Review-Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in Shade 3/Buff Pink


It's been a while since Luscious Cosmetics Pakistan released their Signature Lipsticks which come in a seemingly NYX inspired packaging and a generous amount of product. These lippies are my hands down my favorite product that has been released by Luscious and for good reasons.  They come in an array of 16 gorgeous colors which are specifically targeted and formulated keeping in mind the skin tones of Asian/Olive toned ladies. From neutrals to brights, Luscious has you covered. The finish for most of the lipsticks is soft matte, but there are a few shimmers in there too. 

(excuse the low quality selfie on the left)

The shade that I got my hands on is Shade 3, Buff Pink! Now first things first, the shade seems to be shown as a very, very pale pink on the website. While this does come in the category of pale pinks, it has more color than what is shown on the website. The other thing with this particular shade is that it seems much darker in the bullet for some reason, it really isn't in reality. Now that that's out of the way let's get onto how amazing this lipstick is-

1. Super moisturizing! I wouldn't say use it without a lip balm underneath, but this is a lipstick that will not dry out your lips after you put it on. Ive used lipsticks that dry out my lips within an hour, not the case with this gem. 

2. Long lasting! Matte lipsticks usually stay on longer than the other finishes and being a soft matte this lipstick stays on and on, literally for 3-4 hours, and it fades nicely with no clumping on the sides of your lips.

3. The pigmentation! For a lighter shade, this lipstick has excellent pigmentation, two swipes and its opaque.. I wonder how richly pigmented the darker, brighter shades in the line are if this one's soo good. 

4. The scent! I can't describe how yummmy this lipsticks smells. It's the perfect blend of vanilla and perhaps some coconut(?), don't quote my on that though. The vanilla is soft and subtle and not over powering at all. There have been times where I've just opened the tube to take a whiff. Yes, it's that amazing and more!

All in all, I love this lipstick and can't wait to try out more from this range, especially the darker shades since the lighter shades aren't usually the best with pigmentation in lipsticks, but if the lighter shades are this amazing, I can only imagine how great the darker, brighter ones are.

Price-PKR 675 

Online-here! and at departmental stores nationwide.

Until next time, tc.

OOTD-Chasing Away The Blues


 I haven't really been feeling inspired to write beauty posts recently so I turned to outfit posts, which are my favorite to do and they usually get a warm reception too. Here's another outfit that features all black with a pop of color just like my last one. 

I couldn't tell in real life but now that I look at the pictures, how annoying is it that my top and pants are two different shades of black? I hate when that happens, I'm sure it's not all that detectable but it makes me feel like I'm not coordinated haha. As you might be able to tell, in this outfit post I'm wearing an embellished top with some plain black skinnys and a indigo-ish blue cardigan since it still is kinda chilly here in the Capital.

Top-H & M
Cardigan-H & M
Jeans-Mossimo for Target
Shoes-Laura Ashley 

I remember a while back when the God-awful 'bell bottom' trend came out. Good Lord, I feel like that was the WORST trend that has ever existed. I cringe and internally shudder every time I see someone in those horrendous pieces of clothing. Unfortunately for me ,my friends really liked that trend, which meant that I liked to dress in it too. All. The. Freakin. Time because I'm more of a follower than a rebel. Not that I think I'm a fashionista or anything, but that was definitely not a time period I'd like to go through again since the outfits I wore, let's just say, I wouldn't be caught dead in them now.

Are there any fashion trends that you have hated/loved? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.

OOTD-Let's Get Preppy


Once again, its been a while since my last OOTD but I was having a lazy Sunday and decided to make it a bit productive by doing some blog work. The outfit below basically features dark shades with a pop of color in form of the bag.

If you're someone who takes picture for outfits posts or something along those lines, you'd be able to relate with the last picture haha! The wind just wouldn't stop, kinda ruined my pose haha but it made a funny picture so I thought I'd pop that here :) Are you someone who gets annoyed with the wind? I have quite the aversion to wind if it results in getting hair all over my face, but other than that its fine. Let me know in the comments below :)

Until next time, tc.

