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So, incase you've been keeping up with my blog, you would've seen that my mom got the opportunity to go on a shopping spree, courtesy of The Body Shop on Mother's Day this year (you can read the complete post HERE!). Now as a part two of that post, my mom will be taking over and reviewing the products that she got. She is a big fan of the Body Shop, has been for years and years so she picked up mostly body butters and lotions etc, because she feels like that is their top product. She told me that if there is anyone who wants to try out something from the Body Shop (and hasn't till now) then they should start with their body butters since they have no alternate!

So first off, here's a list of the thing she got -

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter ( complete review HERE!)
The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Butter
The Body Shop Strawberry Body Puree
The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Body Lotion
The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel

So now she will be taking over, here are her reviews -

The Body Shop Body Butters 

These have to be my most repurchased items from the Body Shop, especially the Strawberry scent (review HERE!). I've used up so many tubs before getting this one, and will continue purchasing it. The scent is absolutely divine and last on subtly for hours. It has the perfect amount of moisture for summers but for winters, if you have dry skin like me, I would advice you to get the Shea Butter range. That is phenomenal! No matter how dry your skin is, your skin will feel moisturized and most importantly, stay moisturized after using the Shea Butter range products. I have been a long time purchaser of the Strawberry scent (and that was the first item to go into my shopping bag lol) but the Atlas Mountain Rose also has a beautiful and soft rose-y scent that is not over powering or too sickly sweet at all!

The Body Shop Body Purée's

I feel like when the Body Shop created this product, they had the Pakistani heat and summers in mind. Now this product is no ordinary body lotion, trust me. As soon as you take it out, you'll feel a cooling sensation because it is sort of watery, that not only makes applying and absorbing it super quick and easy, but the coolness it provides, that is what makes it so special. I previously had the Satsuma scent in this, or the Peach one, can't exactly remember, but I remember what a treat it was applying it in the hot morning and immediately loving the cooling sensation.

The Body Shop Shower Gel

I'm not really into buying shower gels, but my youngest son loves the Body Shop Lemon shower gel so I thought I would give this one a go. As always, I picked up the Strawberry (review HERE!) scent since that is my favorite and I have to say, I liking it so far. You know it's summer time and smelling good all the time in a necessity so I like using this in the shower and then pairing it up later with the Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry - what this layering does it that it makes the scent linger on for a long, long time!  

Her Top Recommendations

So since I have tried a lot of Body Shop products, here are some other recommendations that I wanted to share -

The Body Shop Strawberry Range
I'm sure by now you can tell that I am a fan of everything in this range from soaps and scrubs to body butters and lotions. (review HERE!)

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo & Conditioner 
I regularly dye my hair so using this really prevented the damage as much as it could, not to mention, these two lasted me a long, long time! They just don't finish, which is a great thing!

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine
Now like I mentioned, I dye my hair a lot, so after washing and drying them, I would always apply just a bit of this towards the ends. It is basically pure coconut oil, so don't use a lot otherwise it will look like you have oily hair, but what this does is it gives some shine and luster to the hair which obviously lessens with age.

The Body Shop Shea Collection
This is perfect for winter time, especially for those with dry skin. Me and my younger daughter, both use this only during the winters and our skin never dries out too much! (review HERE!)

Her Top Scents

1. Strawberry range
2. Satsuma range (perfect for summers!)
3. Coconut range
4. Shea range (review HERE!)

Well, that's it from my mothers takeover - hope you enjoyed this post!

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