Hi, I’m Nayab!

Well hello there and welcome to my blog! This beauty, home and style blog is where I, Nayab, like to put up posts about things I like, love, hate, wore, bought, ate and did! This little space on the internet is my baby that I work hard on and I hope you guys like what you read :)

NOTD-Purple Pastels

Purple Pastels?! I know it doesn't sound like the most winter-y of names but I put on this nail polish last night and I think it looks really pretty! Even though it isn't the most wintery and dark color out there, it isn't too in your face. I love anything and everything purple, any tim…

NOTD-Pretty Pastely Polkas

Hey guys, here's another NOTD for you.It's a very simple one to do but the result is absolutely amazing and I have never gotten more compliments on any of my other nails. Hope you guys enjoy as well :)

What I basically did was paint my nails black and then dotted on different pastel colored …

Haul-American Haul # 1

Hiii guys! Remember me? I know I have been bad blogger recently and haven't been posting but I do have a very legitimate excuse for that. My laptop decided to act up and somehow my LCD dislocated which basically meant that I couldn't use my laptop. That leads to a very simple equation- no l…

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