Review-Sunsilk Hold Me Forever Hairspray


This is my first ever requested review so I'm ecstatic to be doing it, even though there was a delay in actually getting this up. The reason for this is the hairspray that I got in a recent haul seemed to produce different results on differently textured hair. The Sunsilk Hold Me Forever hairspray comes in two different types of holds, the one I have with me is the flexible hold one.

This hairspray is one of those products that work wonderfully for one person, but for another one it's reaps terrible results. Thankfully it worked for me, but not for my sister.  Firstly, the packaging is good to look at and since it's a humungous bottle, it won't look too shabby sitting at you dresser. The hairsprays smell is pleasant enough as well, it kinda tangerine-y, if I may.My hair type is wavy-curly/fine-medium thickness and I've never dyed it. My sisters hair is as straight as it can get, color treated and has a fine-medium thickness to it as well.

For me, the hairspray gave me the medium strength hold that I was looking for. I usually use it on my bangs to keep them from exploding in the humidity and it does the job well for me. When I used it on my entire head after rolling my hair, my curls lasted exactly like I left them throughout the entire night. And just let me tell you that it was a VERY humid night that night. It doesn't make my hair too crunchy and differently not stiff at all. The hairspray isn't a pain to take out and it doesn't make my hair into a mess of tangles after shampoo-ing it out.

For my sister, though, the hairspray was a disaster from the beginning. She hated the smell and it made her hair very sticky and overly scrunchy even though she applied the littlest amount. Since she has dead straight hair, the curls she put in them didn't even last 2 hours after an application of this hairspray. A definite no-no to the hairspray from her side.

So in the end, this product is something you'll just have to take a chance with. The best thing is that since it's very reasonably priced at Rs.290, you won't be breaking the bank in case it doesn't end up working for you. But if it your thing then you get an excellent humidity resistant hairspray that is going to last you absolutely ages for less than Rs.300. Big time bargain.

Hope the review helps, thank you jollywoodqueen and Cheeky Chic for requesting the review :)

Until next time, tc :)

NOTD-Crackle Dissapointment


Hey everybody. To say I'm a huge fan of the Crackle Trend that has been making waves everywhere, would be a lie because in all honesty, I'm not. I'm someone who is neat and prim so the crackle doesn't really appeal to me on a grand scale. However, I don't hate it and still wanted to own something crackle inducing just in case I got on board with the trend. Once upon a an apology haul, I got my hands on Golden Rose's Graffiti Nail Art nail polish which I very wrongly deduced to be a regular nail polish instead of a crackle one! I was just trying it randomly when I found out that it was indeed a crackle polish so I decided to test it out a bit. The results are below-

I know the crackle nails don't look too shabby in the pictures but seriously guys, it was a hard task. First of all, the crackle is just plain weird, it really isn't pretty, or even, just a mess. Secondly, in normal daylight conditions you can NOT see the crackle, it just looks like you asked a two year old to paint your nails because it looks clumpy and gross. I took the photos on a very specific angle with alot of flash so that's why you're able to see what you can. Maybe it's soo hard to see the crackle because of the black underneath, but the thing is that the green (although it looks gorgeous in the bottle) really is a yukh color when applied with other shades and nothing looked half as decent as this. Since the nail polish comes somewhere in between 150-200 I'm willing to get another color and give crackle nails another chance. It would be very cool if we could find an easily available alternative to OPI's Shatter Polish in Pakistan less than half the price.

Have any of you  tried Golden Rose's Grafitti Polishes? Let me know.

Until next time, tc :)

Randomness-Classic Macaroni Salad


Hey guys! Looong time, eh? I have no valid excuse except for being busy except university. I bet that's the story of everyone's life though lol. So anyways I'm not a very healthy person. Not. At. All. Which I'm constantly reminded by my mother so I decided to be healthy and make a salad for myself. Salads are the epitome of healthy, right?  Everyone's always going on and on about salads and how healthy and green and nutritional they are. I decided to make a salad but unfortunately the end result wasn't green, AT ALL! Actually I doubt it even had any vegetables in it LOL. So obviously that was a healthy snack fail, but I did enjoy my Classic Marconi Salad without all the green goodness!

