DIY-How to protect your imitation jewellery.


When it comes to me, I really don't have enough pocket money to buy silver jewellery all the time but that doesnt mean that I love wearing jewellery any less. I have alot of imitation jewellery that cost somewhere between Rs. 150-Rs.750. This kind of jewellery is available everywhere and I really love it! But what I HATE with a passion is when the color starts changing into this weird black tone or when it transfers on to your fingers when  upon wearing it. Here's how to prevent that from happening-

What you'll need-
1. A clear nail polish (doesn't matter if it's a base/top coat)
2. A piece of paper
3. Your rings (or earring, necklaces, bracelets etc)

What you need to do-
VERY SIMPLE! Just take your clear nail polish and paint your rings all over with it. Make sure not to leave any spot and pay special attention to the circular part that goes on your finger. If you coat it well, trust me it'll never turn your fingers 'green' after you wear the ring. Let the clear nail polish dry and you're all set to wear your rings without having to worry about it going 'black' or getting color on your fingers.

The same trick can be applied for necklaces, earrings and bracelets as well.

Do you guys know of any other trick to help preserve imitation jewellery? Did you find this tip to be helpful? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, tc :)

P.S-What do you guys think of my new layout, background and header? Feedback would make my day! :D

NOTD-Nails Inc Recycled!


So guys, this nail color I'm wearing in this NOTD is the same as the one in my last post, which can be seen here.  The only difference is that when it started chipping after a good five days, I reapplied another coat of the nail polish and did my favourite type of nail art on it which is basic polka dots.

What do you guys think? Like my recycling? :p

Let me know what you guys think.

Until next time, tc :)

NOTD-Nails Inc


I'm not really the one for red nail colors or any dark colors for that matter, because they make my horrible nail application skills stand out like anything. This Nails Inc nail polish is something that I got when I went to England a good year ago so it was almost ending-even though I hadn't used it THAAT much! I couldn't locate the name of the shade since it's such an old bottle. The application of this nail polish is excellent and it stayed on for a good 5 days before chipping just a wee bit. Plus I only allied one coat!

My sincerest apologies for the absolutely rubbish nail polish application :/

Please let me know what you guys think in the comments below,

Until next time, tc :)

Review-Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer


I don't know if it's only me or others as well, but I have this thing that no matter how satisfied I am with a product, I'll always have the urge to go out and buy something else in the hopes that there might be a better product out there. That is how I came to get my self this Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer. This oil- free moisturizer claims to aid in the prevention of blemishes and is supposed to be non-greasy and non-clogging.

Now starting with the basics, for Rs. 120 you get 125ml worth of product and compared to other moisturizers this is VERY decently prized. The price is what made me initially hesitant about the product since it was very cheap.  The bottle is plastic and nothing fancy, but I'm glad this isn't in a tub because that's not the most hygienic of ways to keep your moisturizer and this way I can control the amount of product I take out.

I did have a not-so-nice reaction when I opened the bottle for the first time because all this water leaked and got all over my hands. Now the water wasn't anything disgusting , per se , but still - since it wasn't something I was expecting I went all 'Ewww'. Lol. If this was a one time problem I would've been cool with it but every time I need to apply the moisturizer, there's always a bit of water that leaks out. So my suggestion to avoid that would be to shake the bottle thoroughly before opening before every use and to keep it upside down.

Now coming to the product itself, I'd say that it does combat oiliness but at most for 2 hours or so. Not more than that which is a disappointment since this being an oil free product I expected it to last a few more hours. It is very light to apply and soaks in to the skin within a minute or two, at most. My skin didn't start flooding with oil after two hours but I could tell that my T Zone had started to get oily, nothing major though. Upon application the moisturizer isn't particularly heavy which is something that is to be expected of an oil free moisturizer. It was a bit runny and almost resembled a gel like consistency, but the product is cream based, not gel based.

Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer doesn't have any SPF in it, which is a downfall in an other wise okay product, maybe that is why it's budget-friendly. I won't be buying this product once I run out not because the product isn't good enough but because I have other moisturizers that do the job just like this one with the added benefit of SPF, which is something that I strongly believe in, irregardless of whether its summers or winters.


Hope you guys liked the review. Please comment below if you have any other questions regarding the product.

Until next time, tc :)

Randomness- Whipped Cream Hearts


I'm what you would call and all rounder girl. I'm into everything a girl could possibly like. From makeup to decorating to crafts and DIY's to fashion designing and now I'm starting to get increasingly interested in cooking, more specifically baking.

Here's a little something I baked the other day and decided to decorate it because obviously decorating a cake that was to be consumed wholely and solely be me is much more important that preparing for my first semester mid-terms! DUH!

Here are a few pictures of the little baby that I baked, and just letting you guys know before hand the outcome of this cake is MUUUUUCH prettier that my horrific mid-term result! Now how do I start explaining that to my mom.

Not that most professional looking cake there is out there, but I'm as proud of it as can be.

What do you guys think?

Until next time, tc :)



Hey guys, here's a quick post for the outfit that I wore to a friends Mehendi function recently. I've been absolutely loving the sheer sleeves trend and decided to put this one up.

P.s- For some reason my mom told me I look like a Christmas card with all the red and gold in my outfit. Do I? Haha.

P.p.s- Excuse the posing! *embarrassed* lol.

This dress isn't ready made, I like to be all original with my clothes so I got it made myself. The sleeves are sheer shiffon, and the edging is velvet. Event though it doesn't look too amazing in the pictures, the velvet really does stand out and for me, it pulls the outfit together along with making it look all classy.

Let me know what you guys think?

Until next time, tc :)

Disney Princess' meet Vogue?


