Aloha Unhealthy Food # 3


So it's been quite a while since I last did my Aloha Unhealthy Food post and I thought I'd come back with a bang featuring food in this posts that is very far from healthy haha. Obviously this is not all that I survive on but since I'm a university student who is exposed to all sorts of delicious junk food, this is a major in take of my food consumption.

(I wouldn't advise you to go through this post in case you're fasting! Sorry!)

McDonald's Strawberry Cone-Marshmallows
My birthday cake (Tiramisu's Caramel Crunch). Can you spot the confetti around? - Roasters Chicken Burger (although you cant really tell in the picture, the size of this burger was HUGE! The burger alone was the size of a large dinner plate!)
1P2P'S Chilli Bar B Q Fries (very messy to eat, but soo yummy) - Tutti Frutti's Frozen Yogurt <3 (calling myself obsessed is an understatement) 
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Until next time, tc and happy fasting to those who are these days!

OOTD & FOTD-The Dark Side


Aloha followers! Its been soo hot recently in Pakistan, ugh, when will this heat wave go? CANNOT wait for winters! I'm definitely a winter person, although I crave for summers when we have winters lol. Confused and un-satisfied? Totally! Anyways, as I was going through the comments in my giveaway post here, there were some people who asked for a FOTD so I have that in this post too! Hope you guys enjoy it (:

The detailing on this top is what makes it pretty special in my opinion. The frill on the bottom and the tie-able sleeves just add to the cute factor, IMO. Apologies for the awkward arm angles lol, there just wasn't any other way to show you the detailing of the sleeves lol.

As for the FOTD, here it is! TA-DA! 

What I'm wearing on my face-
1.Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 100
2.Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation (review here!)
3.Ulta Fabulous Face Concealer in Medium 
4. Ulta Cheek Color in Flush

What I'm wearing on my eyes and lips-
1. Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Brown
2. Random Nude from the Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
3. 4U2 DFY9 Eyeliner in Black
4.Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Black
4. Luscious Signature Lipstick in 06

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Until next time, tc (:

Everyday Summer Makeup Routine!


In the heat that Pakistan is bestowed with currently, it'll be a wasted effort to go out in the day time with makeup on as it will just proceed to melt off your face and turn you into a hot-mess before you know it! Totally not the look any of us are going for I'm sure. BUT non-nautral beauties like moi, cant just go on without any shred of makeup on our faces. So here's my makeup routine for the summer time!

The makeup bag I choose to throw in my school bag is a Luscious Cosmetics one which came with the Twilight Kit.

 For my face I start of with Neutrogena's SPF 100 Dry Touch Sun Block (not pictured) and follow up with ULTA Fabulous Face concealer which is does a good job of covering up my amazingly dark under eye circles to some extent. I then powder over Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent all over my face just to soak up any oils that may want to pour out (ew!) specially from my T-Zone. ULTA's blush in Flush (that rhymes!) add a ntural pink tone to my otherwise dull cheeks.

For my eyes I prefer not to use any eyeshadow as that's just an extra hassle in my opinion. I line my upper eye lid with 4U2's DFY9 Liner in Black after filling in my non-existent eye brows with Rimmel's Brow Pencil in Brown. I prefer not to use black for my lower lash-line in the summers, and add a pop of color that add a bit of dimension to my plain brown eyes by putting on a green eyeliner in the shade 040 Eucalyptus by Miss Sporty. I follow this up with Maybelline Great Lash Mascara which does alot for my lashes without running down my face in the heat.

For my lips I ALWAYS, ALWAYS put on Body Shop's Born Lippy in Strawberry and the lipstick  I choose to wear over that since I hate lip-glosses, is either BeCute's Lipstick in the shade 341 (reviewed here) or Luscious Signature Lipstick in shade 06.

And, finally here are the swatches of the above mentioned products in paticular order whatsoever. The faint pink you see above the heart is a swatch of the ULTA blush in Flush. The heart is actually what 4U2'S black liner looks like and the green is obviously Miss Sporty's Eucalyptus liner. The first lipstick swatch is of the BeCute Lipstick in shade 341, and the more pinky one is the Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in shade 06.

Good Lord! I have talked alot in the post haha. Hope you enjoyed reading through it. What are your favorite makeup products for the summers? Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time, tc.