Yeahhh, you're all probably wondering why my MACARONI salad transformed itself to a SPAGHETTI one. I really don't know! MAGIC! Maybe! I do actually know, I didn't have any macaroni's at home so I decided to be pro-active and make it out of spaghetti. I really doubt it makes a difference in the taste though.

Do all of your mom's annoy you by constantly reminding you regarding your un-healthy lifestlye? Let me know so I don't feel alone haha.

Until next time, tc.

P.s-The salad was muuuch more delicious than it looks, my non-existent photography skills don't do it justice :)

Randomness-Pretty Pictures


Hey guys, looking at pretty/cute/inspirational/aww-worthy pictures is one of my favorite things to do while browsing the internet, especially when I'm down. Today has just been one of those days where everything seems to be going against your preference and you just feel like having a pity-party. I enjoyed going through the following pictures and they helped me feel a bit better for sometime. Here's to hoping they'll help someone else feel better in case they're having a not-so-grand day. Even if it cheers you up for a minute or two that you scroll down, let me know because it'll make me feel infinitely better :) Thanks <3

As always, I don't mean any copyright infringement. Full credit goes to the respective owners of these pictures. I have had most of these saved on my laptop so I can't quite say where they are specifically from but most of these are from

Until next time, tc :)

NOTD-French Apricot with Polka Dots


Hey guys.  I've recently been obsessesed with nail art tutorials on YouTube and spend all my time that I should be sitting and studying doing nothing but looking at one tutorial after the other. Sadly, my nail polish collection barely houses 8-9 nail-polishes and absolutely no nail art tools. I decided to make use of a bobby-pin to  help me achieve my first VERY basic nail art! The nail polish used is French Apricot by Wet n Wild which came along with a base/top coat as well.

So what do you guys think? Let me know.

Until next time, tc :)

Delayed Post Eid Haul


Hello everybody, hope you're all well! This probably is the late-st post-eid shopping haul to go up in the blogging world but better late than never, right? I didn't burn all my preciously collected money in one go and tried to buy only what I strictly needed. The haul is a small one but it's all I have for now. Enjoy :)

I made stops at Shaheen Chemist, D Watson Chemist, The Body Shop and Illusions.

Makeup wise this is what I bought. It's the second time that I'm purchasing the Twilight Kit by Luscious Cosmetics because in all honestly, apart from the lipsticks this is the only decent product they have to offer. The reason I got a second one of the same palette is because I dropped the first one and instead a being my favorite portable palette it is now colored powder! I'll show you guys the pictures sometime! The makeup bag and eye-liner pencil are included in the kit.

Price-Rs. 999

I don't usually find my self reaching out for hair products but every once in a while there is an exception. I bought myself the Intense Defense Heat Spray by Nicky Clarke because I really love their volumizing spray, and thought I'd give other products from their line a try as well. The Sunsilk Hold Me Forever Hair Spray is my first ever good quality hair spray that I own. It is miiiiles better than the 2 Pound Super-drug's own brand sorry excuse of a hairspray that I currently posses. Next, since I'm a sucker for anything and everything Body Shop, no matter how outrageously over priced their Pakistani outlets are, I went ahead a bought my self their Coconut Oil Hair Shine wax kinda thing that helps immensely in the daunting task of taming my frizz prone hair.

