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My Everyday Makeup Collection & Organization

This is a follow up to last nights post where I talked about my shopping experience from Kaymu - now let's get into what I actually bought.

Now let me tell you something, I browsed and browsed and browsed and there were so many great makeup organizers that I just couldn't decide what I which one I wanted to go for. It was that that I came across this one and I thought 'wow - this would fit my everyday morning/office makeup staples perfectly' so I ordered away! To know more about the ordering procedures and my delivery experience, please read this post HERE!

One thing I had in mind while selecting this was to use a seller that has good reviews, ratings and feedback. Kaymu is a lot like eBay - you have to make sure you're ordering from a trust worthy seller to ensure that you get the best quality product. I honestly was a bit skeptical after placing the order about the quality of the product, but I have to tell you, I am SUPER PLEASED with it! It's amazing quality and the price is pretty great too! The plastic doesn't feel cheap and tacky, the drawers glide in and out and it was packaged very well so it came to me without any scratches or marks on it.

Check out what I've kept in the organizer below, trust when I say it fits ALOT - because it really does. Now, don't think I slap on all this makeup everyday, but because this has more filling capacity that I had originally thought of - I've filled it with numerous options - basically it's lip products galore.

That's about it for my review, if there's something you'd like to ask then please ask away! I'd love to answer your queries in the comments below.

Link to the seller I used - HERE!

Price - PKR 1,199

Kaymu shopping experience review - HERE!

Top online makeup stores to shop from in Pakistan - HERE!


  1. Wow the product is great for this price.I have added this in my wishlist :)

  2. These are great for organizing for sure.


  3. Want to win this organizor coz i aint own any :) p.s our stash looks beautiful with it dont know y cant see my name fayynum anum here

  4. Wow.. this is so affordable and doesnt even takes up much place on the table.👍


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