The 25 Most Expensive Shops in the US


Hey guys :) I was just browsing through MSN  a while back and I came across this list of the 25 most expensive shops in the US! I was intrigued and clicked on the link, what awaited me truly blew away my mind! To imagine that a person might be spending such a preposterous amount of money on clothes or accessories is mind boggling, at least for me. I believe in the saying " To each his own", so I have no issues with how people spend their money :) The names are listed below and after the name is the amount written that a customers spends in the shop on average per visit! Let me write the last line again in CAPS so everyone can read it better. ON AVERAGE PER VISIT!! Without further ado, here's the list-

1.Oscar De La Renta-$3,217
2.Giorgio Armani-$2,881
3.Loro Piana-$2,818
5.Max Field-$2,258
7.Bruno Cucinelli-$2,038
10.Alexander McQueen-$1,847
11.Tom Ford-$1,979
13.Ascot Chang-$1,752
15.Marissa Collections-$1,608
16.Dolce and Gabbana-$1,595
17.Wilkes Bashford-$1,564
18.Bottega Veneta-$1,562
19.Kleinfeld Bridal-$1,508
20.Morris and Sons-$1,507
22.Vera Wang Bridal House-$1,493
24.Saks Jandel-$1,457

To my surprise, I didn't even recognize all the designers! Haha :p Anyways, the question is, in case you receive $3,500 and it is mandatory that you spend it in one of these shops, then where would you spend it and what would you buy? If it were up to me, I would purchase a black quilted Chanel handbag which usually falls between $2,200-$3,500 <3

Until next time ladies, keep dreaming! (lol)

*No copyright infringement intended. Th information for the article was taken from along with the first picture. The other picture was taken from and then I edited it myself*

Review- The Body Shop Shea Collection

Hey everybody. Hope everyone's doing well. I haven't really come across many people who don't have a liking for Body Shop products so I decided to do this post on their Shea Collection and let everyone know how my experience with the products has been.

So basically the Shea collection is the most moisturizing collection out there with infused with anti-oxidizing Vitamin A and E which are vital if one aims to achieve nourished and soft skin.  Being Body Shop the Shea Butter in the collection (and every other product that they have) is Community Trade which in simpler words means that farmers of third world countries who work all year round has not been unfairly treated when purchases were being made from them. Those people benefit from every purchase that the Body Shop makes from them.

Another important ingredient in the Shea collection is the Community Trade Cocoa which softens and silk-ens the skin like no other.

Many have argued that the Body Shop's Shea Butter is one of the best in the entire world! Pregnant women have applied this moisturizer to prevent stretch marks and everyone from fans to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon and David and Victoria Beckham are loyal fans of it. The Cocoa and Shea in it make 24-hour moisturization incredibly easy and a little definitely goes a very long way.

I have had this mini pot of it since last year and I'm only half way done. The Shea scent has some fans, but definitely some haters as well. The scent is unusual and lingers but the good thing is that, from personal experience, I know that it doesn't interfere with any perfume you wear. So in case you can't cope with the smell, you can easily apply some perfume and that problem would be taken care of immediately.

Community Trade Shea butter, Organic Soy Oil, Organic Salt, Sunflower Seed Oil and Organic Sugar are combined to make this oil based scrub that exfoliates wonderfully with the help of salt grains but at the same time moisturizes amply.

When I first started using it, I didn't really feel a difference but within a weeks time I could see fresh skin and the gritty and oily texture is what probably caused the change. My skin felt alot more polished and that is probably because of the granules in the mixture. Body Shop did not disappoint at all with this product and once again, a little goes a long way for this.

The only problem I seem to have is that after you have exfoliated your skin and washed there is a layer of oil on your skin which is visible if you run water over it. That is what helps in the moisturizing process but I'm not really a big fan of the remains since it doesn't make my skin feel squeaky clean. Once again, I may be the only person who had a problem with this but I thought I'd let everyone know.

Hopefully this picture can helps show the texture of the scrub and the butter.

 Lastly we have the Shower Cream from the collection and what makes this so special is that it is absolutely soap free. The main ingredients are Community Trade Shea Butter, Vitamin A and E, Sunflower Seed Oiland Community Trade Organic Sesame Oil. This product could easily be used as a foaming bath soak as well if one were to pour this in their bath tub.

When used normally it creates a rich lather that leaves your skin feeling soft and well moisturized. Some people may have a problem with the fragrance but it depends from person to person. the Packaging is very practical and doesn't take up much space in my already crowded bath room cupboard. 

All in all, I feel like the Shea Collection is absolutely necessary for someone with very dry skin but it will work well for normal skin combination as well, like me. The scent my cause a problem, but like I said it's eaisly covered. The best part about the fragrance is that it is unisex so if a man wants to use products from this collection, the easily can without having to fear that they'd end up smelling like strawberries or cream :p.Every product in the collection moisturizes and you never have to reapply through the day, but I have at times seen that it is a bit TOO moisturizing and ends up on my clothes.

