Review- Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream


One fine day Nayab was just going about her own business and checking her emails when a message popped up asking whether she'd like to review the Garnier BB Cream courtesy of the Pakistani Beauty Blogging Community, Nayab obviously said yes, who wouldn't! Here's what her experience with the BB cream has been like. 

Since this is the first BB Cream that I've tried, I did not have my prior expectations, and although I had read quite a few negative reviews about this BB Cream, I decided to not judge it without it's fair trial and now that I've been using it for over two weeks continuously, I can say that I'm pleased with the product. 

In many of the reviews that I read, what most people were complaining about was it's staying power. If you apply this product as it is and go out in the blazing Pakistani summers, there's no way this is going to last, AT ALL. But don't hold it against this product since nearly all products that perform well otherwise fail to perform for me in the summers. So what do you do? You improvise, and you figure out a way to make it work because I did love the glow-y effect that this BB Cream gave.

So what I do now is I apply the BB cream, and set it with a good powder, simple as that. My choice of setting powder has been Rimmel's Stay Matte or Maybelline's Dream Matte Powder. If you guys have had a bad experience with this BB cream then I urge you to give it another shot after setting it with a good powder and that should eliminate any staying power issues any one might have had. Plus as soon as these dreadful summers are over and winter comes, you won't even need to do this step. (This way works wonderfully for me, and I'm half done with the bottle already!)

(this picture was taken using flash so you see that subtle illuminating effect it gives) 

So now that we're done with that issue let's talk about the BB Cream in general. This BB Cream definitely gives you a bit more radiance, so on days that you haven't had your proper sleep or there's something missing, I find myself reaching for this over my normal moisturizer. I'd categorize this in the light coverage area since I do need to apply concealer on the epic pools of darkness underneath my eyes. I do feel like acts as a nice moisturizer and I don't get any dry patches around my nose area, which I sometimes do after powdering my face. 

I had also read somewhere some complaints about it oxidizing and casting a grey-ish tint, but honestly nothing of the sort has happened to me or two of my other friends who use the same product so maybe it was just a bad piece that someone got. 

(excuse my cow print sleeping shirt *embarrassed*, here's what the BB Cream look like applied even after 4 plus hours in the heat)

To summarize up the review, I'd say don't treat this BB Cream as a foundation, because it is not. This is, in simple words, a brightening tinted moisturizer that should be ideal for normal and combination skins, not oily. I would highly recommend this to young girls who are just starting out with makeup since younger girls have generally very nice skin that doesn't need much coverage. If you're someone who is accustomed to wearing medium-full coverage foundations, then this product won't do much for you. Even though there are only two shades available I feel like this adapts to my skin tone, unless you're really fair or really tan.



1. Easily blend-able
2. Easily available
3. Gives a radiant complexion
4. Ideal for younger girls and for girls who don't require much coverage
5. Affordable
6. Ideal for everyday use at university etc.

1. Might now work for oily skin 
2. People who require alot of coverage would have to use concealer etc
3. The bottle has to be kept straight otherwise the product can melt in the heat and become runny.

I have had a pleasant experience with this BB Cream, contrary to what my expectations were and I'm almost half out! I would repurchase this again for everyday use but I have my eye on the one for combination skin so I'll be trying that out next. 

Hope you guys liked the review, and I'll be back soon :)

Thank you to the Pakistani Beauty Blogging Community for generously providing me the BB Cream and giving me the chance to try it out.

Review-Color Studio Matt Perfection Foundation (Before & After)


I'm all about matte, oil controlling products in the summers so lets see how Color Studios Matt Perfection fared in this heat on my oily-combination skin. 

Packaging-The foundation is housed in a compact with two compartments, one carrying the actually product itself and the other carrying a sponge that makes it ideal for traveling but the sponge really isn't the best quality, and I prefer to use my fingers anyways. 

Consistency/Finish/Blending-This is a cream based foundation with a cream-to-powder finish. Unless you have extremely oily skin, you don't really need to set this foundation with powder. Upon application, it is incredibly easy to blend with your fingers and that is my preferred method. I would say don't use the sponge provided since it really ruins the outcome of this really good foundation. 

Coverage-Now when it comes to coverage this is a fairly decent foundation which I'd say gives you medium coverage which is build-able but you have to be careful when applying more than one layer since it can dry you out in places like the corners around your nose. Make sure you moisturize beforehand, irregardless of however many layers you want since this can be drying without proper moisturiziation beforehand. This does a great job of evening out my skin tone and adding a bit of brightness to it but it doesn't hide my incredibly dark circles completely, but I guess that is what a concealer is for, not a foundation.

