My Online Shopping Experience From Kaymu

So I'm some of you might know what Kaymu (click HERE!) is, or might have come across it's adverts on Facebook. From what I have understood about Kaymu so far is that it is basically a Pakistani version of eBay. There are hundreds of sellers on the website that sell thousands of products, everything from home ware and technology to fashion and beauty! I've seen things like the Artis brush dupes on there along with Zucchini Spiralizers which are all the rage amongst health freak these days - point being, when I say you can find anything on there, you really can.

With Kaymu, what you need to know is that it is, like I said, quite like eBay - that means you have countless sellers, and you have to verify yourself whether that seller is a high quality seller or not.

Customers leave lots of review, ratings and feedbacks on sellers so when you're ordering - make sure you keep that in mind and then order away.

I ordered a makeup organizer from a reputable seller and got exactly what I wanted. Actually, I was a bit hesitant about the quality at the time of ordering, but when I got the package - quality-wise, it was way better than what I was expecting - seriously! (post on a complete review of that coming tomorrow)

Ordering Procedure - 

Their online ordering procedure is quite simple, you add the items to your cart and order away. I know many people love the Cash On Delivery service, so they have that as well. As soon as I ordered, the very next day I got a confirmation call from a Kaymu representative. The day after that, I got a text from the TCS delivery person with the date and approximate time when the rider would be coming so I could have the cash for COD ready (if that's the option you've availed)

The package itself was very well packed, and like I said in the beginning - I'm super satisfied with what I got from Kaymu! I will definitely be ordering another sets of these drawers (full post on what's inside coming soon)

Another thing I'd like to mention is that you can also be a seller on Kaymu with a lot of ease, here's HOW! - no need to pay or anything, it's completely FREE!

Hope you guys liked my review! I've done another super comprehensive post on the Top Online Makeup Stores/Website To Order From In Pakistan - so if you're interested in reading that, please click HERE!

You can visist the Kaymu website HERE!

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