New Makeup Products! Featuring DMGM Cosmetics


While on the topics of makeup brands that are easily available in Pakistan with my friend, DMGM Cosmetics came to my mind. There is not a mall or departmental store that I have visited where the wasn't a counter stocking quite a range of products from the brand! The prices are mid-range and that coupled with the ease of availability made me want to try the brand! Not only are the products from DMGM easily available throughout Pakistan, they are also very famous in UAE & Dubai.  Here's a selection of products from them - Which one would you like me to review first? Let me know in the comments below :) 

DMGM Studio Perfection Foundation*
DMGM Fluid Sheer Makeup Base*
DMGM Photo Fix Matte Lip Color*

Until next time, tc.

Luscious Cosmetics Launches Face Contour Kit + Swatches!


OMG GUYS! We all know how contouring has taken the world by storm in the last year or so with a plethora of contour kits being released, well I'm very pleased to announce that our very own Luscious Cosmetics has come out with a stunning contour kit for us desi girls! Whether you want to define, highlight or sculpt your features you;ll be reaching for this sturdy palette! I love the compact tin packaging that the powders are housed in, great for traveling with! The indentations on the packaging makes it feel super high end! I'm loving it, seriously. What you get in this nifty kit* are four powders; a dark contour, a medium contour, a highlighter and an illuminator! While I can't say much about the lasting power since I haven't tried the had the kit for long, these powders really are silky to the touch and blend very easily. Also they're loaded with advanced light adjusting technology that will ensure that your contouring looks natural, goodbye to streaky orange oompra loompa faces haha! Check out some of my swatches below! :) 

This kit is now available in stores and online HERE!
Price PKR 2250

What's Inside My Gift Bag?


So a while back, Natasha Kundi, a blogger visiting from the majestic United Kingdom talked to bloggers from Islamabad about holding a meet up - fast forwards a bit and we ended up with these amazing goody bags, filled with stuff to try, that are mostly UK based brands. Here's what I got inside my goody bag. What would you guys like me to review first? I know alot of people would be interested in the MUA palette haha! Any other requests? Let me know in the comments below :) 

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Until next time, tc.

Mask Sunday - Chocolate Face Mask! Yum!


What's better than a chocolate face mask to indulge in some ' Me Time ' - This mask is super simple since it requires only two ingredients, and chances are they're both somewhere in your kitchen cabinet. After making this mask I kept it in the refrigerator for 15 minutes or so to cool it since today was a HOT day. I can't describe how soothing it felt. While the mask after application comes off with a bit of difficulty, I loved how soft and nourished it left my skin! 

1 tsp cocoa powder
1 tsp organic honey
Water as required 
Step 1: Blend the cocoa powder with the honey. Be patient when it comes to this part since blending cocoa powder with honey is no easy feat haha, add a couple of drops of water/orange juice to aid in the mixing.  Keep mixing until the mixture looks like melted chocolate.

Step 2: Clean your face with lukewarm water. Dab dry and then apply the mask evenly all over your face except the eye and lip areas. Relax for 15-20 minutes and let the mask do it’s magic.

Step 3: Wash off with lukewarm water and dab dry. Apply your favorite moisturizer. You’re done!

For a video demonstration on how to make this mask, follow me on Instagram @nayabloves

Until next time, tc.  

MAC Prabal Gurung Carmine Rouge Lipstick!


"I still remember my mother's vanity case, and how she would come back from work and sit in front the mirror to get ready. To this day I think of how that quiet, focused, trans-formative moment is so powerful for a woman," says Parabal Gurung, who wanted to create a lipstick that people would keep even after it had run out, just for the packaging, and that is exactly what he did with his MAC Cosmetics collaboration!

This limited edition offering from MAC, now forever sold out shade is a stunning red with a TON of pink under tones. The Prabal Gurung Carmine Rogue lipstick is a satin finish and applies like a dream in one richly pigmented swish, no pulling, no tugging, just amazing pigmentation! When it comes to the packaging, it is something I would cherish even if I finish up the tube ( I doubt, lol ), the only issue I have is the plastic-y inside of the tube. For $30 a piece, the equivalent of a luxury, designer lipstick, I expected that little part to be less plastic-y. The rest though, is a vision! The rose gold and indentations, ahh make the $30 truly worth it!

When it comes to the lasting power, let's just say, this one stays! It has brilliant staying power, on me it lasted a three course meal and drinks so that definitely get's a bucket load of thumbs up from my side! Even when it starts wearing off, it doesn't disappear in patches, ew lol, it leaves behind a pretty stain which I don't mind at all! 
If this were available, I would definitely recommend you guys pick up a piece! Here's an image of me wearing this, excuse the flash photography, this image is completely unedited :)

Until next time, tc

The Body Shop & Hamza Ali Abbasi!


Never have attended such a well planned and meticulous event! Not only was it amazingl-y planned and executed thanks to Constantine PR, I got my first selfie with a celebrity! Haha, and it was with none other than Hamza Ali Abassi who is on fire these days! I got to meet a ton of my blogger friends who I hadn't met before, was treated to some lovely goodies by the Body Shop and can't wait for more Constantine PR events to take place! Islamabad has been lagging behind Karachi when it comes to proper launches, but we're definitely on our way there! Scroll down to see a collage of images from that day, some are mine, some are fellow bloggers and others from the plethora of photographers present (credits to everyone)

Scandalous themed ramp complimented Red Musk amazingly well. It can't be more apt.  "Arora" being the designer of the fashion show didn't disappoint any. The very chic cloth line exhibited through the very talented young models of Islamabad grabbed the attention of the enthusiastic audience. The showcased line amplified that attitude ; attitude being scandalous ! 

There were two music performances by Umair Jaswal and Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi. The very known and liked Umair Jaswal of Qayaas ( Pakistan's pioneer in progressive rock music) surprised the audience when he appeared down the catwalk singing. Even more of a surprise to catch Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi ; Nescafé Basement finest promising talent on the ramp with the models while she sang. Both the artist walked the ramp with grace and and were at ease while performing their very songs. 
The Music performance was not the only entertainment. Smash after smash, two dance performances beautifully done left the invitees in an awe. Taking them to an other world. Leaving them mesmerised and hypnotised. The invitees enjoyed it thoroughly and didn't miss a single move. 

The most scandalous ramp ever and scandalous also means awesome here. Skin is indeed in, for now and forever. It depends on how fashionably and sincerely it is magnified. "Arora" unveiled impressively. Their presence made it worth the efforts involved. The fashion show was a huge success and talk of the town. People from all walks of life attended the Red Musk Fashion Ramp. Socialites and celebrities from Islamabad attended the event with great zeal and admiration.

I can't wait to review all of the amazing goodies with you, stay tuned :)

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