OOTD - Ruffled Summer Top


Hey hey guys! I know I've been posting a lot of OOTDs but you guys have seemed to like them so far, so here's one more! I've been loving this blue and white stripes thing that has been everywhere, Imad think it looks like a picnic blanket though haha - here's a top* that I got from SheIn - I've talked about my shopping experience with them HERE! and shared an OOTD which you can check out HERE! - I really liked the top - it's perfect for summer and even though it was marketed as a dress I paired it with some white capris and felt like I was the epitome of summer walking around.

Check out the top in more detail - HERE!

Hope you guys liked this quick OOTD - see you guys in my next post!

Day In The Life - Greek Food & A Stormy OOTD

Hey guys! Just thought I'd share some images from when I went to a Greek fest and tried to attempt an OOTD photoshoot, the key word being TRIED! Lol.

So, first off, I love this top! I was sent this via ROMWE*, it's super reasonable, click HERE! to check it out! I know most people think that with these sort of websites, you get stuff that is way different from what you order but it wasn't the case with me - what I ordered was what I got, you can check the original piece of clothing out by clicking HERE!

Price - click HERE!

romwe - affordable fashion - ootd - modest fashion

Honestly, I tried posing for 10 minutes but the wind just wasn't stopping haha - so this is what you'll have work with - the lace detailing is super pretty and this top is perfect for when you wanna dress casually but don't wanna put too much effort - the perfect blend of casual and comfort.

Now, onto the Greek fest - Imad was really excited for it but I wasn't - poor guy - he was super disappointed when the meat balls that he ordered turned out to be some takeaway ones from Subway! Haha - I ordered some fried donuts and those were much better but we decided to not order and waste more money at the Greek Festival and just head out for some burgers!

food festival - day in the life
food festival - day in the life

This was my burger from Red Robin - it was sooooo good! The garlic parmesan fries were re-fillable so it was hard to resist not ordering them again! Haha

food festival - day in the life

Anyways, as always a food centric post but that's what I love the most haha! Hope you guys enjoyed it, and don't forget to check out the outfit HERE!

OOTD - Eid 2017


Hey guys! Here's my annual Eid OOTD, if I'm not wrong, I've been doing this for about 5 years now and every year you guys seem to like them! For this Eid, I chose to wear a Mina Hassan outfit that I got made for my wedding. I've only worn it once since the wedding so it made more sense to wear it again instead of hoarding new clothes.

So first off, a shot of the jewelry I wore. Ever since the wedding I haven't had a chance to wear my nicer jewelry so I took some out for Eid. The bangles are what I was gifted last Eid from my in-laws and I love them! I wore them with THIS (click here) outfit as well) -  Really wish I had painted my nails! Lol

eid ootd - outfit of the day - eid 2017 - eid outfit inspiration - desi wedding outfit

Now coming on to the outfit -

eid ootd - outfit of the day - eid 2017 - eid outfit inspiration - desi wedding outfit

My shoes are the same kundan khussas that I love and wear a ton! Find out where you can buy these by clicking HERE! I wore these with a super fancy post-wedding outfit (click HERE! to view) and with my Eid outfit last year as well! (click HERE! to see)

eid ootd - outfit of the day - eid 2017 - eid outfit inspiration - desi wedding outfit

For Eid day, it was just me and Imad so we just chilled. I got up a bit early to do a bit of cooking, made Zarda, some Vermicilli (it was soo good) and a simple Karahi that me and Imad love eating!

So on to the cooking - some pictures of what I made :) Unfortunately the Zarda wasn't really that great haha!

delicious pakistani zarda - sweet rice

My first time making seviyan - went well!

delicious vermicelli - traditional pakistan dessert

This karahi is so super easy to make and you only need four ingredients! Let me know if you'd like me to do a recipe post for this :) It's a mixture between black pepper karahi and traditional karahi and super yum!

easy chicken karahi

Hope all of you have had a great Eid so far! x

OOTD - Modest Fashion For Hot Summer Days


Hey guys! Hope you've enjoyed 'fashion' week on my blog - today I'll be sharing with you guys a dress* that I've worn non stop since I got it - I didn't think I'd love it as much as I do, but I do! It's perfect for summer - light, airy and great to work on hot summer days when you don't want clothes sticking to you body!

Annnnddd, before anyone thinks of leaving a comment on how I've gained weight bla bla, like most people do on my Instagram - please don't, thanks!

You can check out the dress - HERE! It really is a BARGAIN for how much I've worn it!

Read all about my personal experience shopping with She In by clicking HERE!

OOTD - Modest Fashion For Hot Summer Days
OOTD - Modest Fashion For Hot Summer Days

How amazing are these pockets that this dress has!? These super secret pockets have my heart - it's so great just putting some cards and cash in your pockets and just heading out the door - no handbag needed! I swear every dress should have secret pockets haha!

