Day In The Life - OMyBuns Food Tasting Adventure!

If you're following me on Snapchat, I'm sure you've all seen this from the day I went, along with my other blogger friends, to a Menu Tasting for OMyBuns which has just recently opened its doors for the coffee-loving people who live in Islamabad at F-10 :)

When I was on my way, I honestly thought we'd get to try a bite of this or that and be done with it but they made us try almost everything off the menu! From appetizers, to pizzas and burgers and chai - trust me when I say I was super full by the time I was leaving the place!

So we kicked things off with a assortment of drinks and garlic bread which was not served in the 'traditional' garlic bread form, but in more a pizza style which was definitely a lot easier to eat! Their garlic bread was great, but the Cheesy Garlic Bread was on another level! I'm sure I ate the most pieces of that out of everyone at the table haha.

Next came an assortment of drinks, from slushes to smoothies and iced teas! I went for an Peach Iced Tea and imagine my surprise when I got a bubble on my first sip! It was a Peach Ice Bubble Tea - how have I not had something like this before? Bubble tea and peach ice tea are my favorite drinks in the world so this combination had my slurping away happily!

So after the delicious drinks, we had a round of pizzas - the have a great variety, from the Meat Freaks Pizza (which has different toppings on it) to the Sweet Corn Pizza (loved this one) and the traditional options, I really enjoyed them all. The crust was perfect, not too thin, not too thick and definitely not soggy ugh - hate when that happens!

After that we had a round of Chai to give our digestive system some time to calm down and gear up the next serving, which was of burgers, sandwiches in French bread and paninis. Now I'll be honest here, the burger buns were a bit too big for my liking so skip those, but the club sandwich and the grilled sandwiches were amazing! My favorite of the day hands down!

Since there was no way we had any room for more, our desserts were given to us to eat later on!

LOL - this is an appropriate image of me before reaching OMyBuns and after I was done haha!

Are you drooling yet? Lol

The venue itself is a cosy little cafe in F-10 with some seating on the inside and lots on the inside! I can see myself sitting outside, sipping on a cup of Cuban Coffee (which they specialize in) during the colder months!

Now coming on to the speciality, which is buns! I love Pappa Rotti buns - they are seriously amazing so I was very curious to see how the buns from OMyBuns would fare against those, and I'm happy to report they're perfection!

I've taken Pappa Rotti buns home many times, and they just don't taste the same as they do when they're fresh out of the oven, so when I took a bite of their Chocolate Chip Bun/Cookie the next day - I was in heaven! All I could think of was if it tastes THIS good after a day, imagine how delicious it will be served freshly!? LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!

Doesn't this look stunning!? Haha - this was huge - literally the size of my face so you get quite the bang for your buck!

All in all, I'd rate the place 9/10 - it was that good seriously! The owner was there himself, talking us through each course, telling us about the ingredients (they bake their breads themselves!) letting us know about the though process behind each dish so it was quite the experience. Pigging out on food and learning more about why certain ingredients are used etc. 

My Top Recommendations - 

1. Mango/Slush Smoothie (I tried this the next day - in LOVE) (PKR 130) 
2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bun (PKR 145)
3. Grilled Chicken Sandwich (PKR 295)
4. Cheesy Garlic Bread 
5. Walnut Fudge Brownie (PKR 199)

The prices are currently super affordable, so if you're looking for a new place to head out to - this should definitely be in your list to try out! 

Also if you're a fan of frozen yogurt, the new Tutti Frutti has opened up inside their shop! 

For more details LIKE the OMyBuns Facebook page HERE! or visit them in F-10 Markaz :) 

Hope you guys liked my review, will be doing more of these soon! 

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