Aloha Unhealthy Food # 4


Long time, no Aloha Unhealthy Food post. Seeing as it was Eid recently, and no one left any stone un turned in stuffing themselves I though this would be the perfect time to put up this post. Rest assured, I won't subject you pictures of more meat :)

 1 & 2. Double Chocolate Donut and a Plain Sugared one-MnM's <3
 3 & 4. Home made shell pasta with black mushrooms-Nestle Yelly! (best quickie dessert I've ever had!)
5 & 6. Afghani Rolls ( I think it's an Islamabadi thing, but Afghani Rolls are basically hot dogs, french fries, veggies and lots of spicy sauces wrapped in a roti, sounds a bit much, but it's yummmy!) - Gujrati Thaali

So there it is guys, a meat free Aloha Unhealthy Food post. I'll try to be more regular in posting there up since I usually do get a lovely response from all of you guys! In other news, I can't believe I'm about to reach 300 followers! Ahhh, soo excited! I'm already planning a giveaway to show my appreciation :)

Until next time, tc :)

FOTD & OOTD-Eid Ul Adha


Well hello everybody! Happy Eid ul Adha to everyone celebrating, and for those who aren't, happy Saturday to you :) I should probably learn my lesson and change my tailor since he is quite unreliable but I didn't this Eid as well which resulted in me not getting my Eid dress on time, just like last Eid. Oh well, I think I did okay without my dress. You guys let me know in the comments below :)

 I decided to keep it simple when it comes to makeup since I'd be running around all day and didn't want to do something that would require high maintenance. My dress was basically a jorget shirt with ruched sleeves and embroidery down the front which is kinda obvious haha. I paired it with a chiffon duppata and my ever trusty black tights.

Now, I know my eye makeup skills leave a lot to be desired but I decided to try anyways. I'm wearing two shades from the MUA Undressed Palette. I have Shade 1 on the inner corner, followed by Shade 6 on the entire lid and a bit of Shade 7 on the crease. To see the swatches of the shades used, and a review of the Undressed Palette click here.

As for the rest of my face, you can see its more on the naturally radiant side (atleast that is what I had in mind before starting lol). I started off with Rimmels Match Perfection Concealer and Highlighter (review here) and followed it with Rimmel's Clean Finish Foundation (review here) and a light dusting of Rimmel's Stay Matte to keep my makeup locked in place for as long as possible (review here). Now I know it seems like I'm a walking, talking advert for Rimmel but I find that all their products work really well for me, especially when combined. For my cheeks I added a bit of MUA Bronzed Perfection on my temples and jaw line (review here) along with a bit of Color Studio Professional's Blush in Audacious Orange. I finished off the look with a Revlon Matte lipstick (review here).

Excuse the mini bomb in my hair and the pose in the second picture lol, I was attempting to show a bit of my Mehendi artistically, which was quite a fail haha.

How was your Eid? Did you guys over dose on Bakra meat or stayed away from any and every from of gosht like me? Let me know! :)

Until next time, tc.

Review-MUA Bronzed Perfection


This review has definitely been a long time coming. I;m sure that most of you must have already read reviews about the MUA Bronzed Perfection that had quite some hype surrounding it, but here's my review on it anyways.

 So first things first, this bronzer is gigantic! It is absolutely huge!! I, honestly, can barely close my fingers around it when I have it in my hand, it's easily double the size of Color Studio Professional blushes, and I used to think that they were huge. That's the first thumbs up for this product, being priced at PKR 500, this is fantastic value for money. The packaging is pretty sturdy for the price, but it does become a bit difficult to open it at times, although I don't think that's a problem since this assures me that if I'm traveling with this, it wont open and shatter or something along those lines.

Next comes the bronzer itself. As you can see from the swatches on my finger tips the product seems shimmery, but in reality it doesn't have any shimmer or sparkle in it. It is a gorgeous, perfect shade of 'brown' that is quite build-able. I can imagine that pale girls could use this with a light hand and it would work wonderfully on their skin tone. For my skin tone, olive, this works amazingly as well. It is very easy to build up. I feel like there's a limit to which we can build it up and after that it starts seeming 'muddy', as if you have dirt on your face so this bronzer wouldn't show up on darker skin tones.

Now on to the other stuff, the product is matte, very nicely pigmented and has a decent staying power of  around 3-4 hours. It is very easy to blend, I use a really crappy brush to apply it with and it still works wonders for me so it shouldn't be a problem for those who are scared of the idea of bronzers and over doing them. The product does fly away though, not too much but it would've been the perfect product had it been a bit more tightly pressed together.

All in all, for me this is an amazing bargain, and even though there's no way I would hit pan on it since it's that huge, I would repurchase it without a doubt if the day came. I would recommend this to girls with fair-medium skin tones, not with darker tones though since the color wont show up. I would personally advice the MUA team to come up with more shades of this that cater to darker skin toned girls as well, since right now, there's only one color available.

Price-PKR 500

Have you guys tried this bronzer? Did it work out as wonderfully for you as it did for me? What other MUA products are on your like-list? I would love to give them a try do let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, tc.

Haul-Victoria's Secret Goodies!


Well hello there everybody! Long time no see. I've missed you guys lots! For those who are reading and aren't in Pakistan, there was  a ban on YouTube as an after effect of a blasphemous movie and that resulted in a messed up blogger which wouldn't let me read and comment on your lovely blogs, or post anything on my own, but all's well that ends well, and now I'm back with a haul! Don't we all live vivaciously through each others hauls, I know I do! Haha

Now I seriously doubt that there are people out there who wouldn't recognize these pink stripes! Who would be able to resist the packaging, seriously? On to the goodies that I bought, since winter is approaching I decided to stock up on some body butters and bought the accompanying body sprays as well! The sets I chose were Love Spell, Amber Romance and Pure Seduction! Individual reviews on each set would follow but let me tell you this, once you get a sniff of Love Spell, there's no going back! It's heaven in a bottle! And the body butters, oh my Lord, there's soo silky and luxurious and absolutely perfect for those who find The Body Shop body butters to be a bit too moisturizing and heavy!   

Body Butters- $12
Fragrance Mists-$12
Available- At Victoria's Secret stores and online here! Unfortunately not widely available in Pakistan, but you can find them in shops like Shams (Islamabad).

Have you guys tried any of the Victoria's Secret scents? Let me know which ones are your favourite because I'm addicted haha!

Until next time, tc :)
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