OOTD - Modest Fashion For Hot Summer Days

Shopping From SheIn - My Personal Experience


A while back, I was contacted by one of the super famous online retailers that are all over Instagram these days, think Zaful, Romwe, SheIn etc - so I decided to test one of the online store myself with my money and review it honestly for you guys. If the experince was to go well, I'd say yes to accepting some samples from them and if it were to go negatively, then oh well - no free clothes for moi haha. So here's my shopping experience from  SheIn - no sponsorships or free goodies involved, just me trying to find out whether all the Instagram hype is real or not.

How long did it take the order to arrive?

So, the total time it took for my order to reach me was about 15 days, which is a lot longer than what it was supposed to be. I emailed the customer service and I have to give props, they replied within 12 hours and apologized and I had my package with me within a few days.

Was the material what you expected?

The product itself was a bit different in material than I had expected. Where I was expecting something cotton-y or linen-y it was mostly polyester which at first I didn't like but now I have no issues wearing.

Was the design/color what it was shown to be on the website? 

When it comes to color, getting what you ordered and all of that - my blouse was exactly what I ordered so there were no discrepencies in that area.

Was the fit okay?

The fit was the biggest concern when I was ordering and due to some tips and tricks (click HERE to read them) I nailed the producer of ordering something that fit me perfectly. I cannot stress enough how important it is to look at the measurements they've given and focus on those - irregardless of whether you're a S/M/L you need to match your measurement.

Final Thoughts

Basically, apart from the slow shipping at first, and my confusion about the material I've really had an amazing experience - there was no shady business going on and I would defiantly order again, taking in precautions like checking the material.

Bridal Diary - My Walima Outfit


Hey hey ladies! I hope you're enjoying my wedding series so far - today's post is going to be all about my Walima outfit. I loved, loved, lovedddd my Barat outfit a ton but there was just something super special about my Walima outfit that made me love it just a bit more than my Barat outfit lol. I feel like this is a great outfit if you want to be a traditional Walima bride because I know these days it's all about silver-y outfits for the Walima function.

I have never actually thought the color orange would be something I'd opt for but when we (me, Imad's mom and cousin) were at the shop and were looking around for a contrasting dupatta for the off-white base - I spotted this wonderful mustard-y orange one and all of us loved it at first glance! It's so super pretty and I can't wait to wear this outfit (separate, of course) at different events.

I lost a ton of weight before my wedding and it just for some reason didn't show with my Barat outfit but I was super happy because my hard work did show in this outfit haha. Don't you guys love the color combination? I'm in love with it till now (and probably forever haha)

My jewelry had some rose-gold tones in it and I think it went very well with my outfit.

Just a close up to show you guys the details :)

Where You Can Get This Outfit - 

I can't remember the name of the exact shop but if you're in Islamabad, go to F-7 where OPTP is - there are a couple of bridal boutiques there go to the first one on the right in the basement :) We matched the dupatta ourselves and made change to the design, embroidery etc so you won't get the same outfit but I'm sure you'll be able to customize what you want according to your tastes there!

Hope you guys enjoy this post, coming up next are my makeup reviews for the wedding!

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Bridal Diary - My Barat Outfit


Hey hey guys! My wedding dress post has been a super duper long awaited post, so I hope you guys enjoy it! We'll kick things off with the Barat outfit and then move onto the Walima one.

So first off, this wasn't actually my Barat outfit - I had a separate outfit made, loved it and was all set to wear it until my mom opened one of her decade old suitcases and found a Barat outfit that she had made for her wedding but never got to wear because her father-in-law died and the event had to be sobered down. She went with another outfit and this remained locked away in a suitcase unworn and untouched until now!

When we saw this lehenga, me and my mom knew that I just had to wear this on my Barat instead of the other one. All it needed was a bit of fitting and we were good to go!

The good thing was that my actual bridal outfit (that I did not wear) was not that heavy so it was easily used as a post-wedding kurta, with the dupatta paired off with another outfit and same with the lehenga. This way, we utilized both dresses and nothing was wasted!

How regal does the lehenga look? The work is super old zamanay ka and very very traditional.

For my jewelry, I wore two sets. One that my mom gave me from her wedding and the other one that Imads family gave to me on my Nikkah. Both pieces have a lot of history so I think they went well with my dress as well.

My shoes were the same heels that I wore on my Nikkah - I really don't wear heels so I just bought one pair that I then paired with all my wedding functions haha!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it was well-worth the wait for you. Before I wrap this post up, I just wanted to say - don't spend too much on your wedding outfit, you really only wear it once. The outfit that I ended up wearing was basically one that I got for free, but the one that I had gotten made was super inexpensive as well (think under the PKR 80,000 mark) - weddings are such an expensive affair, it makes no sense to invest in clothes - invest in relationships and your marriage more :) 

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Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Haul


Hello guys! It's time for Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale and I'm so happy I got to shop this time since I was in the US and film a haul for you guys!

The video is linked below - please check it out, I'm sure you guys will like it! And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

The Perfect Summer Outfit

Hello guys! Another day, another outfit of me posing my life away, looking down on the ground, trying to look for something that I just can't seem to find haha! My husbands so sick of this pose of mine, he told me this time that he won't be taking anymore outfit pictures for me if I don't come up with a new pose! Lol.

