Hi, I’m Nayab!

Well hello there and welcome to my blog! This beauty, home and style blog is where I, Nayab, like to put up posts about things I like, love, hate, wore, bought, ate and did! This little space on the internet is my baby that I work hard on and I hope you guys like what you read :)

Bath & Body Works Haul

I believe no trip to the States is complete without a little Bath & Body Work hauling'. Sadly with me going over and beyond the weight limit - there was no way I could hoard candles and bring them back home - but I definitely could make space for a few body mists. 
When it comes to body mi…

The Latest Collection From Essence Cosmetics

In case you guys don't know, I am potentially the biggest fan in the world of Essence's Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - I have converted everyone that I know of onto it and always have a backup, or three (lol) in my collection. As a brand, Essence has always intrigued me since its super affor…

Surprise Polishes In The Mail

Being in Pakistan, I was always ooh-ing and aah-ing over subscription services and what it would feel to have a dainty little package land on my doorstep each month with contents unknown. It was definitely a given that as soon as I went away on an extended holiday to America, I would be trying out…

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