinking hmmm..that's too cheap, maybe these are the result of sketchy ingredients somewhere in China (just like I thought) but that is not the case. These are produced in the Colourpop warehouses in LA, so best believe they got their act right there. Also, almost 95% of the products are Cruelty-Free - it's a win-win for us humans and animals alike so yay for that!

Where To Buy -

You can buy Colourpop products directly through their website HERE!, or if you are living in Pakistan then order through online Facebook pages! I've written a guide of trustable pages I've ordered from, read about it HERE!

I will be swatching some of my favorites shades tomorrow, so if you have any questions let me know here in the comments below.

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Help Needed - Please Read This!


So on the 17th of June, 5 years back I penned down my first blog post and hit that 'Publish' button - since then there has been no looking back or as the saying goes. My blog has opened so many doors of opportunities for me that I wanted to do something very special for a five year anniversary - but anniversary celebrations are for YOU GUYS so I want you feedback on a couple of questions! Please answer these in the comments below, or send me an email at so I know what to plan for you guys :)

1. Would you like ONE GRAND GIVEAWAY or smaller giveaways on all social media platforms (1/platform)

2. Do you guys find it easier to follow giveaway rules if I write them all down on a blog post or should I do that directly on the social media platform where the giveaway is being hosted like Facebook etc?

3. What are your thoughts on sponsors? Do you find it okay to 'like' different pages and follow a lot of rules or would you like the giveaways to be from my side only where there will be minimal rules?

Please let me know your feedback so I can start ordering the giveaways! Already have some really exciting things planned <3

Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette Review


We all know the contouring is the be-all, end-all on Instagram these days, but here's a question - how many of us actually contour like that in real life? I don't that's for sure. I all for the feeling natural with my makeup look so piling on really makes me want to go wash my face, and for some reason cream makeup products really just don't work for me in general :(

When we come to Beauty UK's Contour Kit, I have to admit - after receiving it - I really didn't put it to use for a long time but now that I've used it a bit, I can give you my views on it.

Since this contour kit has lighter shades in general, it definitely makes it harder for a noob like me to mess up! Even the darkest contour shade can be easily blended out, even with the most average of brushes. The product itself is creamy enough, not too hard to blend at all and decently pigmented.

I use the contour and bronze shades way more than the highlight one which just doesn't go too well with my skin tone and turns me grey haha! The bronze shade is actually perfect for creating that 'hollow' contour look!

I always set my cream contour using the Beauty UK palette with my powder contour from Luscious Cosmetics and the combination of these seriously makes it last ages!

If you're a beginner who doesn't know much about contouring, or whether it is even the thing for you, I'd say give this a go. It's cheap, good quality and get the job done with ease!

Check out the images and swatches below!

Price - Under PKR 1000

Availability - Beauty UK Counters

Kicking Off The 30 Day Water Challenge


Guys, you know what this is in the picture below? My very last drink of Pepsi, at least for the next 30 days - so long fizzyness, it's been real! Do you notice how I'm not looking into the camera, it was quite shameful photographing myself with a glass of Pepsi as I prepped to start a 30 Day Water Challenge! Lol.

In the Book of Beauty by Diane von Furstenberg, she quotes, “You cannot have a healthy body without drinking a great deal of water. But remember, you can’t just drink a glass of water and tell a glass of water to please go straight to your skin and moisturize your complexion. Water has to be there all the time, doing what it does naturally in a healthy body.”

DVF really does hit the nail on the head when she says that you cannot expect any changes with just one glass of water, while logically speaking all of us do understand this is the case - I tend to just forget about it haha. I would just drink 8 glasses of water for 2 days and expect my skin to have the suppleness restored and that oh-so-gorgeous luminosity - but alas, nothing is that easy so I decided to kick of the 30 Day Water Challenge!

What Is It?

A super simple challenge where you drink 8 glasses of water for 30 days straight and basically try and get your life, health and skin in order.

What You Need -
A print of the following one-pager that will help you keep track, immensely. I know this is the digital age yada-yada and you know mark stuff on your phones but there's just something so soothing about marking of each glass from this sheet by hand haha!

Here's my print so far :) 

So that is all there is to it really - perfect for world-class excuses makers of not having this and that to start a challenge haha. I have taken a 'before' picture with no makeup (yikes!) and will be doing an 'after' picture in 30 days!

See you then!

You NEED To Read This Before Shopping From Khaadi


Here's a little story time post from where I did a little bit of shopping and had a weird issue!

So I shopped from the Khaadi website a little while ago and my bill total was PKR 2525. I chose to pay via my Debit Card since I do not like availing Cash On Delivery and since my total was above PKR 2500 I automatically received Free Delivery as well. 

Now when I put in my card information and address waghera, my bill automatically changed into dollars which obviously baffled me so I clicked on the 'Convert To PKR' option and the amount converted itself. Now during this conversion, my original amount which was PKR 2525 changed to PKR 2779 unsure emoticon I was like whattttt - thinking I had done something wrong, or maybe selected to pay in dollars or something option, I went through the entire process again - but it had the same end result. 
So I thought maybe this was because I ordered through a Debit Card so just placed the order anyways with the increased price. I called up my bank and they said they have no such hidden charges (I've ordered so many times using the same card at different places and this has never happened before) so I decided to email Khaadi Customer Service and asked them about it. Khaadi CS was very prompt and replied within two days - and this was their reply - 

I was like whattt - how ridiculous is this?! Why should we be charged in dollars when we are ordering from a PAKISTANI website, getting it delivered in PAKISTAN using a PAKISTANI card which has PAKISTANI currency in it! 
So that is my little shopping experience with Khaadi - I just thought the entire charging in dollars is so unnecessary, I've ordered on websites like Colourpop and MAC etc using my moms Pakistani Credit Cards and I've never come across this issue. 
I have to mention here that nothing like this happens if you choose Cash On Delivery which is what I had to reluctantly choose the next time I ordered - the difference of extra payment obviously increase with the amount that you've shopped!
I didn't know about this before ordering so just thought of letting you guys know since we all love Khaadi and their sales haha! 

