Top 10 #GirlBosses You NEED To Follow On Snapchat!


When it comes to social media app popularity, Snapchat has bounded leap years ahead of other popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Maybe it's the personalized content that keeps us intrigued, or maybe it's the curious cat in us all that wants to know what everyone's up to in their daily lives - whatever it is, Snapchat users are growing at an exponential rate. I follow a lot of desi personalities on Snapchat - it just makes me relate more to them. In case you're looking for some pretty cool desi's to follow on Snapchat - you've come to the right place.

I've combined a list of my favorite people on Snapchat to follow - the post got a bit too long so I've decided to divide it into two. Part 2 coming soon :) 

Alyzeh Rahim

Founder and CEO of Magicosmetix - I love watching Alyzeh's snaps and getting behind the scene glimpses of how she works on her makeup line! From sending out makeup packages, to sneak peeks on whats coming next, there's always something interesting going on.


Anam Falak 

Anam is always jet setting between Karachi, London and the States! Watching her work on clients, give out lots of diet and skin care tips along with snaps of her husband is always a joy. Also she hosts a 'Rishta Service' every Wednesday where she connects people looking to get married! It's pretty fun!

Laiba Zaid

Known more famously as BodmonZaid, Laiba is what in Instagram language one would call #fitnessgoals - if there's anyone that can motivate me to get up and start working out, it's her! She snaps bits from her life at the gym, working on her fat-loss programs and some of the hilarious comments that her mom passes! Also, she just got an adorable cat that her mom doesn't know about! Whoops! I can't wait for her mom reaction at having the little kitten in her house when she's back from Umrah.

Nilo Haq

Another person that inspires me to get off the couch and start eating a bit healthy-er is Nilo. Incase you're someone who's interested in lots of makeup package opening snaps and family life in Canada - you should follow Nilo. Her son tries out a lot of the new Snapchat filters which is always a good laugh!

Rammal Mehmud 

One half of the duo that makes up Islamabad's most wanted photographers, you will love getting some behind the scenes from wedding photography, lots of makeup snaps and some super fun wedding prep as Rammal gears up for her sisters shaadi!

Rants Of A Desi Bride

I love following Fouzia, who is a newly wed and taking us along her journey through married life via Snapchat - from annoying Faizan (her husband) and roaming around in Lahore, you'll always have a fun time watching her story!

Redah Misbah

Want to get sneak peaks of the latest Masarrat Misbah makeup products that are in production? Regular travels to Turkey and Europe? You've come to the right place! I love seeing how Redah is constantly on the go, attending workshops and basically getting a whole lot done in a day! Her daughter, Zoay, is also a regular feature on her snapchat, and I'm sure she's the cutest baby I've ever seen!

Sana MUA

If you want to know what goes on behind-the-scenes on shoots, you have to watch Sana's story. She is always glamming clients, giving out product recommendations and basically snap chatting her daily life in Canada!

Shehzeen Rehman

Killer bedroom views of Dubai, a husband who make chai, and lots of blogging is how I would describe Shehzeen's snapchat - I love going through her story and watching the dynamics of her relationship with her husband. Their puzzle finding sprees and nightly takeaway dinners are hilarious to watch. Shehzeen has such a different take on life, blogging and generally everything - I'm always feeling inspired by her Q&A sessions! You definitely will not regret following her!

Tamanna Roashan

Currently in Spain for the opening of a NYX store, Tamanna's account has to be your go-to one if you're interested in watching her doll up gorgeous desi brides, open up drool worthy makeup packages and basically work all day long! Just watching the amount of work she gets done in a day makes me want to get off my procrastination horse immediately haha!

Nayab Najam

Lastly, if you're not tired of following all the people mentioned above, add me too! I snap about life and events in Islamabad, with a bit of everything from makeup, cooking, blogging and petting stray cats haha :) 

Stay tuned for Part 2 :) 

Glowing Skin With DIY Turmeric Face Mask!


There's nothing quite like ancient totkas that come in handy in times of need AKA when your skin is basically looking like the life has been sucked out of it cuz its that dull!

Turmeric is supposedly the be-all, end-all of homemade DIY skin care masks, so I decided to try a very basic one and see how it goes. While one application doesn't really show any difference, my skin did feel like a little fit of life had been injected to it after this masks application, so who knows, after constant usage, I maybe glowing naturally haha!

Check out the super easy DIY below! 