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NOTD-Metallic Sapphire


I like to play it safe with my nail colors even though I'm always buying outrageous shades of yellow's and oranges and God knows what! That is what kept me from painting my nails this beautiful shade of blue. You will have to excuse the photography because the real shade just doesn't show up on camera :( I tried my hardest with flash and no-flash and different settings but I'm still not satisfied with the depiction of the color. Anyways, let's just get on with he swatches!

So what do you guys think? It's actually a gazzillion times more richer in real life and the lasting power is freaking ahhhh-mazing! I've had this on my nails for a week and it's just starting to chip! Not to mention that it's incredibly opaque, you can easily go with one coat but out of habit I put on two.

The shade is Metallic Sapphire by Klean Color. In case you'd like to win a nail polish by Klean Color and other goodies from ULTA, click here to enter my giveaway!

Until next time, tc (:

Haul-20th Birthday Haul!


I turned 20! Yaay! Am I the only one who is highly ecstatic about the fact that I'm finally, finallly out of my teens! People never took me seriously, saying I was a young teenager?! What the heck! Hopefully that'll change now! Fingers crossed lol. Anyways below are some of the presents that my friends from university got for me! Even though none of them are even aware of the existence of this blog, I'm still gonna say, thank you to everybody who wished me and made the effort to get me something or just be there (:

Burberry Brit-Eau DeToilette
Rampage Eau De Parfum                                                                   David Off Cool Water Deodorant
WARDA 3-peice suit with a printed chiffon duppata and embossed material
Mini-pack of 3 SHE Eau De Parfum
Khaadi Kurta
So the gifts are pretty self explanatory. I got a lot of perfume-y and nice smelling products, hopefully no one's trying to give me a hint! I swear I don't stink haha. I love the kurta from Khaadi, maybe I'll feature it in an OOTD soon.

Btw, my birthday was on July 6th so I'm pretty late with this post! And I had a math exam on my birthday! Why university why? Why would you do that to me on the day that I was born! Lol, I suck at maths, BIG time.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post and thank you to all my new followers! My little bloggie is getting more love, yaay! 

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Thanks guys for being awesome and I'll see you next time, tc (:

OOTD-With You


I love lawn prints, sometimes they're soo summery and colorful that it just, for a moment, makes you think of other things rather than just the scorching heat!  Here's what I wore to university ( summer semester ugh! ) a while back. Although you cant really see in the pictures but there are pleats going down the sides on the shirt.

Like most of my other OOTD's this one too is just a plain simple shirt paired with a white chiffon dupatta and churidar tights. I got it stitched loose and flow-y so it doesn't stick to me in this God awful heat! 

What do you guys think? Please leave your thought in the comments below :)

Until next time, tc.

P.S- Is it just me or is my hair longer on one side than the other? :s WEIRD!

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Review-NYX Caviar and Bubbles 10 Color Eye Shadow Palette


I love makeup, I really do but bold looks or even looks that require blending and all that jazz aren't really my thing. I don't have the biggest eyes in the world so I don't like to over-do it with too many colors. All I basically do for eye shadow is take a color and sweep it across my lids, unless it's a really fancy-shmancy place I'm heading to lol. Now that that's out of the way, I'll start talking about why I love the NYX Caviar and Bubbles palette soo soo much!

First of the packaging is simple and sturdy, meaning there's no extra sliding portions and mini-drawers to flip through to see half of the colors, which ultimate makes this hassle free and travel friendly. You get quite a decent sized mirror with it which is pretty useful. The color you get in this palette are a mix of mattes and shimmers with the mattes being a bit more chalkier than the shimmers. All the eyeshadow are very well pigmented except for the second and third in the first row, soft to the touch and there is barely any fall out with the shimmery shadows. You can use this palette in the day time and the matte black can help you in smoking it out for the evening.

Some of the issues I have with this palette (although that doesn't make me love it any less) are number one, the shades are quiiiite similar to each other especially the ones in the top row, and  they show up with very little difference on your eyes. Secondly, the lasting power of these eye shadows isn't that great, but that's something that can be easily solved with the help of a primer.

