Grey Hair, Don't Care - How To Rock The Grey Hair Trend!


The year 2015 has shown the color 'grey' a whole lotta loving and the year's only begun. First we had the controversial  50 Shades Of Grey, everyyywheree and now a trend that has been making the rounds on everyone's Instagram feed - The Granny Hair Trend aka The Grey Hair Trend and The Silver Hair Trend. Whether this is a trend to pay homage to mature women who rock their silver/grey locks that time blesses them with like there's no tomorrow, or just a fad - time will tell but one thing's for sure - whether you're 19 or 91, sporting grey hair will make heads turn! Below are images of some of my favorite ladies rocking this grey hair trend, and of course, our very our Maheen Khan, who has been doing the trend justice years before it even began! 

Are you a fan of this #grannyhairtrend? Let me know in the comments below. 

Moving on, here's some inspiration for you in case you want to rock this #greyhairtrend.

Silver hair, white stilleto nails and a matte bright orange pout - what's not to love about this look?

Seriously, this image is silver-braided-hair perfecting complimented by that deep vampy pout!

Oh Kylie Jenner, how many trends will you be the catalyst for in 2015? First it was those lips, now it's that hair!

#hairgoals - love how the color variations show with her hair held up in a pony tail! Simple and sassy!

Not sure what I love more about this look, the perfection that her hair is or her flawless dewy-lit-from-within-skin?

And here's Maheen Khan looking fierce with her silver hair - so desi's if you want to take notes on how you can rock the grey hair trend, let her be your inspiration. 

Review - DMGM Cosmetics Photo Fix Matte Lip Color


Without a doubt, these are the best matte/liquid lipstick formula offerings I have ever tried! I'm in love seriously. The list of pro's just goes on and on. 

1. Easily available locally.
2. Amazing shade range from lighter to brighter tones and everything in between.
3. The shade Bahama Spice is the perfect Kylie Jenner lips dupe, the finish and color is exactly the same on my skin tone.
4. Super long lasting (lasts longer than the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams)
5. Do not dry out your lips at all.
6. Dry patches on your lips aren't emphasized, if anything the formula is quite moisturizing.
7. The satin/matte finish looks amazing in photographs!
8. The product goes on your lips soo smoothly, almost mouse like, that's how easy it is to spread.

The shades I chose were Bahama Spice and Plum Frost. One is obviously an everyday shade, and the other much more 'loud' - What usually happens in brands is that the formula does not remain the same quality wise from the lighter to darker shades (or vice versa) but I'm so glad to let you guys know that, that was definetly not the case here. 

Now as I mentioned before these really are super long lasting, even more so than the NYX Soft Matte lipcreams so I decided to do an all day test on my hands of both the shades to see how they would fare. Results are below - 

I'm super impressed with how this lasted throughout the day. When it comes to eating and drinking, it does fade away eventually but don't worry it won't come off it patches, it comes off evenly leaving behind a lovely stain. All in all, I'm super duper impressed with these offerings by DMGM* and would recommend them to everybody! Seriously, there is no way you won't like this product.

Price - PKR 1050

Availability - All departmental stores across Pakistan 

DMGM Cosmetics Facebook Page - HERE!

PS - The Bahama Spice shade is a total Kylie Jenner lip dupe for me! Yay! 

Until next time, tc.

Burberry's First Pakistani Model


Laila Naim, aged 5,  became the first Pakistani model for the prestigious Burberry fashion label, currently featuring in their Spring/Summer 2015 campaign as well as shooting for their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. Isn't she absolutely adorable! Those pretty brown eyes - I'm also loving the side-eye action haha, girls got a spark!

This teeny-tiny starlet has shown that there’s no stopping her. She has added another feather to her expanding fashion portfolio cap and recently shot for the celebrated British retail brand Marks and Spencer among countless other international magazine publications! Lots of love to the brown eyed biryani loving beauty.

Top Picks From Maria B Lawn Collection 2015


It's been hard to keep up with the Lawn launches this month, but here's another one of my favorite by the lovely Maria B! The collection launches tomorrow, so be quick in picking up your favorites since they might disappear in the blink of an eye haha. Modeled by everyone's favorite Hoccane sister, there were just so many prints that I could see myself wearing. What do you guys think of this collection? Let me know in the comments below :)

Check out the entire catalouge HERE!
Maria B's Facebook page HERE!
Maria B Website for international pre-booking HERE!

Top Picks From Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection 2015


Mama mia! This has to be my favorite from the plethora of lawns launched this season! From the genetically blessed Amna Baber, to Guddu Shaani and the exquisite prints that Sana Safinaz have churned out - this entire collection is on point and the execution is flawless as well! 

The collections price point varies, you can check out the catalog prices on their Facebook page HERE!

I've added images of my favorites below (which are almost all the prints haha) - which one's do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below :)

High Tea With Vivienne Westwood's Intern Turned Designer!


I'm not THAT into the international fashion scene, but I do enjoy looking at designers collections every season and checking out the general esthetics that are being show cased. Vivienne Westwood is a name I associate with 'edgy' designers, especially given how Westwood was responsible for bringing back punk into modern fashion. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity of meeting with one of Westwood's interns who is now a successful fashion designer in Pakistan, bringing forth the same punk-rock and edgy esthetics that are synonymous with the designer. With a fashion degree from Florence, it's no wonder that Roma Azmat, the one-woman force behind Arora, is changing up the game in Pakistani high street ready to wear apparel scene. Before I head into the high tea with Roma, just marvel over this spectacular knuckle clutch! It is perfection - literally. From the rose gold studded detailing to those sugar-skull-knuckle-holders, I'm in love. This is a creation of Roma for Arora, which she was kind enough to gift me! I can foresee me being obsessed with this and whipping it out every chance I get haha

So the evening started with a couple of beauty and fashion bloggers getting together at Roma's residence, which she has decorated all by herself, and chatting away about fashion, the lawn frenzy and of course some fashion tips from the designer herself. It was there that were were treated to an Italian themed high high-tea (courtesy of Frankenstien's chef's) starting with a super colorful Italian soda drink followed by bruschetta, pizza cone's, pasta Alfredo, steaks with white sauce and club sandwiches. Let's just say by the time the delectable Tiramisu and tea came, we were utterly stuffed! Haha :) 

Since the evening was all about the designer and her latest creations, we all decided to head over to her outlet at the super-snazzy Centaurus Mall where all of us had a look around, drooled over the amazing jackets and blouses and got to see more of the designers esthetics. Excuse the huge jacket that I decided to put on since it started raining like cats and dogs mid way lol. The evening wrapped up with all of us getting an amazing goody bag courtesy of Arora, which included the clutch I've pictured above and a few other goodies - but I'll be posting about those separately!

In case you want to check out Arora, now it a great time since they are having a 50% off sale! The outlet is located on the third floor of Centaurus Mall, trust me you wouldn't be able to miss it with it's super chic silver and black theme! 

Image credits - Ammar's Studio (event images only)

As always, none of the above would have been possible without the wonderful people at Constantine PR, Islamabad biggest PR agency so a big shout out to them for being awesome! 

Arora Facebook Page - HERE!
Ammar's Studio Facebook Page - HERE!
Constantine PR Facebook Page - HERE!

Until next time, tc.

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