In case anyone's gone through my last blog post, I'd say you would've guessed that alot of NOTD would be coming up. The first nail polish that I chose to go with from that huge pile that I bought is the shade Pistachio by Sweet Touch. Even though it's kinda minty and pastel-y and non-wintery, I decided to be a rebel and put it on LOL.


This nail polish really is excellent and quite a bargain for Rs. 90 only. It was opaque in the first coat, but out of habit I decided to put another one on.

What do you guys think? Like Sweet Touch nail polishes?

Until next time, tc :)

P.S-Excuse the weird pattern on my nails, my nail polish wasn't completely dry and I kinda slept on it lol

Haul-Huuuge Nail Polish Haul


In all honesty, I'm not really THAT into makeup and between makeup and nail polishes, I'd choose nail polishes hands down. That said, I really dont house more than 10-12 nail polishes so I decided to go on a nail polish spree. Since I'm all about adding an array of colors to my non-existent collection, I decided to go with the more economical nail polishes, and many of the ones I bought are local brands :) Here we go-

Here's an over view of everything that I bought, and was bought for me by mom who just came back from a workshop in Bangkok.

These are nail polishes by the local company Glamorous Face. They has tons of different colors and the ones I tried are pretty opaque. These were Rs.80 each. There were no color names written but the shade numbers from left to right are 14, 47, 53 and 11.

These three shades were some of the ones that my mom bought back from her trip. They are probably from a local Thai brand. The company is Anne and Florio and none of these shades have any numbering or names on them.

These two nail polishes are from Avon and they were priced at Rs.180 each. The sparkly bronzey shade doesn't have a sticker so I cant tell you what color it is but the other purple one is called ' Rose Water'.

The first nail polish here is in the shade 'Pistachio' by Sweet Touch and it cost me Rs. 90 only! The other two were gifts from one of my friends. The Maybelline Express Finish surprisingly doesn't have a name on it but the Sally Hansen nail polish is in the shade 'Certainly Cherry'.

These are the last two nail polishes in my haul and once again, these one's are from Bangkok. The company is called Diffi and there isn't any name or number for the polish.

Here's a collective picture of all my recently acquired goodies :) You should expect alooot more NOTD's in the future haha.

Until next time, tc :)

Haul-A haul so tiny you won't even know it started!


Everyone who expects this to be a colossal haul should really read the title again because it really is the smallest haul ever! I wasn't even sure whether I should post it or wait to get some new things and combine it with another haul. But what the heck? I decided to go with it. Something's better than nothing, right? It's the first time for all of these products and it's been a week since I got them and I've been loving them ever since :) Behold-

1. Sure Long Lasting Protection Deodorant- Rs.245 ( Yeah, I really don't need to explain why I got this. Everybody, and I mean everybody, even those who take baths twice a day need to use deodorant! I cannot stress this enough. I've been through the pain that is sitting with someone at university who hasn't applied deodorant-NEVER want to go through that again!)

2.Clean and Clear Oil Controlling Toner-Rs.100 ( I got myself the smallest size available because I really didn't want to waste my money on something that might or might not work for me)

3. Signature Collection Body Luxuries Body Splash in Mango Mandarin- Rs. 190 ( I came to know about these Bath and Body Works inspired body sprays through Pandora's Box, and I was on a search for them ever since! Unluckily, I just couldn't find any since ages, and when I finally came across them, these were the last two left! Talk about getting lucky! Mango Mandarin smells sweet and fresh and definitely reminds me of the summers that have passed as the temperatures start to drop in Islamabad)

4. Signature Collection Body Luxuries Body Splash in Moonlight Path- Rs.190 ( Where Mango Mandarin is more on the sweet and flirty side, this one is definitely more muskier and mature smelling )

So that's it for my suppper small haul. PLEASE girls, if you see any of these body splashes, anywhere in Islamabad please let me know because I truly will run to get my hands on those lol. Thanks :)

Until next time, tc :)

HOTD-Henna (second edition)


You guys might remember a Henna of the Day that I did after Choti Eid this year, so I decided to keep up with the 'tradition' and do one on this Eid as well. My maid is excellent when it comes to creative henna designs and I never guide her when she's working on my hand. This is all her hard work and creativity-nothing is copied from the internet or any other source of inspiration. Do you guys have maids who are very creative when applying mehendi?

Please excuse the awkwardly angled photography, it's really hard to angle my brick of a camera with one hand haha!

So what do you guys think? Yaay or naay? Does the smell of Henna bother you immensly? My brother hasn't come anywhere near me since I put this on lol. Please let me know in the comments below. 
Until next time, tc :)

P.s-You can see my Henna for Choti Eid over here :)

EOTD-Subtle Purple

As some of you might be able to tell, I've been loving the color purple and I even decided to re-do my blog decor and turn it all purple. To complement my blog I decided to do an EOTD today that is one of the simplest to do and it doesn't take any blending or fancy stuff like that. In fact, it doesn't even take any more time than your usual eye routine. Behold-

All you gotta do for this look is line your lower lash line with a colored liner pencil, be it purple or blue or green. This adds a little something extra to your look without being very in your face about it. The purple pencil I used is one of the Luscious Cosmetics ones.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, tc :)

Happy Eid!


Hiya guys :) Log time, no blogging. My sincerest apologies for my absence but personal issues and travel has taken up way more of time than I expected nowadays. Hopefully everything would be back on track once I get back to Islamabad in a week or so. Until then, Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating :)

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