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Hey guys! Today's post is going to be a bit different - I've been very lucky and sent some amazing products to try out and review so I thought I'd share a little bit about some of those products with you guys. These aren't full fledged reviews, just my initial thoughts. Hope you guys enjoy.

All products mentioned have been sent to me for consideration and honest reviews. 

Remember - these are not reviews, just initial thoughts. For swatches and complete reviews please feel free to request in the comments below. 


I'm not big on color correcting, but I'm all about doing as much as possible to hide the darkness underneath my eyes haha! I haven't tried all of these but I have tried the under eye darkness concealing version - and I've got to say - I'M A FAN! I know it's an added extra step in your makeup routine, but so worth it! These blend so well and don't drag or tug at your skin at all.

Price - under $10

essence color correcting sticks pencil


I never knew KVD did perfumes?! Did you guys? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white one, which is the Saint - the scent is perfect for everyday wear and can even transition well for evening time - if you're headed to a Sephora, you should give these a sniff! I'm sure you'll like the Saint version as much as I do! *sent via Influenster

Price - $65 each

kat von d saint and sinner perfume


Okay - I'm not a waxing person at all - the pain reallllyyy gets to me and I think doing the entire process yourself is so super messy! Not this one though - I've uploaded a video on my Instagram of me using this so check it out! Instagram @nayabloves

Price - $10

nads natural hair removal gel


In a world full of matte liquid lipstick popping up everywhere - Bite Beauty decided to head back to basics, but with a twist. These are your typical lipsticks but in a wonderful liquid form that has high quality pigment, staying power and leaves behind the most beautiful stain! And they smell really, really good! If you're not one from matte lips, check these out! *sent via Influenster

Price - $24

bite beauty amuse bouche liquid lipsticks


Now I'll be honest, this is my very first lip mask - I've always done face masks and that's about it when it comes to masks. I thought lip masks were mostly gimmicky products used to gain shock factor followers on Instagram but I have been corrected - these are really good! My lips are always dry, I'm never without my Vaseline tin and adding these to my routine - applying one every other day - has made my lips just less dry feeling in general which is a definite improvement.

Price - $50

patchology  lip renewal mask


Holy moly - this is worth the price tag - let me just start of by saying that. This is super super expensive skincare and I would have never tried this myself had I not been sent it for free - but I have to say, I'm in love and I'm dreading when I'll have to purchase these again because I just can't see myself not using these anytime soon! All the hype surrounding the ANR is real, very very real people!

Price - $114

estee lauder advanced night repair serum and mositurzier


Looking for a buttery smooth eye shadow palette on a budget? Try the KIKO one out. All you need to  be careful about is a bit of extra fall out but when it comes to pigmentation, the color selection, staying power and blend ability - this gets a thumbs up from me!

Price - $16

kiko smart eye shadow palette


Lemme just start of first by saying how cute the packaging is! I love it - the color range is stunning and this is full coverage. The finish is a very demi matte one so where does this not work for me? It clings on to my dry patches :( no matter how hard I try to make it work - anywhere there is dryness on my face, this will cling to it! If you're an oily skin gal, this will be your ideal foundation - for dry skin girls - proceed with caution! *sent via Influenster

Price - $40

milk makeup blur liquid matte foundation


If you're into strong, almost masculine fragrance with hints of that powdery scent - this is the one for you. It's definitely an evening wear scent. I love the packaging - very chic and one of those that you'd love to display out on your vanity haha!

Price - $65

esteem lauder modern muse le rogue fragrance

Styling Your Hair In The Shower?!


When I was sent the new Living Proof In Shower Styler*, I was quite skeptical - was this just a glorified conditioner being marketed as an in-shower styler? Just seemed a bit too complicated - I mean how does a product that you wash of help you style your hair? I obviously was expecting something very different from what the Living Proof In-Shower Style actually offered.

The Living Proof In Shower Styler is used after you've done the whole shampoo and condition routine, and your supposed to let it sit before rinsing it lightly. Now if you like me expected that this would leave your hair in some sort of professional blow dry look, you'll be disappointed. What this product actually does is take out the stress of styling your hair once you're out of the shower. I don't need to blow dry my hair at a certain angle anymore, all I do is use this and let it air dry. The end result is me being left with an enhanced version of what my hair really is. Softer, less frizzier, tamer and less inclined to poof up in humidity.

Is this a must buy? Not all through out the year but for summer time, YES! My hair is so so difficult to manage with humidity and this helps quite a bit!

Price - $24

Availability - HERE!

What products have you guys been using to deal with this weather?

*sent via Influenster 

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