Monday Mani- Purple Holo


Monday Mani, not quite, given how its Wednesday. You guys will have to forgive me, I started this series called Game of Thrones (yes, I just started, very late on the bandwagon) and I have NOT been able to stop. A phenomena like this has never occurred before, I watched two seasons in TWO days and now I'm half way done with the third one. This post never would've come up had my eyes not started watering due to my excessive obsessiveness. Oh well, you guys get to feast your eyes on a pretty purple polish as a result of that :)

The Born Pretty Holo, as the name suggests, is from the Born Pretty Store. I'll be honest, the bottle that the polish comes in is super teeny-tiny, I can't imagine getting more than 4-5 uses out of it, which is a shame since it is such a pretty color. I don't feel like this is a completely holo polish since only in certain lights, you can see the true holo-ness (is that a word?!) of it. Nonetheless, its a pretty shimmery purple that looks stunning in certain lighting, wish it was like that throughout, but oh well.

This particular piece along with the rest of the holo polishes, is reduced to only $6, here. And if you'd like a coupon code to further reduce the price, use the code LJL91 upon checkout! :)

Until next time, tc.

Art Deco Bloggers Competetion


So a while back, just before Eid, I got an invite for the Art Deco Bloggers competition where a look using Art Decos latest collection, Color and Art, had to be created. Being a purple and blue lover through and through, those are the colors I opted for immediately along with some colorful liquid liners and blue mascara. I promise, the look isn't as crazy as it sounds haha. And this time around, I chose to do the look on my sister, since it makes everything soo much easier.

There you have it guys, super simple! I started off with using the blue/purple-y shade all over the eye lid then followed it by a layer of black, white and indigo liner and some blue mascara. For the lower lashline, I used a blue eye pencil and the same mascara to really make the eyes pop (at least that is what I had in mind haha). 

What do you guys think? Yaay or naay?

Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.

PBBC Bloggers Eid Swap!


I loved taking part in the first secret swap that was arranged by the Pakistani Beauty Blogging Community, so naturally when the second secret swap  took place, I was more than excited to get involved since it was an Eid special :) My partner was Areej Usman who writes about beauty, reviews and her travels on her blog, which you can view by clicking here! Here's what I sent her :) 

A Revlon lip butter in the shade Lollipop, which is my absolute favorite along with a scrub and masks from the Boots cucumber range. I also sent her a hand sanitizer, since she is a mom and probably has one in her bag all the time, an ULTA neutrals quad and black-and-white start nail wraps, which I picked up for myself as well haha!

Now coming on to what I received :) I loved everything! Hina, who was my partner, was more than generous with what she bought me and her lovely note made my day! Thank you soo soo much Hina. You can check out her blog here :) Trust me, if you're a fan of those adorable Minions, you WANT to check out her amazing nail post inspired by them! I was in complete awe! 

Isn't all of this absolutely amazing! I loved everything, from the Essence Miami blush and TBS Body Butter to the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick and the Hello Glow cleanser. Just how adorable is the peacock necklace! Thank you once again, Hina :) 

 Here's the lovely note she added to the package, which even my Mom said, was incredibly sweet! Thank you for the appreciation :) 

Hope you guys liked this post, and if you want to know more about what other girls received, be sure to like the PBBC page on Facebook (click here), where all other participating bloggers will be posting their swap presents today :)

Thank you to the PBBC for arranging this really exciting activity, again, and even though it's too soon for another one, I can't wait to participate again :) 

Until next time, tc.

Review- Color Studio Pure Matt Lipsticks


If you've been a long time reader of my blog, you know I like them lipsticks and what I like even more is when they're matte! Color Studio have answered my prayers in their latest black and gold packaged tube of wonder and pigment aka their Pure Matt lippies!

First things first, the slide out drawer like packaging that leads to these clicky-lipsticks bullets gets a whole load of thumbs up from my side. It seems alot of effort has been put into these lipsticks, and it definitely shows. 

Before I got into the details, I would just like to say that whether you wear these lipsticks with or without a lip balm will make the biggest of differences in your opinion of these. For me personally, I wear lip balm under everything so I had no major issues with Color Studios latest offering. They are pigmented, semi matte and last for an acceptable amount of time  (4 hours plus ) along with having an amazing scent to them. 

The darker shade, Wicked, is amazing! You could layer it on for a full-on heavy vampy look, or you can blot it off and get away with wearing it during the day time. I LOVE this color, and I also love the fact that there is quite a variety of reds in this collection. From brighter reds, to true reds and then vampy reds. There literally is something for everyone, and lets not get started on the bright pinks! 

