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You NEED To Read This Before Shopping From Khaadi

Here's a little story time post from where I did a little bit of shopping and had a weird issue!

So I shopped from the Khaadi website a little while ago and my bill total was PKR 2525. I chose to pay via my Debit Card since I do not like availing Cash On Delivery and since my total was above PKR 2500 I automatically received Free Delivery as well. 

Now when I put in my card information and address waghera, my bill automatically changed into dollars which obviously baffled me so I clicked on the 'Convert To PKR' option and the amount converted itself. Now during this conversion, my original amount which was PKR 2525 changed to PKR 2779 unsure emoticon I was like whattttt - thinking I had done something wrong, or maybe selected to pay in dollars or something option, I went through the entire process again - but it had the same end result. 
So I thought maybe this was because I ordered through a Debit Card so just placed the order anyways with the increased price. I called up my bank and they said they have no such hidden charges (I've ordered so many times using the same card at different places and this has never happened before) so I decided to email Khaadi Customer Service and asked them about it. Khaadi CS was very prompt and replied within two days - and this was their reply - 

I was like whattt - how ridiculous is this?! Why should we be charged in dollars when we are ordering from a PAKISTANI website, getting it delivered in PAKISTAN using a PAKISTANI card which has PAKISTANI currency in it! 
So that is my little shopping experience with Khaadi - I just thought the entire charging in dollars is so unnecessary, I've ordered on websites like Colourpop and MAC etc using my moms Pakistani Credit Cards and I've never come across this issue. 
I have to mention here that nothing like this happens if you choose Cash On Delivery which is what I had to reluctantly choose the next time I ordered - the difference of extra payment obviously increase with the amount that you've shopped!
I didn't know about this before ordering so just thought of letting you guys know since we all love Khaadi and their sales haha! 

See you tomorrow for my Water Challenge Post!


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  4. Hmm that's so weird!


  5. Happened with me as well Nayab. But I was prompt enough to not proceed with my transaction when I realized that they will be charging me in US dollars and opted for COD option instead. Good that you have posted it on your blog so that everyone is aware and does not have to pay unnecessary charges just for using a card.


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  10. Strange:/ A well known brand in pakistan working not properly.Well! I have not not shopped from them yet.Thanks for sharing your experience with us:)


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