The 12 Hour Colossal Kajal From Maybelline - Review & Swatches!


What I love about this kajal is that it comes with a twist up mechanism meaning no sharpeners needed, ever! That is a make or break point for me when it comes to buying eye pencils and while I still buy regular good old eye pencils that don't twist up and have to be sharpened regularly, I'm always a bit more partial to these ones! This offering from Maybelline is super easy to find, and super cheap too. I'm a liquid liner kinda gal from my top lid so I only ever use eye pencils for my lower lash line. With this I love how it can be applied super easily, glides on and is quite black upon application. It's not the darkest, most black eye pencil I've ever used but I like it.

Coming on to the 12 Hour claims, it definitely is smudge proof.We're in the middle of a heat wave where I live so barely any make up doesn't NOT melt off, this one though - does not give me a case of raccoon eyes so it's pretty great in that regard. The problem is the intensity, the blackness. While the kajal doesn't smudge, it doesn't stay the same shade of black as applied. By the end of my 12 Hour test, the kajal had all but dissapeard from my waterline, not smudged, but dissappeared.

All I would say for this products is that it's cheap and cheerful, perfect for girls who want to apply it and head out for school, it's so easy to fit this anywhere, has great smudge proof properties and excellent for the price but if you're looking for something that stays 'black' throughout the day, this isn't the product for you. 

In the image below, I'm wearing this kajal on my lower lash line :)

Price - PKR 300 
Availability - across departmental store throughout Pakistan

Home Away From Home #khushiyanchakhlo


As I pack my bags to catch a flight tomorow night, I can't help but put in more than just a few packets of my favourite Shan Foods* masalas to help my curb my desi food cravings whilst I will be in the States for over two months. I guess the Shan Food advert that is going viral on social media partially does represent what I'll be going through soon! In case you have been living under a rock and haven't gotten a change to see the emotionally charged advert, I'll link it below for you guys to watch and enjoy! Remember to keep a tissue (or two ) in handy, most people I've shown this advert to do a little more than just shed a tear sneakily!

Check out the video by clicking HERE!

Like Shan Foods by clicking HERE

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Review - DMGM Fluid Sheer Illuminating Makeup Base


Not sure where it came from, but the 'glowy skin' trends has spread like wild fire this shaadi season! From brides to auntys - everyone wants to look like they're spent their entire life exercising, eating healthy and maintaining a perfect lifestyle that would result in a lit-from-within-glow - sadly, that is not the case! So of-course we turn to makeup products to help us get that glow - Does the DMGM Fluid Sheer Makeup Base* help us achieve that?

First things first, I know it is not mentioned on the packaging anywhere, but this truly is an illuminator - not a makeup base as suggested and it is one of the best liquid illuminators I have ever tried. I remember trying some from Illamasqua a few years back and they turned out to be such a disappointment that I decided to stick with powder highlighters then onwards. This particular illuminator gives a beautiful lit-from-within glow that looks as natural as is possible when you're using makeup. The shimmer isn't over whelming at all, blends beautifully (but remember to blend it as you go opposed to applying it to both sides and then blending). Personally, I use my fingers majority of the time since I like using my fingers (for most of my makeup application haha) but I've tried this with the Sigma stippling brush and that works beautifully as well.

Other points in this products favor would be that this stays on for a good 4-5 hours and if you decided to top it with a powder highlighter, trust me your glow will last all night long! Since you need such a little amount, this will last you ages, trust me. As a blogger, there are very few products that I recommend with surety that they will work on everyone, this is one of them! There's not a person who has tried the DMGM Illuminator that hasn't fallen in love with it. A MUST BUY in my opinion :)

Availability - All departmental stores and online HERE!
Price - PKR 1,695

Top Picks From Khaadi Eid Collection 2015


It seems like only yesterday when the lawn frenzy wrapped up, and now we're here again, this time with a plethora of Eid Collections! Khaadi is one of my all time favorite brands, has something for a variety of budgets and lasts really well over the years! Check out some of my favorites from their Eid 2015 collection.

Would you be wearing a Khaadi jora this Eid?

Farah Talib Aziz Eid Collection 2015


I've always thought Meera Ansari is one of the most beautiful faces in Pakistan and every campaign that she does, strengthens my belief haha. Her (along with Sana Ansari's) latest campaign is for the Farah Talib Aziz Eid Collection, and what a collection it is. Perfect for Eid 2015, with soft hues that are cool on the eyes as well as in this season.

This collection is available exclusively to order by appointment at the Farah Talib Aziz studio. However they will be holding a ready to wear exhibitions in the following locations

Karachi, FTA Studio- 13th June
Dubai, Ensemble- 25th June
Lahore, Ensemble- 30th June 
Islamabad, Ensemble- 2nd July 

The campaign that highlights contemporary femininity features the gorgeous Sana Ansari and Meera Ansari with make up and hair by the uber talented Natasha Khalid of Natasha Salon and photography by Muzi Sufi.

What's In My Bag - Post Dinner Touch Up Edition!


Find out what's in my bag - post dinner edition where the bare minimal touch ups were required! They actually weren't at all haha, but you can never be too careful!

With the weather getting hotter, taking a pressed powder that is transparent is mandatory. I went for the Rimmel Stay Matte powder and kept a Motives Cosmetics collapsible powder brush as well to apply it. Since I am way too paranoid about my dark circle, I threw in my favorite Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and a handy body mist, Victoria's Secret Bombshell (my favorite scent in the world!) Now coming on to lip color - I wanted something that was easy to apply so I went for another firm favorite which is the DMGM Photo Fix in Bahama Spice - seriously the best nude for desi's! Now don't even ask me why I had an entire lip palette by Luscious Cosmetics in my bag lol - I actually wanted to keep a mini portable mirror and in a hurry, threw this instead! Lol.

What are you must have items for your handbag? Let me know in the comments below.

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