I bet all of your girls always associated Disney Princesses with fragility and deemed them classic? Well, some of them got a makeover- a Vogue makeover- and let's just say they've never looked this fierce and fashion forward! While I still love all my Disney princess in their classical glory, the ones in the imaginative Vogue covers by the artist Dante Tyler have their own kind of appeal. Have a look for yourself in the images below-

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below-

Until next time, tc :)



Hiya guys, here's another NOTD for you guys! I'm soo glad I started this blog, because now I get the motivation to get up and do the nail tutorials that I watch on YouTube so I could post the pictures here. Previously, I used to watch tutorials on YouTube, and watch some more, and watch some more and that's about it lol. This is, once again, a very basic nail art, and the idea or method isn't mine therefore credit goes out to whosoever's this idea originally is.

The base color nail is French Apricot by Wet n Wild which I also used to do this polka dot nail art.


I know the design isn't one of the neatest in the world and you can definitely see the differently sized flowers because I wasn't very consistent with my dotting (takes practice!) but TRUST ME, when I say that it looks freakin awesome from a bit of a distance. I doubt anyone would be getting this close to your nails so the tiny little mistakes that you inevitably will make- don't worry about them at all. I got lots of compliments at university for this and a couple of girls even asked me if they were stickers! So I guess, this nail art was a success :)

Until next time, tc :)

I'm Loving It-September


Hey girls. September was a long month to get rid off but I'm glad we're into October finally! I can't wait for the winters and the jumpers and boots to come out of their hibernation. I'll keep the introduction brief - the following are my favorite's which I've been using on repeat throughout the month of  September.

1. Aeorgaurd's Tropical Strength Insect Repellant- I'm sure all of you can guess why this is in my September faves. With the Dengue literally all around us, one can never be too cautious. This is what I've been applying to be safe because for me Mospel just wasn't doing the job.

2. Palmer's Olive Butter Body Lotion- If there's anyone out there with dry skin, I can guarantee that a dollop of this body lotion will moisturize their skin like no other. People with all types of skin tones can use this but beware since this isn't a light-weight moisturizer. When you put it on you feel it. I personally don't like having heavy creams on me but I sacrifice with this one since the results are soo much better than regular body lotions.

3.Katie Price's Angel Uncovered- I really don't know too much about Katie Price except that she's always in People Magazine for whatever antics. I got this book as a gift and loved it. It, in my opinion, perfectly captures how a woman grows into a stronger and much more confident version of herself. The story is that of a world-famous model, married to a world-famous football star with all the Hollywood gossip and backstabbing drama that ensues. Since I'm a sucker for the-lives-of-the-rich-and-famous-kinda books I enjoyed reading this one thoroughly.

4. Bath and Body Works-Sea Island Cooling Cotton Mix- Everybody needs good quality body sprays in case they want to survive the summers that Pakistan unleashes on us without smelling. This is something the definitely did the job for me with its clean and crisp scent. I kinda forgot about this, but after seeing it on Pandora's Box's Top 10 , I took it out, put it to use, and I've been loving it!

5. Johnson's Baby Oil- I don't know if it's only me or not, but there's nothing that can take off water-proof mascara from my eyes once it's on. I've tried literally everything! The only product that can is this baby oil. Yes, it leaves my skin feeling icky and extremely oily afterwards, but I'd rather have oily skin that I can easily cleanse off later on instead of raccoon eyes that remind me of the previous night's mascara!

6. Nivea Pearl and Shine Lip Care, The Body Shop's Lip Butter in Sweet Lemon, L'Oreal Eyeshadow Quad in Aishwariya's Greens- Firstly, my apologies for the horrifically unfocused picture, I tried and tired but my camera just wasn't focusing and since I have zero patience when it comes to adjusting my camera's setting I left the picture like that. The two lip products can easily be put into my Summer Favorites since I've been using and loving these items for much more than September. The quad is one of my go-to palettes, and I mostly just sweep on one color and even that brightens up your eyes. The shadows are very soft and pigmented with the exception of the matte brown, which just doesn't show up. The rest, though, give of a lovely highlighter kinda sheen and can be easily worn together as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed going through these products :)

Until next time, tc :)

OOTD-Ari Roland Jazz Quartet


Hey guys, happy October to you all! Here's my first OOTD- outfit of the day. I was going to a Jazz concert at PNCA, Islamabad a few days back so decided to take a few pictures of what I was wearing. This is my first time posing and shooting, so excuse any funny pictures haha.

In case anyone's wondering, the Ari Roland Jazz Quartet are originally from New York and they were here in Pakistan, to play for the second time. Since jazz music isn't really much of an interest garner with us desi's, some Pakistani tabla, flute and sitar players were present as well to bring a local touch to the jazz. Both kinds of musicians hailing from different parts of the world's played separately and together. No matter how mind-blowing they were when they performed separately, the most unique and mesmerizing of melodies were created when they collaborated. Here's to hoping their unity can be an example for many others of us :)

Sorry for the rambling, behold-

I went for a simple three-quarter sleeved black shirt that was looking a bit too plain Jane alone, so i decided to accessorize it with a long red and black beaded necklace that complimented it perfectly. I paired that with an over-sized brown leather bag, skinny blue jeans and ballet flats.

What do you guys think? Would you like more outfits of the day and night? And also what would you prefer - shalwar kameez or western attire? Since I'm comfortable with either I can do both.

Until next time, tc.

NOTD-The Face Shop + Paws


Hey guys, I'm slowly and gradually venturing into nail art and am starting with the ABC's of it which are designs that are made by using polka dots etc. Here's a NOTD I did a while back. Hope you enjoyed. ANNNDD in case you can't figure it out, the little black blobs are supposed to resemble animal paws haha.

What do you guys think? Sorry for the horrendous nail polish application :/

Until next time, tc.
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