Summer Essentials Series # 1-The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

Do you fancy applying a buttery smooth and highly moisturizing subtle strawberry scent to make you feel fresher for the on coming summers? If you do, then read below to find out why you need to get your brightly manicured hands on the Body Shop's Strawberry Body Butter!

I really do like my body butters, but during the summers I don't necessarily require the super moisturizing powers of body butters like the shea butter, so I decided to go for a scent that is the complete opposite; light, fruity and fresh. Body Shop Strawberry body butter has a delicious strawberry scent that is not too over powering but leaves you smelling like a strawberry all day anyways. The body butter itself has just the right amount of moisture and hydration in it, doesn't feel heavy and cloggy upon application during the summers but it still get rids of any dryness you may have at points like elbows and ankles etc. I'd definitely recommend this because- 

1. It's a great moisturizer. 
2. Doesn't feel cloggy or too heavy. 
3. Has a light yet long lasting summery scent. 
4. Will last you ages. 

Price- PKR 1200 (approx)

And if nothing else then just give this one a go just because of it pale pink prettiness. I mean, who could say no to applying pink moisturizer? Not me ladies.

Until next time, tc.
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