Luscious Cosmetics Lip Couture Review - Worth The Hype?


Matte lips are here to stay and I couldn't be happier with the trend. I've always had a thing for matte finish lip products and these Luscious Lip Couture's* really hit the nail on the head when it comes to excellent quality products which are made for our desi skin tones. I've always said that Luscious really does work on making sure that the colors they bring out suit our desi skin tones, and they've done that wonderfully with these lip products. There's not a color that I tried that would not suit our South Asian skin tones in my opinion.

These lip coutures come in super cute lipgloss like tubes with an angled doe foot applicator that doesn't soak up the product. The pigmentation in these is brilliant, you really do need one swipe and these stay for a long, long time. To compare with a product that is already in the market and has been raved about a lot, I'd say these are a more refined version of the beauty blogger favorite, NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. While I'm a big fan of those as well, these are just a bit more pigmented, last a bit longer and don't dry out your lips at all, which is a problem for me when I use the NYX SMLC.

While I'm more biased towards the matte formula due to my own personal preference, the glossy formula is pretty great too! There is no sticky-ness involved and they last a fairly decent amount of time as well. 

All in all, there's no reason for you to not give these a try. Luscious has you covered with a selection of shades ranging from day-time pinks, to nudes and bright reds in glossy and matte finishes. 

Shades from left to right - Fame (matte), Stiletto (matte), Celebrity (glossy) 


Here I'm wearing Stiletto (matte finish). A beautiful red with orange undertones that just makes you teeth look whiter and generally suits my skin tone beautifully. If you're not one to go for true bright reds, then this one is a must have for you! I can't recommend this shade enough. 


I can for see this shade, Celebrity (glossy) becoming one of their best sellers! This has to be the most perfect peach-y nude with a beautiful glossy finish. This can totally work for an everyday shade or you can air it with bolder eyes, your choice! 


I'm sorry about the lighting in this comparison image, not sure if you can tell very well but this shade, Innuendo (matte) is a bright, neon coral! Seriously, this is an attention grabbing shade! If you're into fun, bold lip colors for summer time, you have to check this one out! 

As always, my images are completely un-edited, any discrepancy is due to lighting and monitor settings. 

Give these lip coutures a try, you won't regret it! Priced at PKR1,095 these are available at all leading departmental and cosmetics stores as well as online at -These have great pay off, pigmentation, lasting power and won't dry you out.

*PR Samples

MAC Eyeshadows For Valentines Day!


Well hello there everyone! It's day 2 of this Valentines series on my blog and today I'll be talking about some of my favorite eyeshadows for Valentines. Now given the theme, the eyeshadows I've chosen are pink-purply, and all four are from MAC. Which one is your favorite? I'd love to know in the comments below :) 


This is a frost finish eyeshadow described as a soft peach with icy shimmer. 

FIG 1 

This is a matte finish eyeshadow that is described as a eggplant purple. 


This has a veluxe pearl finish that is described as a purple with pink pearl.


A satin finish eyeshadow that is described as a pinky coral with pink shimmer. 

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The Perfect Red Nail Polish For Valentines!


With Valentines Day just round the corner, I thought I'd put up some Valentine's related posts. We'll kick things off with a post on my favorite red nail polish to wear on Valentines - I'll be honest here, it's not a true red, has bits of orange in it and that is what makes it my favorite! I hate true bright red, they just don't suit my skin tone well, but this one I love. The nail polish I'm talking about is 'First Date At The Golden Gate' by OPI - quite the Valentines themed name isn't it haha. 

Please excuse the horrendous hand shot, winters and my dry hands are never a good combination haha - LOVE the color, hate my hands! Would you be sporting a red nail color this Valentines? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Makeup Basics Series - Dark Under Eye Circles, Be Gone!


Dark circles, be gone!

Dark under eye circles will forever be the bane of my existence! I only have myself to blame, from lack of sleep to a terrible two-Pepsis-a-day diet – it’s not wonder my under eye circles can compete with any of Hollywood’s nasty villains when it comes to possessing darkness haha. That being said, I’ve learned to live with them and they don’t usually bother me on a day to day basis, but if there’s a special event, I’m all for layering on makeup to conceal them dark circles! Here’s how I do it J

Always keep your under eyes moisturized! 