This NYX palette has been compared to the Urban Decay 1 palette and the Sleek Au Naturale palette, but since I have neither I cant really say anything about that. All in all, it's a decent palette, very much worth the money and ideal for no-fuss girls like me :p

Good pigmentation
Variety of matte and shimmer shades
Lots of neutral options

Similar shades of neutral colors
A bit of fallout from the matte shades
Shadows work best with a primer underneath

PRICE-$10-$12 ( depending on location)

Hope you guys enjoyed the review, I've one one after what seems like ages! Are you guys a fan of NYX? Any must have products that I need to try? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, tc.

Haul-Recent Jewellery Aquisitions!


Although in Pakistan the summer sale season doesnt hit too hard, there are always a few bargains here and there that you can find. I recently hauled some bracelets from Stylo and random Afghani vendors in Islamabad. In case your interested to see what I got, scroll down! (:

These two bracelets are from Stylo where they were having their mid-summers sale! Both of these bracelets were originally for around PKR Rs. 700 but they had a fabulous 61% off and I got them for around PKR Rs. 300! Bargain or what!? Although some of the baby gems are missing in the first one if you inspect closely. Too bad I didn't see them in the shop, but I still love it nonetheless.

The first one again is from Stylo, and I'm not really sure about this one. It seems a bit tacky to me now, not in the shop though! Lol, back when I was in the shop I couldn't see anything beyond the fact that it was marked down to a freaking PKR Rs. 300, give or take a few.  The turquoise one on the right was from an Afghan jewellery vendor and he gave it to me for PKR Rs. 150 only!

These two are definitely my favorite out of the bunch! I love anything purple, which again, should be blatantly obvious from my blog haha! I think the guy called them amethyst or something like that, not really sure about that. These are from the same vendor. They were for Rs. 300 and Rs. 250! I feel like they're worth soo much more!

Now a tip for Afghani jewellery shoppers in Islamabad. DO NOT go to the ones in Super Market F-6, they will rip you of like anything! My favorite one is in Jinnah at the back side opposite Milli or Metro shoes, its one of the two,I cant remember, sorry. He was such an educated gentleman, bargained fairly, didn't rip us off. And guess what, the turquoise stone bracelet that he gave for Rs. 150, a vendor in Super Market was selling for Rs. 500! What the heck!?

Hope you guys liked my bracelet haul haha. Leave your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget to enter my giveaway here!

Until next time, tc (:

Nayab Loves 1st Giveaway!


Hey guys! So I hit 50 followers a while back and couldn't do a giveaway then, so I'm gonna do one now :D Yaay for giveaways! Since in my blog the three main 'features' are makeup related posts, OOTD and NOTD I decided to incorporate a bit of the three in the giveaway! Hope you like the prizes!

The prizes are as follows-
1. Animal print wallet/clutch
2. Klean Color Nail Laquer
3. Best of Ulta Beauty Book (includes 12 of their best selling eye shadows and lip colors in a compact and travel friendly form, as seen in the image above)

1. You must be a follower of the blog to be eligible for the giveaway.
2. In the comments below write what improvements you would like to see in my blog (:
3. Once you've done the former steps, make sure you comment below with your email ID so I can contact you in case you win.

1. You can advertise this giveaway in any form that you would like, be it  a picture of the side bar of your blog or a blog post etc. After you've done that make sure in the comments you link back so I can verify!

Hope you guys like the giveaway and enter! Thank you all soo soo much for following me and commenting and reading whatever I blog about! It surprises me every day that all of you are interested in whatever I have to say!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY! And the winner will be announced on August, 8th.

Good luck everybody (:

OOTD-Sky Full Of Lighters


Purple in my opinion is the most beautiful color out there. I love it in all shades range from the darkest to the lightest, and as is glaringly obvious from my blogs layout I like to incorporate it everywhere :P including my clothes! With the heat in Pakistan getting unbearable by the day (we're going to be hitting 50 degrees Celsius soon! :s ) I decided to opt for a cool pastel-y color.

So basically what I'm wearing is a long straight shirt in the 'chicken material' which is oh-so-comfortable to wear in the summers with same plain churidar tights and a chiffon dupatta along with same silver sandals. Very comfortable and fashionable! (in my humble opinion)

So what do you guys think? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you soo much to all my new followers and old ones too (:

Until next time, tc
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