See you tomorrow for my Water Challenge Post!

What My Mom Did On Mother's Day!

Guys, be warned - this is a completely gush-y post where I'll just be praising the Body Shop Pakistan and basically singing laurels for their Mothers Day campaign lol :)

Incase you're following me on Snapchat (nayabnajam) you might have seen what I was upto this Sunday which was basically take my mom for a Mothers Day shopping spree courtesy of the Body Shop Pakistan. Since I had nothing pre planned for Mothers Day, this definetly saved me haha.

The activity itself was very simple, I got a generous voucher for 10,000 PKR by the Body Shop team and was told to let my mom shop with it, that's it! My mom definitely did go over board with the Strawberry scented items haha! She had a blast meeting my other blogger friends, the awesome Constantine PR team (that manage the Body Shop Pakistan) and just thoroughly enjoyed herself, browsing around the shop and selecting whatever she liked!

Also, all your comments on Snapchat were super sweet and made her day! I screenshotted all your messages and showed them to her, best believe she feels like a celebrity now haha! So thanks a bunch for that <3

Check out some of the images from the day below! 

As a moderately successful blogger I've been lucky enough to be invited to amazing events but this was truly something very different and special. I remember about a year and more ago when there was no PR company dealing with beauty bloggers in Islamabad and Constantine PR came and literally changed the game! Since then many great companies have emerged but this campaign seriously took the cake! Big shout out to Constantine PR for always being a step ahead <3

Follow the Body Shop Pakistan on Facebook HERE!

Check out Constantine PR on Facebook HERE!

See you tomorrow for another post! 

Day In The Life - OMyBuns Food Tasting Adventure!


If you're following me on Snapchat, I'm sure you've all seen this from the day I went, along with my other blogger friends, to a Menu Tasting for OMyBuns which has just recently opened its doors for the coffee-loving people who live in Islamabad at F-10 :)

When I was on my way, I honestly thought we'd get to try a bite of this or that and be done with it but they made us try almost everything off the menu! From appetizers, to pizzas and burgers and chai - trust me when I say I was super full by the time I was leaving the place!

So we kicked things off with a assortment of drinks and garlic bread which was not served in the 'traditional' garlic bread form, but in more a pizza style which was definitely a lot easier to eat! Their garlic bread was great, but the Cheesy Garlic Bread was on another level! I'm sure I ate the most pieces of that out of everyone at the table haha.

Next came an assortment of drinks, from slushes to smoothies and iced teas! I went for an Peach Iced Tea and imagine my surprise when I got a bubble on my first sip! It was a Peach Ice Bubble Tea - how have I not had something like this before? Bubble tea and peach ice tea are my favorite drinks in the world so this combination had my slurping away happily!

So after the delicious drinks, we had a round of pizzas - the have a great variety, from the Meat Freaks Pizza (which has different toppings on it) to the Sweet Corn Pizza (loved this one) and the traditional options, I really enjoyed them all. The crust was perfect, not too thin, not too thick and definitely not soggy ugh - hate when that happens!

After that we had a round of Chai to give our digestive system some time to calm down and gear up the next serving, which was of burgers, sandwiches in French bread and paninis. Now I'll be honest here, the burger buns were a bit too big for my liking so skip those, but the club sandwich and the grilled sandwiches were amazing! My favorite of the day hands down!

Since there was no way we had any room for more, our desserts were given to us to eat later on!

LOL - this is an appropriate image of me before reaching OMyBuns and after I was done haha!

Are you drooling yet? Lol

The venue itself is a cosy little cafe in F-10 with some seating on the inside and lots on the inside! I can see myself sitting outside, sipping on a cup of Cuban Coffee (which they specialize in) during the colder months!

Now coming on to the speciality, which is buns! I love Pappa Rotti buns - they are seriously amazing so I was very curious to see how the buns from OMyBuns would fare against those, and I'm happy to report they're perfection!

I've taken Pappa Rotti buns home many times, and they just don't taste the same as they do when they're fresh out of the oven, so when I took a bite of their Chocolate Chip Bun/Cookie the next day - I was in heaven! All I could think of was if it tastes THIS good after a day, imagine how delicious it will be served freshly!? LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!

Doesn't this look stunning!? Haha - this was huge - literally the size of my face so you get quite the bang for your buck!

All in all, I'd rate the place 9/10 - it was that good seriously! The owner was there himself, talking us through each course, telling us about the ingredients (they bake their breads themselves!) letting us know about the though process behind each dish so it was quite the experience. Pigging out on food and learning more about why certain ingredients are used etc. 

My Top Recommendations - 

1. Mango/Slush Smoothie (I tried this the next day - in LOVE) (PKR 130) 
2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bun (PKR 145)
3. Grilled Chicken Sandwich (PKR 295)
4. Cheesy Garlic Bread 
5. Walnut Fudge Brownie (PKR 199)

The prices are currently super affordable, so if you're looking for a new place to head out to - this should definitely be in your list to try out! 

Also if you're a fan of frozen yogurt, the new Tutti Frutti has opened up inside their shop! 

For more details LIKE the OMyBuns Facebook page HERE! or visit them in F-10 Markaz :) 

Hope you guys liked my review, will be doing more of these soon! 

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