Day In The Life - Family, Friends & Food


Hey hey guys! I'm still recovering from all the delicious food that I ate over memorial day weekend - a three day weekend, lots of time with your family and friends along with some good old BBQ has left me super content and reenergized for the week ahead! I just thought I'd share with you guys my outfit and some snippets from the day. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Posing my life away here, trying to get that golden hour glow!

Can it even be a Nayab Loves #ootd post without the looking down on the ground pose? Haha

Props to my husband for bearing me as I do all the same poses over and over again, just with different outfits and locations haha!

Outfit Details - 

Top - Ross
Tights - Forever 21
Shoes - Ralph Lauren
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson
Necklace - Walmart
Earrings - H&M (click HERE! for a detailed post)
Bracelet - GUESS
Watch - Swatch

Yum! How good does all this marinated meat and chicken look?! Get in ma belly!

My first time trying to fly kites in the US - the kites here are made of some plastic-y paper, very different from the paper thin ones we have back home in Pakistan.

And there she floats, high above in the clear blue skies! Here's to more time spent with friends, family, good food and great weather!

How To Clean Your Beauty Sponges - The EASIEST Way Ever

After a whole lot of trial, I've come up with the most easiest, cheapest and simplest way to clean your beauty sponges! If you like clean sponges, this is the place for you!

If you're anything like me, you procrastinate like no other when it comes to washing your makeup brushes and beauty sponges just because it's such a boring and time consuming tasks that takes ages! And even then, the sponges don't come out clean - that definitely sucks!

Check out my video below to see exactly how you can CLEAN YOUR SPONGES WITHIN MINUTES!

Click HERE! to watch video!

Colourpop Haul


Hey guys! What' better than a Colourpop haul? A discounted Colourpop haul that's for sure! Recently Colourpop had 20% their entire website so me and my bestie decided to order some stuff and film a haul for you guys! Hope you enjoy :) DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE! <3 

Click HERE! to watch the haul over at my YouTube channel. 

Top 3 Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2017


Hey hey guys! Today I thought I'd write about my top 3 spring and summer trends that I love! While there are some that I can't pull off, I love them nonetheless and love spending hours on Instagram scrolling and watching other people rock them!

1. Cold-Shoulder Tops 

My husband is honestly sick of the amount of cold-shoulder tops that I have haha - anything that I buy these days has to be something that has some sort of detailing on the shoulders, and major points if it's cut-work or just a good old cold shoulder! If you're like me and don't like wearing sleeveless tops, I think this is a great alternative for you guys!

2. Off The Shoulder Tops 

Now like I said, I don't like wearing sleeveless or off-the-shoulders tops, but I love buying these and just not pushing them down my shoulders. This gives any tops/dress a boat next that I loveeee and of course, turns it into wear modest fashion. Once again, it's my obsession with shoulder detailing that makes me gravitate towards this trend haha!

3. Clear-Patch Jeans

Now these jeans caused quite a stir and a half a while back when Top Shop first released them and while I personally would NEVER EVER wear them or be able to pull them off, I love people who can! If I were to ever wear these, which I wouldn't I'm sure there will be a lot of heads turning haha!

$20 Makeup Challenge With My Bestie

Hey guys! It's another week, and I'm back with a new video which is one I'm hoping you guys will really enjoy, especially if you're a fan of shopping for affordable makeup! Me and me bestie, Sarah decided to do the $20 Makeup Challenge and had a blast filming it. Some products worked really well, others not too much!

You can watch our video HERE! Please don't forget to subscribe since there's a lot more content coming your way :)

Home Decor Haul


HEY HEY GUYS! Big news! I've officially re-laucnhed my YouTube channel, with all my previous cringe-worthy videos now privatized, I feel like I'm moving forward with a clean new slate. My first video is something that I'm very passionate about these days - A HOME DECOR HAUL! As always, everything is pretty affordable! Please don't forget to subscribe, like and comment for more! Would love to hear some feedback from you guys <3

You can watch the video HERE!

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