Hi, I’m Nayab!

Well hello there and welcome to my blog! This beauty, home and style blog is where I, Nayab, like to put up posts about things I like, love, hate, wore, bought, ate and did! This little space on the internet is my baby that I work hard on and I hope you guys like what you read :)

Chicago Photo Diary # 1

There's something special about Chicago. Look above you and you'll see sky scrappers disappearing into the sky on a foggy day, look behind you and you'll see an old Metra train passing by on even older rail tracks - how this beautiful city balance the character, charm and history of it…

The Perfect Pamper Session At Home!

While we all love to go to salons and get pampered, who really has the time and extra cash to do that on a regular basis? Definitely not me since I'm always scurrying from uni to my work and attempting to complete a thousand household chores in between lol. That is where at-home pamper session…

Oils Of Life - 7 Day Trial Results

Before I kick things off with the review, boy am I glad to finally come across an advertising campaign that does not pose to be 'miraculous' - miracles truly have become fads these days. From miracle whitening creams, to seven day miracle weight loss pills - I've seen about everything …

The Latest From Farah Talib Aziz - Silk Printed Kurtas

Karachi’s highly coveted private label that has been creating customized couture for almost a decade, launches it’s exclusive Silk printed kurtas.

Easy Brown Smokey Eye Look + 1st YouTube Video!

Hey guys! I'm soo super stoked to be writing this post! I've finally taken the plunge and started a YouTube channel to compliment my blog - and posted my very first video as well! It's the simplest, quickest brown smokey eye look and I assure you - no matter what your level of expertis…

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