Lasting Power/matte Claims-The lasting power of this in my opinion is excellent! It is sweat-proof even, and stays matte even in humid conditions for a good 4-5 hours. If the weather is on the pleasant side then this foundation easily carries on for 6 plus hours with minimal touch ups. If you set this with powder (not necessary) even then it stays matte for 4-5 hours in the blazing heat which definitely impresses me! 

Summary-So all in all this is a medium coverage foundation which can be a bit drying if the skin is not properly prepped and stays matte for 4-5 hours on an average.

Color Studio is available in all leading departmental stores and is available online at & Beauty Arena. 

Price-PKR 1200

Hope you enjoyed this review and I didn't give you nightmares with the bare faced picture!

Until next time, tc.  

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Review-Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipsticks


Wet n Wild lipsticks, although dirt cheap, have been on my wish list since ages! It's incredibly hard to get a hold of them here in Pakistan! You lucky Americans and your huge Targets. When my friend was coming over from the States I decided to ask for a couple of these little tubes of pigmented awesomeness.

Now what all these lipsticks have in common is that they are super pigmented! The finishes vary from creme to matte and as expected these are a bit drying so having a lip balm underneath is a must. The packaging is a bit flimsy and I'm always scratching the lipsticks when putting the cover back on but for $2, I can't really complain. The best part- they do not budge for a good 4 hours even with a little bit of eating and drinking. The darker colors last even longer! 

L-R : Rose Bud, In The Flesh, Mauve Outta Here, 913B, Cherry Picking, Sugar Plum Fairy

Rose Bud on my lips comes off as a combination of pink and a bit of coral. An easy to wear everyday color that lasts for around 3-4 hours with minimal eating. Fades of nicely and doesn't leave a ring of lipstick around your lips that looks highly unappealing. 

The perfect nude for Olive skin tones in my opinion. It may come off as darker on fairer skin tones but on me its a faff-free nude that doesn't wash me out. Again, appropriate for everyday wear and the lasting power is the same, around the 4 hours mark. 

I had alot of expectations from this blue-based almost lilac-y color but I just don't find myself reaching for this over and over again. This deepens my skin tone, which would make it the perfect color for someone who wants to look tan but there's just something about this that doesn't work for me. If you're a fan of pale lilac-y lip colors then this should be the one for you! 

 I have no idea why this doesn't have a proper name like the others but for me this is almost identical to Luscious Cosmetics Signature Lipstick in Dreams which has been a firm favorite of mine, the only thing is this has better staying power so yaay for that!

This is for all the bright lovers out there, a true super bright cherry pink which makes your teeth look super white. LOVE this shade! Lasts even more than 4 hours and leaves a lovely stain behind! Double thumbs up from me :) Unfortunately my camera wouldn't pick up its true color so I had to settle for this but trust me when I say this is a must-have for bright lovers!

This was the hardest color to picture, the camera just couldn't catch the right color and although it is the darkest, vampiest out of the bunch, it is what I wear the most! This is without a doubt going to be the first color that I finish. It look much darker in the tube but is a lovely surprise on the lips. Below is a picture of me wearing this shade and it's true color. 

Whew! That was quite a few haha. Below is a collage of all the lipsticks side by side in the same order as appearance so you could compare the colors and choose whatever suits your taste. 

L-R  : Rose Bud, In The Flesh, Mauve Outta Here, 913B, Cherry Picking, Sugar Plum Fairy

Price- $2-2.999 
Availability- American Drugstores
Hope you guys liked this post! Alot of swatching went into it haha :) Do you have any Wet n Wild lipsticks that you can't live without? Or any other cheap lippies that perform amazingly for the price? Let me know in the comments below :) 

NOTD-Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy


My favorite show of all times is, without a doubt Grey's Anatomy. I'm always watching other stuff like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars and all of that, but if I had to watch something for ever it would be Grey's Anatomy. There's just something about melo-drama that keeps me hooked haha. Now how does that relate to a post about nail polish? Keep reading :)

I love the brand Wet n Wild, their eye shadows, blushes and lippies are one of my favorite! So when I saw a nail polish that looked dual-chrome and fancy and was named Gray's Anatomy, it just had to be bought! You guys understand don't you? Haha. This color is such a pretty shade, it looks silver at times and then lilac and times and then gray it times! Love it, love the fast dry and love the no-chipping for 4 plus days without a top-coat. That's a lot of lovin for a nail varnish haha. 