Sunsilk Hold Me Forever Hair Spray-Rs. 290
Nicky Clarke Internse Defens Heat Spray-Rs.320
The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine-Rs. 800

I wrapped up my trip by getting a spare tub of my holy grail moisturizer, which is the Olay Natural White. I was running dangerously low on my other tub and decided to get myself a backup before I had to endure a day without this moisturizer on my face *oh, the horror!* Next, to keep body odors at bay in this humid weather I purchased Secret's Invisible Solid Deodorant which'll hopefully work better than the Fa ones I've tried and disliked up till now. Being the candle sucker that I am, I just had to get my self another one from Illusions, because it really goes very well with the color combinations of my room! :)

Olay Natural White Moisturizer-Rs. 295
Illusions Color Zone Candle-Rs.540
Secret Invisible Solid Deodorant-Rs.245

Hope you enjoyed, let me know if you'd like a review on any of the products mentioned. Until next time, tc :)

Randomness-Waffles & Vanilla Cure


So guys, I had my university orientation a few days back and after a day full of listening to heartless speeches, roaming around in the dirt, registering for courses and just sweating like there's no tomorrow, I came home very tired, to say the least, and was instantly craving something vanilla-y! I could barely walk so I didn't want to whip up something complicated and time consuming. Therefore I did what shamelessly lazy people like my do -heat up some frozen waffles, put a huge slice ice vanilla ice-cream, adorn it with sugar and calorie infused eatable sprinkles and chomp on it like a woman possessed.

Needless to say, I was very content after gobbling this up. Would a treat like this make you feel a tad bit better after you've had a down day? Let me know :)

Until next time, tc :)

Review-Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush


Hello everybody :) Hope everyone's doing well. Thank you to my new followers who found my blog interesting enough to read and follow, I'm very thankful, honestly. I'm going to be reviewing the Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush today. The shade that I have specifically is 40-Soft Plum. The product in itself isn't new, it has been in the market for a fair amount of time, and there are without a doubt quite a few reviews out there but I thought I'd put my two cents into the mix as well.

The product in my opinion is more cream based then mousse-y and is definitely an air-whipped formula that look flawless on one's skin. From my own experience I can guarantee, that it is EXTREMELY easy to blend and it isn't any hassle to use at all.The blush can be worn all by itself or underneath a powder blush-this way it'll help the powder blush stay on for much longer than normal by acting as a cheek primer. (Lol, that term is my own creation-I doubt something like that even exists, but you catch my drift.)

I initially had concerns with the jar being not too big and about how much use I'd actually get out of the product but a little goes a long way with the product. The best part about this blush is it leaves one's skin looking natural and flushed.

Many people seem to think that by rubbing a mousse blush (or any other product) for that matter on top of our foundation may not be good for the foundation and end up wiping it off. This is clearly not the case with the blush because I have been using it for quite some time and haven't noticed any such problems. I used to believe that using a mousse blush over a powder foundation will make it look cake-y and crease-y because of the difference in the textures of the products, but I have had no such problem with this Maybelline Mousse blush in particular-although I can't say anything about other mousse blushes.

The only thing I try to be careful about while using this product is that it is quite shimmery. Nothing that'll make you look like a a glitter bomb but it is definitely noticeable. I tend to be careful while using it during the day but at night time it gives off a lovely sheen due to the tiny particles of glitter. Another issue that I have is the packaging. I'm not too fond with the idea of dipping my finger time and again into the pot. There have been instances where the blush gets stuck between my nails and that's not really the best of feelings :P. This could easily be avoided by using a brush to apply the product but it is not mandatory and the usage of either fingers or a brush would give off the same result.

In the picture above, you can easily see the consistency of the product and how it blends to a very au naturale finish.

The price is a bit steep at Rs.900, but the product is definitely going to last you a long time. Just a tip for all mousse based makeup products is that by turning them over and storing them upside down you actually preserve and prolong the life of the product and your mousse blush/foundation/eyeshadow won't dry out or get flaky.

Until next time, tc :)



Hey guys, I decided to do a Hand of the Day today in relation to Eid which has just passed. I doubt there's anyone out there who didn't adorn their hands with henna on Eid so I though this would be a fun idea :) The picture follows-

Like it?

