Beauty Bloggers Secret Swap!


So a while back, the Pakistani Beauty Bloggers Community (PBBC) decided to hold a Secret Swap among bloggers. Now the secret swap is almost like Secret Santa where on a certain pre decided budget you chose beauty products from a list of the other persons likes and dislikes. Now to make things interesting, only the sender know whom they're sending out the things to and the receiver has to guess them!

I had to send goodies to Sarah Ali, a wonderful fellow blogger who is the author of this amazing beauty blog. The pictures of the products that I sent are courtesy of her since someone decided to be forgetful and not photograph them herself lol. Thanks Sarah.  I chose a full-face approach with the products which included and eye-liner, a blush, a lipstick and a super fun nail varnish.

Now on to the wonderful stuff that I received! By luck, Sarah was paired with me and everything she sent me came in the pretty damask-print pouch which I'm using as a makeup bag these days. Inside the pouch was a Revlon Lip Butter, Essence Waterproof Eye Liner and brushes along with an array of samples and really pretty Forever 21 earrings. I was very over whelmed with everything I got and have been making use of it all haha.

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Until next time, tc.

Top 5 Nail Varnishes for Spring/Summer


 Color Studio Professional-Tequila Sunrise
 Sally Hansen No Chip-Certainly Cherry
 Picture Polish-Jade
Klean Color-Metallic Sapphire

I did one of these posts last year around the same time and had a wonderful response so I thought I'd make it into an annual thing and do it this year as well. I feel like this year my choices are much brighter and bolder as compared to last year. Now some of you might be wondering why none of the Luscious Cosmetics Fashion nail polishes are featured in this post, they're coming in a separate post soon otherwise had I included them in this one, no other polish would be featured haha.

What color are you guys going to be rocking this spring/summer? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.

Review-Luscious Cosmetics I Love Eyeshadow Palette in Spring Bloom


Luscious Cosmetics has been churning out spectacular releases one after that other, and I can't say that I've been dissapointed with any! Their new I Love Eyeshadow Palettes and fun, portable and excellent value for money and come in 4 varied spectrums like Exotic Island, Divine Neutrals, Glam Night and Spring Bloom.

Packaging- Hello pretty spring illustration! I love the packaging of the box, very pretty to look at. I just wished that the design was imprinted on the palette itself, nevertheless, the black, sleek and sturdy makes this palette ideal for storing and traveling. 

Color Selection- The palette I received was the Spring Bloom one and even though all the palettes are lust worthy I feel like this one has all the bases covered color selection wise. You have your neutrals, you perfect highlight shades, pretty pastels along with some bright pop of colors and a couple to smoke out your look. 

Finish/Texture- The finish with this palette is mostly satin and matte and these eye shadows are among some of the most buttery soft ones that I've felt. They are incredibly soft although that makes some of the lighter colors a bit powdery. 

Pigmentation-The pigmentation within this palette varies. The bottom three shades on the right are most definitely my favorites when it comes to pigmentation since you literally need one swipe. The greens and blues are also fairly pigmented along with the highlight shades and I expected the pink/magenta shade to disappoint me in terms of pigmentation, which I'm happy to report didn't. Now I wouldn't classify these shades as the most pigmented that I've come across but some of them are pretty pigmented (the darker shades) and certain shades need a few swipes to be built up.

Lasting Power-I don't wear eye primer when I'm testing out eye shadows since that doesn't give you a good idea when it comes to the lasting power. These eye shadows all last a good 3-4 hours without fading/creasing and after that they lose their intensity a bit, but that's nothing that a primer wouldn't fix. Without a primer, in this heat, I'm impressed with the lasting power. 

Here's a look created using the Spring Bloom-Fresh & Feminine Palette. 

Overall-This palette is excellent value for money since it gives you moderate to well pigmented, very varied eye shadows that are easy to blend, soft to the touch and have a pretty good staying power. 

Price- PKR 1,150

Availability-Online here and at all leading departmental stores.

*PR Sample. My loyalty was, is and will be to my readers only.

Aloha Unhealthy Food # 5


Here's March's edition of Aloha Unhealthy Food! In case anyone's interested in what's been going in my tummy recently, scroll down below.

Chicken Steak-Yum, Fries-Yum, Weird veggies- not so much. 

Frozen yogurt in blueberry and red velvet topped with fresh strawberries and lychees! Yumyum!

Pickles and Afghani chutneys to be used over EVERYTHING!

Cream of Chicken Soup

Boneless Chicken Karahi 

Moroccon Chicken

As you might be able to tell, literally nothing I ate was home cooked, bad bad Nayab. Just when I decided to go on a healthy eating kick, this happens. Oh well, I can always try again, for the 34564th time *embarrassed*

What have you guys been eating/cooking recently? Any healthy eating tips that have worked for you, I'd LOVE to know! 

Until next time, tc.

What's on my face? # 3


Aloha everyone! Here we are with another dose of what's on my face? As always I tried to stick to neutrals and this time took out a palette that I hasn't used since I probably bought it over a year ago, bad bad..

Like always the concealer of choice is my holy grail, Rimmel's Match Perfection (review here) followed by Luscious Cosmetics Foundation Stick which pleasantly surprised me since I don't have many hopes for stick foundations. Now that the base is done I gave some color to my cheeks in the form of Rimmel's Lasting Finish blush in the shade Summer Fever 021 , which is perfect for some light contouring as well. After that was done, I dusted off the spider webs off my NYX palette (review here), and used the second left shade from the bottom row all over the lids and in the inner corners to really brighten up the eyes. This was followed by my routine Essence liquid liner, followed by a gazillion coats of UNE's mascara. The look was finished using Luscious Signature lipstick in Shade 6! (review of another shade here)

Like the look? Are there products that you really like but forget about? Let me know in the comments below. 

To see the reso of my outfit, click  here!

Until next time, tc.
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