5 Days Of Colourpop - Day 5

Woohoo, we're at the end of our 5 Days Of Colourpop series, and I have to say, I'm super proud of myself. As vain as that sounds haha. I refused to do any preparation before starting this series, so everyday I'd put on the color for the day and then take pictures and post etc and the content stayed as authentic as possible :) I hope you guys enjoyed this series! Will definitely be doing more of these since I still have a load of Colourpop Lippies left along with other lipsticks that I've never gotten around to reviewing!

So far the last day of this series, my pick was Tulle which is described as a dusty mauve burgundy which is one of the very few liquid lipsticks that remains true to its actual color, no darkening over time etc. If you want to wear a variant of red for a night out, this has been my go to choice! Check out the images and swatches below.

I'll see you tomorrow for a nail salon review! 

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