Until next time, tc :)

EOTD-Blues and Flu's

Hello everybody! Here's my first EOTD for you guys. Before scrolling down just remember that this really isn't a makeup blog so the look I did is not meant to be a guide or anything of that sort. It's just something I came up with after putting my VERY limited eye makeup applying techniques to use. I'm pretty sure that my blending and all that jazz isn't any good but I'm learning as I go :) Enjoy (or be horrified! Haha, depends)

So there it is guys! Tell me what you think. The top picture is with flash and the colors are kinda washed out by it, the bottom one is obviously without flash in natural lighting. Since I'm not used to posing with my eyes, (that sounds a tad bit weird) it seems like the eye shadow has some major creasing but thats not really the case.

Products used-
Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Kit ( Dark blue, Silver)
Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner ( Black)
Maybelline Falsies Mascara ( Blackest Black)

Until next time, tc :)

In case anyone cares about the post name, I kept it as such because I had a bad case of influenza the day I decided to venture into eye makeup. Not the most attractive of names, but hey, at least it rhymes! Lol

I'm Loving It-August


Hello everybody! Eid Mubarak to whoever is celebrating and even to those who aren't hope you had a wonderful day. Please excuse my McDonald's inspired post title, in simpler words these are my August 2011 favorites. I don't have too many favorites this months so this should be a comparatively short post. Lo and behold-

I absolutely loved the movie 'Trust'. With the world wide web advancing at a speed like never before, the dangers attached within it are popping up every two seconds as well. The movie in particular deals with how a young girl falls prey to an online sexual predator and is lied to time and again, until she is trapped in a situation where she fails to see reality. The movie beautifully takes us through the journey of the girl and her family and how everyone deals with this unexpected explosion in their lives. I'll link down the trailer below, please watch it. It will only take two minutes maximum and I can assure you this is a movie you would want to watch yourself. The music also perfectly complements every scene that is being played out, and if not anything else, the movie reminds one of how at the end of the day, family will always be there for you.

Next is a Rose Water spray, also famously known as Arq-e-Gulab. This has definitely helped me survive in the unbearable summers that us Pakistani's had to endure. The bottle is fairly decent sized (although it could be smaller) so it's easy to pop in and out of your bag without too much of a hassle. Use it as a refresher, toner, just to cool yourself down-it is multi purpose. The subtle but definitely beautiful rose scent that lingers after you spray it where ever you want is just another perk! In all honesty, if the scent was longer lasting, I'd stop buying body sprays and just use this instead! I don't remeber how much it was for, but not more than a 100.

The Revlon Illuminance Cream Eye Shadows in Not Just Nudes is practically the only thing I've been using ALL summer! They have the most creamiest of consistencies and are super easy to blend whether you want to swipe one all over your eye lid and do a more complicated look where you apply the shadow to your crease, inner corner etc. The colors are wonderfully pigmented and range in different shades of brown. The only problem I had with this was that it creases. I'm not a primer person, so I can only tell you that it creases after a while. I can't say whether it'll be like that with in case you apply them with a primer. The good thing even with that is that whenever a crease forms you can easily swipe your finger over it and it'll vanish. These cream eye shadow can easily be applied with your fingers or if you want, proper eye brushes. I got my one from England last year for about 4 pounds but you can easily get them for rupees 500 at where other shades are available as well. In case you want to get your hands on them, order as soon as possible because without the current discount, they retail for a 1000 rupees from the same website. The link follows-

Last but not the least is a book by one of my favorite authors, Cecelia Ahern (author of the famed P.S I Love You). The Gift focuses on the life of a man who is always too busy with his work to pay special or any attention to his family. It is set around Christmas and by the time you're finished reading it, I can guarantee it that you will want to get up and spend time with your loved one's because it is one of those books that reminds you of the importance of time, family, love and the present. Since Eid is also a time where families get together, this book is a must read and it'll make the strongest of hearts shed a few tears throughout the duration of it. It is widely available at all leading book stores, but I got mine from an Old Book Store in Jinnah for 300 only although I've seen it in almost every old books store I've been to. Without a doubt, I would've gladly paid double the amount for such an inspiring book which reminds one of all the important things in life without being very in-your-face about it.

Sorry about the long post! Guess I didn't realize how much I had to say until I started,

Until next time, tc :)

P.s-Please let me know if you'd like an in-depth review on anything :)
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