1.7 Oz Mini Shea Body Butter-$6
1.65 Oz Mini Shea Body Scrub-$6
8.4 Fl Oz Regular Shower Cream-$8
3.4 Oz Shea Soap-$4

Until next time, tc :)

NOTD-French Manicure


Hello everybody :) Here is my second NOTD, and this time I dared to do a French Manicure all by myself haha! Like usual I forgot to take pictures, so below are a few that I did remember to take on like the 4th day!

My apologies for this last picture, I totally forgot to flip it! Until next time, tc :)

Islamabad, the Beautiful

The past few weeks have seen the best of the monsoon season for the year 2011, which MANY Pakistani's who had suffered in the heat, are very thankful for. I couldn't help but notice that Islamabad looked a little too pretty for it's own good so I snapped a few pictures. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Tc :)

Pandora`s Box: My 100 Followers Giveaway


Pandora`s Box: My 100 Followers Giveaway: "Hi everyone. Hope you are all geared up for a great weekend ahead. Sorry for being absent for a while. Blogger was giving me a LOT of troubl..."

Review-Luscious Cosmetics Lipstick in Dreams

Hello everybody, I hope everyone is doing really well and thoroughly enjoying the monsoon weather that we have at the moment. After the torturous summers that the residents of Pakistan endured, this really truly was a well deserved treat :)

I just noticed that I haven't done a single review in the two months that I have been active in the blogging community so I decided to do one today. Under the spotlight is Luscious Cosmetics Lipstick in Dreams. It is one of my go-to lipsticks and I have repurchased it time and again, but that doesn't mean my views towards it are biased.

With the nude lip trend EVERYWHERE, I wanted something nude for my lips too. My one and only criteria was something that went well with my skin tone and did not wash me out and make me look colorless or just plain funny.

That is when I found Dreams at the Luscious counter at Shaheen Chemist. Although it looks more brownish than nude , it is what is suitable as a nude colored lipstick for the average toned Pakistani. According to the Luscious website, it is a mocha pink.

The packaging for the lipstick is very sleek and compact and it is very easy to just throw in your purse or makeup bag and you wont have to worry about it consuming a lot of space.Inside this tiny tube you get 3.5 gms of product which lasts you for quite a while.

The pigmentation of the product is absolutely great and it doesn't enhances one's fine lines that appear on the lips. I swatched the lipsticks two times to develop the color to its full potential. Following is a picture that shows the true color of the lipstick. 

This product came with an extremely reasonable price tag of around 450 rupees which is truly worth it in my opinion. The pigmentation, texture, size, price and moisturizing qualities are beyond what should be expected for the price. The only thing lacking, sadly, is the staying power. The maximum it stays on your lips is for two hours, and even less if one is to drink or eat anything. Since I've been using Dreams daily since 2-3 months, this is something I claim from experience.


Favourite Perfumes!


Hey guys! I'm on a rollll today, I completely re-did my moms room while she was away at work, and I think it looks pretty decent :) The only thing is I opened all her packaged candles that she never lets anyone even touch, let alone open so hopefully I shall not be hanged for the crime that I committed :P Since I don't have anything better to do, I'll do my favorite perfumes collection! Yaaaay!

So let's start rolling, the perfume above is Calvin Klein's EUPHORIA and the one that I happen to have is a limited spring edition one. It has a very delicate summery, flowery scent, it has a sweetness to it that's not too fruity in my opinion, and that's how I like it. It's a floral scent and according to Google it has base notes of white sandalwood, clear frozen musk and amber. The packaging is really pretttty! It's a weird shaped glass bottle, and it has a silver abstract on it, the perfume itself is of pale pink, it almost seems clear at times. 

This one here is INSOLENCE by Guerlain Paris! It's has the most beautiful packaging out of all the perfumes that I have.. maybe it's because of the purple color and the spiral-circular bottle, that is so unique, but still, my favorite design. Coming to the perfume itself, the scent is very unconventional a bit stronger than my other perfumes, but as the color suggests it has notes of violet in it.

One of the most mesmerizing perfumes I've ever smelt is ESSENCE by Narciso Rodriguez. Good God! According to the Google, Essence is a pure, sensual, luminous fragrance with a modern heart of musk. A layer of rose petals creates a radiant impression, and hints of amber and powdery iris bring the scent to completion. In my words it's a very unique scent that's not on the sweet side, not on the musky side, not on the strong side. It's a beautiful scent that has great lasting power.

The next is this cute little bottle of CHLOE by the Chloe fashion house. It has a very similar scent to Pleasures by Estee Lauder. Very delicate and girly packaging. Very feminine, LOVE IT!

This one I'm sure everyone recognizes lol! It's the Body Shop LYCHEE BLOSSOM euade toilette. It's a fruity smell, kinda sweet but if applied properly it doesn't disappoint.