Anyways, on to the outfit itself - it's super simple, causal and perfect for a hot summer today since everything is so loose and flowy! The pants are ankle length flowy bell-bottom somethings and the top is cold shoulder one that I tucked semi into my pants.

My bag is something that I'm super in LOVE with! It's like a small bag pack but it's a cross body - I've always wanted bag pack style bag that's everywhere these days but I don't like the wearing it on your actual back style, so this was the perfect combination! Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

Top - Target
Bottom - Target
Bag - Betsey Johnson

Until next time!

My Wedding Decor - Walima

So my Walima was a super casual event, we wanted it to be a lot less formal the Barat and given it was during the day time on a perfectly sunny winter afternoon in December, it was the perfect setting! I don't have professional pictures but you can check out some video stills from the Walima video below :)

Pretty white flowers to go with the white decor.

Loved the fairy lights wrapped around the trees! They looked super pretty in the evening.

An overview.

The was our informal stage area, we barely sat here haha! Me and Imad were mostly just going around, meeting people and saying hello to everyone who came.

And that was that, a lovely end to a super casual and wonderful end to our wedding festivities. 

Coming up next on my wedding series is a review of my videographer, photographer and makeup services! Hope you guys enjoy! 

My Wedding Decor - Barat


Before getting married, I had this entire series planned where I'd be churning out one blog post after the other regarding my wedding, but here we are almost 6 months later and I still haven't posted formally about it. One of the main reasons behind it because I was batting (and still am) with whether I truly wanted to share such a private and cherished part of my life with literally everyone.

While my readers have never left any hate or negativity on any of my social media posts over the 5+ years that I've been doing this, there's just something about wedding posts that attract a huge number of new readers where everyone isn't as nice. I went through that when I posted about my Nikkah and it did tick me off to the point where I edited down the post and deleted a couple of pictures. You can check out my Nikkah outfit HERE!

Long story short, I thought I'd so a mini series on the blog which wouldn't be more like oooh look at my wedding but more of a helpful guide as well to those who want to save on their wedding as well. Weddings in Pakistani can get very expensive, very fast but I wanted to keep that to a BARE MINIMUM where ever it was possible. It was me and my mom who were paying for the wedding so we saw no reason to spend where it wasn't necessary.

Before I bore you guys, let's have a look at the decor - I'll explain where and how everything was set so you guys can get a clear idea too.

So this was the main stage area - the mirror you see on one side - we had one on the other side too.

I love white furniture and this looked so good against the green backdrop!

There were these mini candles everywhere around the hall. 

These were the center pieces for all the guests tables, some had tiny mirrors too.

Now this was an area that was specially created after a request from us. Me and Imad (my husband) didn't want to eat on the stage so this special canopy type area was created, it was towards the right of the stage. We had a little dinning table and area. This is also where the cake cutting took place. I love the hanging flowers and the chandelier.

Here's another look at it.

During the cake cutting - on a side note, the cake from Mariott sucked! It was so so bad lol - ugh.

So the vendor we went for was a guy that our wedding coordination at Mariott gave us the number of. We invited him over to go over a few designs. At first when I saw quotes like 200,000 for stages - my mind was baffled! There was no way I was going to pay that much - and I really didn't care for any exotic plants and flowers either.

It took hours but I finally came across a design that he had done from Hamza Ali Abbasi's sister which was very similar to my stage arrangement - I made a few additions and deletions and finalized it. Since the green background the was grass and not full of flowers the cost was reduced significantly and the cost for the stage decor came to about PKR 40,000. We paid an additional PKR 18,000 for the side canopy.

Price - 

Stage - PKR 40,000
Canopy - PKR 18,000

Useful Tips -  

  • Don't use imported, exotic flowers - they really add up to the cost of stage decor.
  • Don't go for flowery backgrounds - I can't tell you guys how amazing my photographs came with the simple green background - everything just popped with the green background.
  • Don't place the giant mirrors where I did, place them a little further so that the people near the stage aren't in the reflection of the photographs taken.

Contact for Hammad - 

0321 5154946

I don't get any commission or money from recommending him, he doesn't even know about this post. He's just someone who was ready to work with any budget and I liked his work. If you're willing to spend more than what I did he had spectacular designs, if you're willing to spend less than I did, he had some pretty great designs for that too. I'm sure he doesn't even remember me - you'll probably have to show him these pictures for reference.

To check out my Nikkah outfit - click HERE!

The Most Perfect Red Liquid Lipstick Under $5


If you STILL haven't tried the Wet n Wild Cat Suit liquid lipsticks, you are definitely missing out. They're the best liquid lipsticks you'll find in the drugstores (and in comparison to many mid-range ones) and I for one just can't get enough of them! Flame Of The Game is without a doubt the most perfect red matte liquid lipstick that you can get your hands on for under $5. With just a bit of orange to it - this suits my skin tone like no other red before! Check it out, and don't forget to buy one - YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

Check out my detailed review and swatches on this post - click HERE!

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