What are your favorite shows? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc. 

Review- Luscious Cosmetics Artist Ink Water Proof Gel Liner in Midnight Ink


When Luscious Cosmetics came out with their Artist Ink Gel Liner which had water-proof claims and a variety of shades, I was very intrigued.. Doesn't it seem like the ideal product for these melt-everything-off-your-face-summers?

 Packaging- Luscious have definitely stepped up their game when it comes to packaging. The gel liner comes in a cute glass pot which along with the brush is enclosed in a sliding drawer style packaging. The pot itself isn't flimsy and it gets my approval. 

Consistency- Now the consistency in my opinion is a bit more 'waxy' and thicker than other gel liners, and that is probably what makes this gel-liner stay on for ages. As a beginner with gel liners, the thicker consistency was a bit hard to work with, nothing impossible though. 

Water-proof claims- This stuff is seriously water-proof. It will NOT come off without a good makeup remover not matter what you do. I had the swatches on my hand and washed dishes, took a shower, rubbed it off, but this liner stay put. No bleeding, no feathering. Not even with soap. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Luscious claimed it to be water-proof and it seriously is. It's very refreshing to see a company make a claim on a product and then deliver. Good work Luscious! 

Application- Now I'm not the best when it comes to working with gel-liners, but I do know that this tugs upon application on the eye-lid. As mentioned above, the texture is a bit more wax-ier than normal, and that is probably what causes it to tug and not glide on smoothly. The tugging causes slower application and is a hindrance if you're in a hurry.

Pigmentation- Excellent pigmentation! Even though the tugging is annoying, at least you get the blackest of black within two strokes

The Brush- I'm glad this liner came with a free brush since I didn't have any at home., so if you're like me you'll appreciate the gesture. The brush itself is workable but had the thinner side been a bit more stiff, it would've been ideal. Nonetheless, the brush is what I use it with always and not complains. 

Summary-All in all, when it comes to the water proof claims this stuff definitely is! You can swim with this stuff on I'm sure without looking like a raccoon by the end of it. The pigmentation is pretty good too, the only complains are from the texture which is a bit hard to work with and the tugging upon application!  I'm very satisfied with it, and this liner is the first choice when I know I'll be out the entire day in the heat since it lasts all day and there is minimal smudging. 

Price- PKR 875

Hope you liked the review :) Have you tried the gel-liner? If this doesn't catch your fancy then there are three other shades you could choose from :) 

Until next time, tc. 

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Haul-Summer 2013! (feat. Wet n Wild, ELF, Revlon and more!)


Well hello there everybody. Semester exams were torturing me immensely and that is the reason why I haven't been posting too often but here I am back with a haul. Surprisingly I haven't hauled in a long time, that needs to be remedied asap! Haha.

Here's everything I got collectively. I'm currently in this lipstick and blusher hoarding phase and I knew that is what I wanted to get the most of.. unfortunately I also got two Wet n Wild blushers but they did not survive and are a crackly mess currently :( thinking of doing a post on them and how to make use of broken makeup. Must add that to my growing list of blog posts to do, who knows, may be one day I'll actually cut things off the list.

Wet n Wild lipsticks. Hello out-of-this-world pigmentation, extreme long lasting power and a semi-matte finish! I had been desperately waiting to try these since ages and when I did get the chance to pick up a few I kinda didn't want to stop haha. Bet thats the story of everyones life. 

ELF has been churning out some really cool releases so a decided to give the much raved about HD blush a go, and the comparatively less talked about baked blush a chance too. This is such a pretty shade, I don't know why these baked little pots of awesomeness don't get much hype in the blogosphere.

Next up are some nail varnishes because if you're Nayab then a haul doesn't finish without some new nail goodness. Check out the glitter packed Revlon beauty and the dual-shade Wet n Wild bargain! Cannot wait to feature these in a NOTD soon. 

So there you have it, Summer Haul Part 1.. Yes, there are more coming up because I have been spending a bit too much on makeup, although I regret nothing ;)

Any products you have tried out recently? Let me know in the comments below :) 

Until next time, tc. 

P.S- My apologies for not being able to comment on almost anyone's blogs since a while, the end of the semester really did get the best of me, but fear not, you comments section will be bombarded with my presence today onwards!
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