Kicking Off The 30 Day Water Challenge

Guys, you know what this is in the picture below? My very last drink of Pepsi, at least for the next 30 days - so long fizzyness, it's been real! Do you notice how I'm not looking into the camera, it was quite shameful photographing myself with a glass of Pepsi as I prepped to start a 30 Day Water Challenge! Lol.

In the Book of Beauty by Diane von Furstenberg, she quotes, “You cannot have a healthy body without drinking a great deal of water. But remember, you can’t just drink a glass of water and tell a glass of water to please go straight to your skin and moisturize your complexion. Water has to be there all the time, doing what it does naturally in a healthy body.”

DVF really does hit the nail on the head when she says that you cannot expect any changes with just one glass of water, while logically speaking all of us do understand this is the case - I tend to just forget about it haha. I would just drink 8 glasses of water for 2 days and expect my skin to have the suppleness restored and that oh-so-gorgeous luminosity - but alas, nothing is that easy so I decided to kick of the 30 Day Water Challenge!

What Is It?

A super simple challenge where you drink 8 glasses of water for 30 days straight and basically try and get your life, health and skin in order.

What You Need -
A print of the following one-pager that will help you keep track, immensely. I know this is the digital age yada-yada and you know mark stuff on your phones but there's just something so soothing about marking of each glass from this sheet by hand haha!

Here's my print so far :) 

So that is all there is to it really - perfect for world-class excuses makers of not having this and that to start a challenge haha. I have taken a 'before' picture with no makeup (yikes!) and will be doing an 'after' picture in 30 days!

See you then!

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