Hair Makeover At Tariq Amin Salon!


So a while back I had the chance to go to the Tariq Amin Salon (that has been re-launched in a swanky new building in Islamabad) and get a hair cut! Now as you all might now, hair cuts in Pakistan never go as planned - the hair dresser will always chop off more than you requested so when I was explaining what I wanted done to my hair, I made it clear multiple time that I want to retain as much length as possible. I'm happy to report that she ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ME and saved as much of my hair length as possible! Woohoo! For that reason alone, I will be going back.

The place itself, is adorned with high-fashion covers plastered on walls and a very open layout so you can see what everyone is up to. The staff is friendly, always offering some tea and coffee and there are no Bollywood tunes blasting over your head so that is always a good thing!

Now coming to the best part - the blow dry! OMG! I have definitely found the place for me when it comes to getting my hair blow dried. It was quick and the volume I had in my hair by the end of the day was amazing! The curls stayed for two days after which I had to shampoo but the volume she gave me, wowow! As someone with super thin hair, I've never had that much volume in my hair, like EVER so this was definitely a treat.

If you're looking for a new place to try our for a chop or or a trim or ESPECIALLY a blow dry - head over to the Tariq Amin salon - you won't be disappointed!

I had my hair cut by Tahira Younas and would recommend her to everyone! Find her on Facebook HERE!

*The services were provided to me free of cost as a blogger.


Halal Makeup - Masarrat Misbah Eye Liner Review


I'm beyond in love with Masarrat Misbah foundation, it's seriously the best I've tried in a long time, so I had high hopes from other products from their range, including their Perfect Wear Eyeliner, which like all their other products is 100% certified Halal.

I'm very pleased to report, that like the other products I've tried from their makeup range, this does not fail to impress! It's is black, black, black and dries down to a shiny finish. While I mostly prefer liquid eye liners with the pen type application, this has a super fine one and honestly, application hasn't been as daunting as I had thought it would have been. This eye liner lasts for ages and stays put even with the heat, so that gets a double thumbs up from my side, since almost everything else from my face melts off in this heat lol!

This should be a definite buy for anyone looking into trying out Masarrat Misbah makeup!

Price - PKR 550 

Availability - All cosmetic counters nationwide and online HERE!

Natural & Chemical Free Skincare!

I love discovering new beauty and skincare brands that operate within Pakistan - rarely has anything left me disappointed! Dr Kureshi is an all natural and organic and chemical free skincare brand that is being talked about everywhere and I was lucky enough to be sent these products so I can try and let you guys know how they fared! I've only recently started using these, so this isn't a proper post - more of an introduction. I'll be reporting back to you guys with the results and in-depth reviews of the products a month from now!

The stuff I will be reviewing is -

-Rose Essential Oil
-Lavender Essential Oil
-Luxurious Face Oil 
-Intensive Hair Oil 
-Ultimate Cleansing Toner 

Know more about Dr Kureshi HERE!

Budget Buy - Almas Wedges!

Almas has a huge store at Centaurus Mall and while I've passed numerous times, I've never really taken out the time to venture inside and have a look! Boy, was I glad that I finally did. If you're on a budget, or a general bargain hunter like me - you would LOVE the shoes and bag selection over there! Seriously 90% of it is within the PKR 2000 range, and they have the most on point designs. Some are blatant rip-offs of designer loot but there are so many unique pieces as well that I love! I never wear heels, wedges or anything of the sort but this was too pretty to not buy, I had to have it!

The gold zippered details against the blue, super cute! This particular style was available in a really pretty nude shade along with a classic black but they didn't have my size sadly! I will definitely be going again and can foresee Almas becoming a favorite of mine for shoes and bags very quickly!

These were priced at PKR 1600 only! (HELLO, bargain!) 

My Eid Outfit 2016

As much as I would have wanted this post to be up on the day of Eid, or potentially the next three days lol - things just get manic at Eid and I really didn't have the time to put this up! Better late than never, behold my Eid OOTD for 2016! Given how hot it was, there was no way I was wearing anything but lawn haha - the lawn I chose to go with is by Raani Eman - not part of her Eid collection, but the regular collection. The only thing I wasn't happy with were the pants - weren't stitched too well but tailors are super burdened with work this time of the year - so it's not a biggie for me! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures!

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