5 Days Of Colourpop - Day 3

I've had a blast so far doing this series, and blogging daily (!!!) but dear God, getting the pictures for Lumiere2, which is my pick for Day 3 of my 5 Days Of Colourpop series was freakin hard! This is just such a tricky color to photograph and me not being to apt at photography I struggled.

Instead of using pictures from today where the color would come off totally wrong in the camera, I'm using some from a couple of weeks back where the light perfectly captured how Lumiere2 actually look when you're wearing it.

The reason I bought this shade was Kathleen Lights, this shade is a collaboration between her and Colourpop and I'm so so glad I did. I have nothing like this in my collection. It a pale pink with lots of mauve undertones that just sits super well with my skin tone! As you will be able to see I've used this ALOT since I got this (the writing on the packaging has already rubbed off haha).

Check out the shade and swatches below, hoping to see you for Day 4 tomorrow! 

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FYI - For some reason the 'dry' swatch look darker, the shade is exactly what it looks like in the images below! Taken in two different lightings on two different days! 

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