This beautiful bottle is of PLEASURES by Estee Lauder. It's my moms favorite perfume and she has gone through bottles and bottles of this perfume. It has a very sensual scent, one again its not fruity. Google says it has notes of lilies, roses, violets, exotic blossoms and fragrant woods. Lovely combination, it seems very timeless and classic :)

Yes that's right! That is  MADEMOISELLE by Coco Chanel! This one's kinda shared between me and my mom, and as you can see barellllyy and has been used lol. It's a tiiiiny bottle which cost a lot. As for the scent itself Sephora says it's a sexy, fresh oriental fragrance the recalls the irrepressible spirit of the young Coco Chanel. The signature Classic Bottle is perfect for the dressing table or for traveling.

The perfume above is ANGE OU ETRANGE by Givenchy.This one is a comparatively stronger perfume that the ones that I have. Honestly when you spray it on you at first it's not the most attractive scent in my opinion but let it develop for a few moments,and you will be blown away. It's a very sexy night time scent which has really good lasting power:) which is always a plus point.

So that was that about my favorite perfumes, I had fun making this blog and hope you like it too.I have a few more perfumes that I have collected over time, maybe I'll write about them later on. 

Please take note that the scents are described according to me and may vary from yours or someone else's opinions of the very same perfume! 

Enjoy the lovely monsoon girls, tc :)

NOTD-Yummy Choc Cream!


Hello everybody, hope everyone's doing well. Here is my very first NOTD. Please be kind and don't mock my almost non-existent nail polish application skills! Haha. Let's see if I get better with time and posts. The color I used was a beautiful light nude-ish brown that didn't make my skin look darker. I wasn't in the mood for something outrageous so I decided to give this a go. Please comment below and let me know what you think, and whether you'd wear this color? I know it's all about the peachy tones and oranges this season but I haven't really been loving that trend so decided to go for the good old light brown that I had lying around.

The nail polish is in the shade 1042 Choc Cream by Sweet Touch! It was very affordable from what I remember, around a hundred rupees I think! Bargaiiiin! LOL

How does it look guys? Are you people all over the coral-y trend or would you stick with your basics like me? Let me know. Take care until next time. xx

Apology Haul

Hiya! The lack of posts from my side is not my fault. I have at the very least 10 posts written but due to the absolutely RUBBISH quality of broadband that PTCL provides and an even more pathetic customer services department I couldn't upload them. My internet hadn't been working since almost a month. After calling a gazillion times to get it fixed I decided to get to the root of the problem and just get the damn thing disconnected! But PTCL had other plans and they wouldn't even let me do that! I could go into the details and bash the PTCL people and rant on and on. Or I could show you a haul of bits and bobs that I've collected over the past couple of days. Let's call it an apology haul for the lack of posts!

Here we go guys,

The first out of the three nail polishes that I got was by Flormar. There was no name on the bottle only a number which was 112. It's a basic reflective silver.

The next one was teal blue-ish shade called Grafitti by Golden Rose.

The last one was basic dark blue by the name of Glamour. It was by the company Classics.

Since I have black heads on my nose emerging constantly I decided to get a few black head removal nose strips since I never have any at the time that I need them the most. I just picked them up randomly. These ones are the Deeply Absorbent Nose Strips by Revitale.

This eye-liner is my holy grail eye liner. It is the Rimmel London Exaggerate Eyeliner in the shade Black. Many bottles have been emptied out by me of this product and this one's just a back up. I have never used any other eyeliner because compared to this one they seem very hard to use. It has a pen like tip which makes application a billion times easier and you get the blackest black color out there.

My recent favorite lipsticks are the one's that Luscious Cosmetics have been making. Affordable and size-friendly!
The shades I got were Dreams which is the perfect nude brown that doesn't wash out my skin color. This is my second tube of the same color, I'm barely left with any in the first and I really wanted a backup. The other shade is in Desire and my mom bought it for me so I don't know what the shade is since I haven't gotten around to opening it yet!

Some hair care products. The L'Oreal Elvive Smoothing Shampoo and the Mrs Marino Hair Softener are repurchases where as I'm trying the Sunsilk Shampoo in Black for the first time! Wish me luck because I haven't had the best of experiences with Sunsilk shampoos!

Just some moisturizers that I can't help but collect. The first is the classic Nivea Blue Tin moisturizer that I believe everyone has tried. Next is one of Vaseline's newer products which is the Healthy White Body Moisturizer. It's supposed to keep your body's complexion from changing due to the sun. Let's see how that works out. Last is a Cocoa Butter Super Moisturizing Body Lotion by some random brand. I haven't ever tried it before or heard of it but if it moisturizes my skin, then all will be good :)
Here is a collective picture of the stuff that I got! In the picture there are two products which I forgot to get a close up of. One is a basic Nivea Body Wash and the other is a French Manicure set by the brad Classic (mentioned above, as well).

Not beauty related, but I got these traditional Pathan-ish earrings. Aren't they pretty!?

That seems to be it for now, I'll hopefully updates soon. Tc x
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