Now this isn’t something that will show results within minutes, but somewhere down the line – you'll be thankful you invested some money into buying a decent eye cream! It makes a world of difference in the long term.

   Correct your dark circles!

Correction comes before the actual concealing! There is an are in ‘correction’ what you basically do is use the color wheel that you probably drew somewhere in 2nd Grade to determine what color you will require to cancel out the undertones of your dark circles. Orange correctors are gaining a lot of popularity with those who suffer from super dark circles since they cancel out the blue/blackness underneath the eyes!

    Now time to conceal!

Now that you’re done with correction and have weird orange-ness around your eyes, use a nice heavy-duty concealer to conceal it all! For me, yellow-toned concealers have always worked the best. 

    Set it all! 

Unless you want all the hard work to go to waste, set it all! Use a loose powder, pressed or something with coverage – its all up to you as long as you do it!

Let me know in the comments below what you'd like to see next in my Makeup Basics series :) I'd love to hear from you guys.

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Makeup Basics Series - How To Apply Foundation For A Flawless Base!


I’ve seen way too many girl committing serious makeup blunders when it comes to applying foundation! Given that foundation covers our entire face and is a base for the rest of the makeup to be applied, in my opinion – if you cant get the foundation right, well your makeup isn’t ever going to look as great as it potentially can. Following are the top three tips and tricks I’ve learned from experience over the years when it comes to foundations!

Make sure to moisturize beforehand! 

This has to be one of the gravest mistakes girls make – whether it’s applying a serum/moisturizer or a primer – make sure you have something on your skin that the foundation can glide on to! Applying it directly over dry/oily skin with no barrier will not only make it tremendously difficult to apply – it will also make it go patchy within minutes!

Don’t apply too much! 

Now that you have prepped and primed your skin for the actual foundation application, make sure you do not apply too much! It doesn’t matter if your favorite beauty guru uses two full pumps for her face, if you don’t need – don’t apply it, simple as that. I’ve seen young girls pile on foundation even when they don’t need to not only resulting in a cake-y face but also making them look years older than they actually are!

Blending it well!

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a brush to your fingers, or a beauty sponge – as long as you take your time blending the foundation, you’re safe. There’s nothing more horrific than foundation on your face that has just been slathered on and not blended well. Take your time, and make sure you blend the foundation in areas like the hair line, near the ears and down your chin – it will truly make a world of difference!

Let me know in the comments below what you'd like to see next in my Makeup Basics series :) I'd love to hear from you guys.

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The Latest From Beauty UK

How exciting do all these newly released products from Beauty UK look? At such an affordable price rate, I'd definitely be picking up a few pieces! :)

1.       Contour Palette – PKR 990/-

Chiseled features like never before!
Three skin-perfect shades for bronzing, contouring and highlighting. The palette comes with an easy follow guide that teaches you how to contour your face.

2.       Sweet Cheeks – PKR 840/-

Let your cheeks find the perfect blush!
Selection of creamy stick blushers delivering an instant radiance. Moisturizing light-weight formula for a dewy finish. The lightest shade No.6 Vanilla Ice is an amazing highlighter too!

3.       Lips Matter – PKR 625/-

Get the flawless pout because your Lips Matter!
A luxurious velvet matte lip cream with intense colour and incredible staying power! Dries with the ultimate matte finish! 

4.       Pro Gel Eyeliner – PKR 790/-

Defined eyes, zero smudging!
Our NEW Pro Gel Eyeliner range is a long-lasting formula that promises colour and a smooth texture. Presented in a frosted glass pot with a precision brush, create defined lines that dry in seconds, without smudging. Available in jet black, espresso brown and cobalt blue.

5.       Phantom Eyeliner – PKR 540/-

Stand out from the crowd with a dramatically bold or sleek look with our NEW blacker than black liquid eyeliner -  Phantom True Black Eyeliner. 
Easy to apply, the eyeliner features a precision rubber nib allowing you to create thick feline flicks or fine defined lines to accentuate eyes immediately. 

Products available at all leading stores nationwide.
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