Unfortunately, Desert Rose is just too light for my skin tone. It definitely isn't for the more Olive/Asian skin tones, someone with lighter skin tones should be able to get along with it wonderfully but regrettably for me, it made me look super tanned ( not in a good way ) and reminded me of something Nicki Minaj would wear haha ( again not in a good way ). The lipstick itself gets a bit patchy if you layer it, but other than that I have no issues with it. Once again, really like the formulation, but the color just isn't my cup of tea, if you're someone who likes super pale lips then you might want to check this out :)

So to conclude this review, I'd say go get your self at least one of these lipsticks, just remember to wear a lip balm underneath, and you won't be dissapointed! There is just soo much to choose from, I personally am going to be getting myself Asia (the most perfect nude), Venom ( a beautiful purple-y shade) along with La Rouge and Atomic ( bright pinks ). 

Price- PKR 750

Have you tried any of the Color Studio Matt lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time, tc. 

*PR Samples

OOTD-Eid Edition!


How are everyone's Eid been so far? Mine has been pretty slow, just trying to control my hair from frizzing out in this humidity, ahhh! Wish the weather actually FELT as nice and pleasant as it LOOKED! Anyways, on to the outfit :)

So basically what I wore was this lovely white kurta from Needle Impressions, I had no idea they did casual clothes until very recently. I love the design at the bottom, I've always felt that the rickshaws etc were a bit over done so this tribal-ish embroidery is definitely a winner in my books. I paired the kurta with my ever trusty tights and simple silver flats along with a Victoria's Secret bag that I got as a birthday gift!

What has your Eid been like? What did you guys wear? Let me know in the comments below :)

Until next time, tc.

Mani Monday- Revlon Ritzy


Being a very lazy person, I'm trying to have some sort of posting schedule so I don't have huge gaps in between posts and have some sort of a routine to them. So, here's the first change, NOTD posts will now be every other Monday, hopefully haha! Let's see how long this lasts lol. 

Revlon Ritzy, whilst being in the bottle, is almost my favourite nail polish. The gorgeous glitter chunks contrasting with the black, yes please! Unfortunately, that is not how it translates on to the nails. On my nails, it is thick and gloopy, the glitter chunks don't spread evenly and the texture isn't smooth. My nails looked like they weren't left to dry properly and it just looks messy. Definitely requires two coats, and oh dear Lord, the amount of time it consumed to remove, let's not even get into that. 

 The perfect polish in the bottle sadly doesn't translate to much on the nails. 

Have you ever been disappointed by a nail polish?  Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc.

Review- Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Hair Spray

Some of you guys must have seen reviews of Healthy Sexy Hairs Soy Renewal Beach hairspray
popping up on various Pakistani blogs, which were generously sent to bloggers by the Pakistani Beauty Blogging Community - PBBC by the company. Here's what my experience with the product in question has been like :)

First things first, it smells divine! I love the smell, and the scent lingers on your hair as well for a bit so thats always good. The pump and its secure open/close mechanisms definitely insure that there will be no unwanted leaks anywhere. The product, according to what's written on the back, can be used in two ways. It can either be applied to damp or dry hair. I've tried this under both circumstances a couple of times each and here's my experience with it.

While applying this on damp hair, I found that it ends up drying my hair and makes them feel a bit straw-y, definitely not the look anyone aims for but it does define my curls wonderfully. All my waves get instant oopmh immediately, giving the 'beachy' look. When applied on dry hair, or as I tried it on my second day hair, it gives a ton of volume! Again, it is drying but my thin hair really needs volume on the second day of shampoo-ing and this does just that. 

In a perfect world, I would have lovely defined curls with a ton of volume, so what I do is basically use this on dry hair and then to counter act the dry-ness and the stiff-feeling hair I usually put a hair serum on afterwards. Seems like extra hassle, but sometimes I end up using the spray like that. 

I tried taking before and after pictures of my hair but honestly the difference really didnt show up on my not-so-fancy camera haha, so here's a before and after shot of my sister's hair, who has hair that is mostly straight. 

As you can see, the frizzy-ness is reduced and the waves are more defined after that usage of the spray. The spray claims to have Argon Oil in it, but I just can't see how a product with Argon Oil could be drying, since I personally use Argon Oil for my hair and it is very moisturizing. 

All in all, I really like the way this spray reduces frizz, defines waves and adds a ton of volume but the part where it makes my hair rough isn't something I'm keen on. I've found a way to work with that, so I still end up reaching for this at least once a week. 

Thank you to the Pakistani Beauty Blogging Community and Sexy Hair Corp for giving me the opportunity to review this product :)  Kindly LIKE their Facebook page, here, to show your support!

PKR - 800

Currently only in Karachi.

Until next time, tc. 

*The product was kindly sent to me by the company via the PBBC.

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