Review-Luscious Cosmetics Super Moisturizing Lipstick in Just Peachy


Just Peachy is a lipstick that I've purchased time and again since I love the color and the way it looks on me. When I heard that Luscious was coming out with a new formula and packaging for their Super Moisturizing lipsticks I went ahead and bought this shade, again.

First off the packaging, I'm not a big fan if this one since the older one felt heavier and more luxurious but given that they're increased the product inside to 4g,one can't really complain. For me the older formula worked well, but this one is ahh-maazing! The lipstick is super moisturizing , and for someone like me who cannot skip lip balm under lipsticks, I really didn't feel the need to apply balm underneath. The shade shows up lighter on the lips as compared to whats in the tube but it's a beautiful not-quite-nude-but-still-in-the-same-category shade that really compliments Asian skin tones. Like any traditional lipstick, the lasting time ranges from 2-3 hours without any eating etc, I noticed that it didn't stay for too long when food and drinks were involved but it does leaves a barely there tint. Even though these are a dream to apply, I'd recommend exfoliating your lips well before applying since this has a tendency of settling into lines for some odd reason.

All in all, this reformulated, re-packaged offering from Luscious is well worth the money with its moisturizing properties and lovely array of shades for Asian skin tones. I have quite a few shades in the older formulation and would definitely be collecting a few more since you get even better value for money.

You can see me wearing this shade in this post! :)

Price- PKR 545 

Until next time, tc. 

NOTD-Valentine's Day!


Hello there everybody! With Valentines day just round the corner I thought I'd do something and the maximum my imagination could come up with was this nail art. It's fairly simple so everyone should be able to do this with ease :)

 Looking at the pictures all zoom-ed in now I admit I could've done a much better job with the zig-zigs but oh well, there's always next time! Are you guys doing something this Valentines? Or do you think it's just another day? Let me know in the comments below :)

Until next time, tc.

Victoria's Secret Series # 1 - Love Spell & Giveaway Winners!


Victoria's Secret Love Spell is part of their Fantasies collection and is certainly one of their very popular scents. With adorable purple packaging, its kinda easy to see why women would be attracted towards it. Now I'm not the best with identifying all those fancy notes but if you want to read me struggling to describe the scent keep on scrolling down then :)

First off, the scent for the fragrance mist. It is very fruity and floral. Definitely not something you'd like if you are a fan of stronger scents. This is more of a girly, fun scent and the cherry blossom can be easily identified. I've seen reviews where people loathe this but the majority really liked Love Spell since it is more of a universal scent thats kinda hard not to like. The lasting power is that of a typical mist, 2 hours maximum but you can stretch that too 3 hours if you layer it with the matching body butter which claims to be deep softening. 

So is it really? Yes! I've always been a huge fan of The Body Shop body butters and even though these don't feel as rich as TBS ones, they moisturize all the same! Where TBS body butters have a think, creamy texture, these ones are incredibly silky and very easy to soak into the skin. Thye feel much more luxurious since there's something in them that makes your hands and wherever you apply them feel silky. The scent is once again, amaaaz-ing! You can really smell the cherry blossom and hints of peach and I'm guilty of randomly opening the tub to take whiffs of it haha! The fact that the body butter is a soft lilac-y color definitely gets points from me haha.

Overall, I'd say Love Spell is a scent that is potentially a very safe one, but since it's not your typically vanilla-overdose mist I'd urge everyone to give it a sniff since that cherry blossom reallyy makes you want to sniff it again, and again! I love this one and would definetly recommend it to everyone who isn't a fan of strong scents. 

Love Spell Fragrance Mist-$12
Love Spell Deep Softening Body Butter-$12

Now coming on to the giveaway winners! There were a ton of entries but as always not everyone can win. All the entries were verified and the two winners who were randomly selected are-drum roll please- 1. Mona Saeed (GFC) who will be getting the ELF eye set along with the Revlon mascara and 2. ChickLitGirl (GFC) who will be getting the Victoria's Secret Body Butter and the Wet n Wild lippie! Yaaay! Hope you like your prizes girls :) 

Until next time, tc :)

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