What you'll need - 

1/2 lemon
2 tsp gram flour (besan)
- just a pinch of turmeric

Directions - 

All you have to do is mix the ingredients together, add water (I used Rose Water) as a mixing medium and apply it to your face when it reaches the desired consistency. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and wash off.

Let me know if you'd like me to try some other desi totkas in the comments below! 

Salon Review - The Best Nail Spa In Islamabad?


I've been thinking about starting a Islamabad salon review since a while now and I've finally gotten around to doing it! I don't get regular blow dries and facials but I do love getting a good old manicure and pedicure so this series will basically be the hunt for Islamabad's best mani/pedi place!

I'm kicking off the series with a visit to Shades Nail Spa & Salon which has opened up recently in F-10 Markaz. They're housed in an entire tower so you won't miss it for sure. The first floor is cosmetics, the second is clothes etc and the third is their spa. Now climbing the stairs of those first two floors I didn't expect anything too fancy when I stopped into the salon, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

So this is where you enter the salon from.

Look towards your left and you'll see their billing area.

Look right in front, they have their nail bar with a HUGE variety of nail polishes, including tons of OPI and Essie!

Towards your right is the pedicure and manicure area! How serene does this look? I love those huge windows, they bring in so much light and airy-ness to the area.

And the view from those windows? It's pretty damn good! I had a glance outside the window and sat right next to it. Sitting with a view like this and getting an pretty amazing manicure and pedicure? It really was the ultimate relaxation for me haha.

So once I selected the services I wanted, I went to the nail bar and took my sweet time picking out the shades I wanted for my manicure and pedicure. I really liked how none of the girs were standing on my head and pressurizing me to choose quickly. I opted for a blue from OPI for my pedicure, sadly forgot the name. And a white for my manicure.

So on to the manicure and pedicure, everyone will be pleased to hear that they sterilize all their products and most of them are disposable so they open them up right in front of you and throw them away too. From the scrubs to the lotions and everything, it was all in proper containers with the 'SHADES' monogram so no sketchy Miss Hollywood stuff could be seen haha. Also they didn't use any bleach on me because I told them I have issues with it.

Both the girls who were working on me were super lovely, attentive and seriously knew how to do their massages. They even threw in a mini massage for me so that was a pretty big plus!

When it comes to nail polish application, it was flawless. They started with base coats and wrapped up with top coats and had a drying station too so I don't go and ruin my new pedicure straight away by walking out when it's still wet.

Saira did my nail art, on my accent fingers on both hands and she took her time doing it. She's so patient and hardworking, plus she made a tiny mistake and started all over, since she wanted it to be perfect.

Here's the end result. A beautiful royal blue on my toes and a spruced up white mani for my hands. Both accent fingers have delicate yellow roses with green leaves on them on a background of black and white stripes and the rest of my fingers have gold and green specks of glitter fading away. I LOVED it - sadly I can't seem to capture it on camera but trust me, this look fantastic!

When it comes to nail art, they have a huge selection for you to choose from, seriously - these girls have an entire encyclopedia worth of designs to choose from and they replicate it perfectly! 

Incase you guys can't tell, I enjoyed both the service a ton, and had such a relaxing time at the salon! 

I'd give this salon a 4.5/5 

Services I availed - 

Shades Spa Mani - PKR 1200
Shades Pedi - PKR 1,100
Simple Nail Art - PKR 150/nail

Also great news, if you go to the salon in between 11am and 2pm you get 30% off for nail services - I availed this offer to making it super affordable!

They do a whole lot of other stuff like Acrylics and Gel nails etc in case you guys are interested in that. 

If you guys do plan on going there - please ask for Saira, she's amazing! 

Location - 

Warraich Plaza 
F- 10 Markaz Islamabad 
051 2223119

5 Days Of Colourpop - Day 5


Woohoo, we're at the end of our 5 Days Of Colourpop series, and I have to say, I'm super proud of myself. As vain as that sounds haha. I refused to do any preparation before starting this series, so everyday I'd put on the color for the day and then take pictures and post etc and the content stayed as authentic as possible :) I hope you guys enjoyed this series! Will definitely be doing more of these since I still have a load of Colourpop Lippies left along with other lipsticks that I've never gotten around to reviewing!

So far the last day of this series, my pick was Tulle which is described as a dusty mauve burgundy which is one of the very few liquid lipsticks that remains true to its actual color, no darkening over time etc. If you want to wear a variant of red for a night out, this has been my go to choice! Check out the images and swatches below.

I'll see you tomorrow for a nail salon review! 

