Nayab's Life # 1


So if you are an avid follower of as many blogs as me then you would know of the instagram trend that has taken over everywhere. Sadly I don't have an Iphone so I cant really do the entire Life Through Instagram thing but my little BlackBerry and I have been taking pictures lately of life in general and I though I'd share those with you (: Hope you guys enjoy.

 1. Worst brush in the history of the world! 2. Little lady bug on my hand (: 3. Pointilism Nails 4. Battered and bruised khussas that have lasted ages!
5. Extra chunky gem-like ring 6. Feet feeling clean after an at-home pedi 7. Outfit for university (excuse my sisters messy room) 8. Tutti Frutti (frozen yogurt) overload!

So what do you guys think? Would you like more posts like these that aren't really makeup/beauty related? Let me know in the comments below (:

Slip ToThe Void


So here's another OOTD for you guys. Ive decided that I'll do everyday outfits more often now since I don't really get all dressed up that much.  This suit that I;m wearing today is MUCH brighter than what I wear everyday. I don't like bright colors and even though its summers, I tend to shy away from them.

The stitching is fairly simple with the shirt being a straight long one with a bit of pleating detail up top and flared out loose trousers. I love the look of those chooridar tights that are all the rage these days and I do wear them quite often but it has gotten just too too hot to wear those now a days. Loose trousers keep you soo much cooler in this unbearable Paki heat!

So what do you guys think? Please let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, tc :)

Nail Polish Galore!


So I'm kinda obsessed with nail polish which some of my regular readers might already know. Here's a link to a previous colossal nail polish haul. A lot of people liked reading that post so I'm assuming they'd like this one too. Most of the nail polish that you can see below are from a blog sale so they aren't completely new but that really doesn't bother me since I've never really finished entire bottle of polish anyways (:

In order of appearance-
17 Knockout Red, Pink Grapefruit, Forever
Wet n Wild Mega Last (no name), Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Freaky Fuchsia 9954
Klean Color Nail Lacquer Metallic Sapphire, Pinky Moon
Nail Magic Nail Hardener, Eveline VitAminail Therapy, Daring Imagination Vampire Red 002

So what do you guys think? Have you tried any of the polishes? Ive heard lots of great things about the 17 polishes, will definitely be reviewing them soon :) Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Until next time, tc :)

Warm Vanilla Sugar


I'm the kind of person who loves good smelling products, which I'm pretty sure alot of people do too haha! Bath products in general are one of my favorites. Sadly in Pakistan we don't have a proper Bath and Body Works outlet and the products that we do get in places like Shams etc, rip the crap off you. Imagine my excitement when a friend coming from the States bought me a little something from Bath and Body works!

Warm Vanilla Sugar has to be the most delicious thing I've ever smelled. It isn't overly vanilla-y which was my biggest fear. I loooove the scent of vanilla but I do think that it is soo soo easy to over do it in and that just ends up making me nauseous. This one doesn't. The lotion is failry moisturizing and the spray lasts on you for about two hours if you keep on sniffing haha. But I guess thats what the deal with most body sprays is. Even if the lotion and the sprays did nothing I still would've applied then because they are THAT great smelling!

Now I just want to try out more and more :(

Body Lotion- $5 (3 fl. oz)
Body Spray- $6 (3 fl. oz)

Have you guys tried any of BBW products? Let me know which one's your favorite :)

Until next time, tc :)

Breath of Life


So I haven't been blogging at all recently, literally did nothing the entire month of May. Honestly I wont give any excuses, just that exams, hectic schedules and life in general caught up to me and didn't let go haha. I have loads of posts coming up, hauls, reviews and a giveaway too! Although I hit 50 followers a while back, ill be doing one now so yayy for that! :D So hopefully you guys will stick by me :)

Here's an OOTD from a few days back. It's very casual and just an everyday kinda outfit. I'm extremely sorry that you can't see the entire thing but I promise I'll try to make the next one better. Ugh photography just isn't my forte haha.

This is just one of those random prints that you find for very cheap literally everywhere. I got one of those and made a frock cum pishwaas out of it and wore it with some plain tights and my trusty yet battered khussas from eons ago.

Until next time, tc.

BeCute Lipsticks


Lipsticks are perhaps my favorite makeup products. I had to get stitches on my upper lip when I was young and that resulted in my upper lip being darker than my lower one. This might not bother many people, but I like having something on my lips that would cover it up. Since I have quite an aversion to lip-glosses, lipsticks are naturally the next option. 

I got myself some Becute Lipsticks the other day and since they only retail for PKR Rs. 190 I got three, thinking that even if they don’t turn out to be all that great I won’t be wasting too much on them anyways. 

These lipsticks really are pretty great for everyday use and although they aren’t the MOST moisturizing lipsticks out there they are very easy to apply using a lip balm or chap stick underneath. The sucky part about these lipsticks that may or may not bother many is that they have number instead of names, ugh! 

With Becute lipsticks you get 4.2 gms of product for Rs. 190 which is quite good seeing how Luscious Cosmetics gives you 3.5 gms for Rs. 540. What I noticed while swatching these lipsticks in store is that the darker shades are much more smoother and moisturizing compared to the lighter colors but it’s nothing that problematic and all you need to fix the problem is a good lip balm. The staying power is for a good 3 hours and upon application the lipsticks have a cream finish.

Anyways, the first one is 314 which is the darkest one that I purchased and I find it to be a dark pink that is almost red. This lipstick is incredibly easy to glide on and the most moisturizing out of the three I have. 

Next is a comparatively less red but still pink shade which is number 430. Once again this isn’t a drying lipstick but using a lip balm underneath would make application incredibly easier. This shade reminds me of Creamy Rose by Luscious Cosmetics. 

Lastly, we have number 341 which is the nude shade that I got and the one that I use and love the most out of the three. This is undoubtedly one of the few nudes that would work beautifully on Pakistani skin tones. Most nudes tend to wash me out but this one doesn’t which I’m really glad for. Although it’s my favorite out of the bunch, it is the least moisturizing. I slather on lip balm before applying this and ta-da!

Stays on for 3 hours.
Great color selection.
Incredibly affordable at Rs. 190/piece
Has a bit of a crayon like scent (only if you pick up the lipstick to smell it, not otherwise)
Sturdy packaging (although not the most eye catching)

So that was my review on the Becute lipsticks. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below and are there any other great lipsticks in the market that I should be trying out? Thanks. 

Until next time, tc :)
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