Beauty UK Ultimate Contour Palette Review

We all know the contouring is the be-all, end-all on Instagram these days, but here's a question - how many of us actually contour like that in real life? I don't that's for sure. I all for the feeling natural with my makeup look so piling on really makes me want to go wash my face, and for some reason cream makeup products really just don't work for me in general :(

When we come to Beauty UK's Contour Kit, I have to admit - after receiving it - I really didn't put it to use for a long time but now that I've used it a bit, I can give you my views on it.

Since this contour kit has lighter shades in general, it definitely makes it harder for a noob like me to mess up! Even the darkest contour shade can be easily blended out, even with the most average of brushes. The product itself is creamy enough, not too hard to blend at all and decently pigmented.

I use the contour and bronze shades way more than the highlight one which just doesn't go too well with my skin tone and turns me grey haha! The bronze shade is actually perfect for creating that 'hollow' contour look!

I always set my cream contour using the Beauty UK palette with my powder contour from Luscious Cosmetics and the combination of these seriously makes it last ages!

If you're a beginner who doesn't know much about contouring, or whether it is even the thing for you, I'd say give this a go. It's cheap, good quality and get the job done with ease!

Check out the images and swatches below!

Price - Under PKR 1000

Availability - Beauty UK Counters

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