Help Needed - Please Read This!

So on the 17th of June, 5 years back I penned down my first blog post and hit that 'Publish' button - since then there has been no looking back or as the saying goes. My blog has opened so many doors of opportunities for me that I wanted to do something very special for a five year anniversary - but anniversary celebrations are for YOU GUYS so I want you feedback on a couple of questions! Please answer these in the comments below, or send me an email at so I know what to plan for you guys :)

1. Would you like ONE GRAND GIVEAWAY or smaller giveaways on all social media platforms (1/platform)

2. Do you guys find it easier to follow giveaway rules if I write them all down on a blog post or should I do that directly on the social media platform where the giveaway is being hosted like Facebook etc?

3. What are your thoughts on sponsors? Do you find it okay to 'like' different pages and follow a lot of rules or would you like the giveaways to be from my side only where there will be minimal rules?

Please let me know your feedback so I can start ordering the giveaways! Already have some really exciting things planned <3
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