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5 Days Of Colourpop - Day 4


Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me in this warm mid-tone taupe.
Colourpop definitely has their description blurb on point when it comes to beeper lol! Beeper is my choice for Day 4 of my 5 Days Of Colourpop series. The reason I bought this particular shade was because it was supposedly a dupe of one of the offerings from Kylie Jenner's lip kits and since I wasn't going to ever stay up all night and try ordering those, I stuck with the considerably cheaper option from Colourpop. 
I would describe this as the perfect nude lip for my skin tone, just a shade lighter and it would've made me look like I had no blood in my face and a shade darker would've started leaning into the brown-ish category. Beeper is best paired with a heavier eye makeup look since only that in my opinion balances out it's nude  properties that are super close in tone to my skin tone. 
Definitely unlike some of the nude I have and one I've been reaching out for quite often. Check out the swatches and images below and see if this is your cup of tea :) 
See you for the final Day 5 tomorrow :) 
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Unlike other Colourpop offerings, this actually goes on lighter on the lips as compared to arm swatches. 

5 Days Of Colourpop - Day 3


I've had a blast so far doing this series, and blogging daily (!!!) but dear God, getting the pictures for Lumiere2, which is my pick for Day 3 of my 5 Days Of Colourpop series was freakin hard! This is just such a tricky color to photograph and me not being to apt at photography I struggled.

Instead of using pictures from today where the color would come off totally wrong in the camera, I'm using some from a couple of weeks back where the light perfectly captured how Lumiere2 actually look when you're wearing it.

The reason I bought this shade was Kathleen Lights, this shade is a collaboration between her and Colourpop and I'm so so glad I did. I have nothing like this in my collection. It a pale pink with lots of mauve undertones that just sits super well with my skin tone! As you will be able to see I've used this ALOT since I got this (the writing on the packaging has already rubbed off haha).

Check out the shade and swatches below, hoping to see you for Day 4 tomorrow! 

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FYI - For some reason the 'dry' swatch look darker, the shade is exactly what it looks like in the images below! Taken in two different lightings on two different days! 

5 Days Of Colourpop - Day 2


Welcome to Day 2 of my 5 Days Of Colourpop series! If you want to know a bit more about the series and what shade I chose for Day 1, click HERE! 

So for Day 2, I chose the shade Sting Raye from my current collection (click HERE to view) - Stingy Raye was basically part of a collaboration with YouTuber It'sMyRayeRaye and she wanted to create a shade that everyone can wear.

I'd say Sting Raye is a cool toned mauve brown, as described at first, but it darker quite a lot as time goes on. When I applied it, it was exactly like I had seen in the swatches but a couple of hours later I almost did a double take when I saw myself in the mirror, since it was quite a few shades darker by then.

Regardless, it's a very pretty shade! Check out the swatches and how it looks immediately after application below.

See you for Day 3 tomorrow! 

Day 1 - HERE!

5 Days Of Colourpop - Day 1


So while thinking of blog post ideas, I came across a series, on THIS amazing blog that literally every desi (and non desi lol) needs to read, and decided to do something similar on my blog. Instead of doing a ton of reviews, I thought I'd so this series instead and if the response is favourable, will be doing more posts like this for sure.

So I'm kicking of my 5 Days Of Colourpop series with my favorite shade out of the bunch that I recently got (check out my collection HERE!), namely BUMBLE. Bumble is such a lovely everyday shade, and I can't believe how well it compliments my skin tone! I'm in love seriously and it is a definite re-purchase.

Colourpop Buble is described as a 'dusty warm terracotta' and according to Temptalia, it's a muted, medium rosy pink with warm undertones and a matte finish. Since Temtalia is much more eloquent in describing makeup than I'll ever be, I decided to put her description here because if I were left to the job, I'd just be using adjectives like amazing, lovely, stunning haha.

Check out the images below and try not to fall in love with this gorgeous shade! 

Guys, have you ever seem a prettier shade? Just look at the swatch when it's dry - PERFECTION!

Now I'll be honest here, almost all the face shots I put up on my blog are unedited, but I have added some Instagram brightness to this image because I've been on a green juice kick this week, and for some reason, the addition of healthy and nutritional green stuff into my diet has made me face go all bumpy which has NEVER, EVER been a problem for me my entire life! I've heard this is just my skin cleansing itself so fingers crossed I get my 'good' skin back soon otherwise me and green juice will have some issues haha. So forget that and notice the pretty-ness of Bumble on my face instead lol.

You can get Bumble online from HERE!

Hope you guys enjoy this series :) Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow. 
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