EOTD-Hint of Gold


Chocolates inspire me. Actually they just make me gain weight! It's the chocolate wrappings that inspire me. I think they really are the prettiest things ever. A box of Ferrero Rochers on Valentine's resulted in this subtle EOTD!

(I'm not the best with eye shadows so don't judge please. Thanks)

So what do you guys think? Like it? Please let me know in the comments below, I have the best time reading your comments and replying to them.

Until next time, tc (:

Aloha Unhealthy Food!


I can bet I wasn't the only one that got all pumped up to be healthy in 2012 and had a new years resolution to eat healthier food and consume less sodas. I'm not faring too well on that end. No worries, there's always next years resolutions haha.

1. McDonalds McFlurry Oreo - Damn you free home delivery!
2. Chocolate Croissants
3. Three-Cheese Lasagne 
4. Nestle Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt - It's low-fat! That counts for something right :P
5. Moo Icecream
6- Hardees Mushroom and Swiss Cheese with Fries and lotsa Coke!

WOW not healthy at all! Although the lasagne was home made so that's not too bad I guess. What did you guys think of this post? Would you like more personal posts? Please let me know in the comment below (:

As always, tc.

Review-Luscious Cosmetics Lipsticks in Creamy Rose and Just Peachy


As some of you may or may not know, a Luscious Cosmetics lipstick in Dreams which I reviewed here has been my nude-but-with-a-hint-of-color-lipstick since the day they launched it. I recently ran out of it and decide to go pick up another since it’s something I wear on a daily basis. To my dismay I couldn’t find Dreams so I decided to build up my collection a little a got two other shades that I hadn’t tried before namely Creamy Rose and Just Peachy.

These shades aren’t very in your face and even though they are a bit more colorful than what I’d usually go for, they can easily be worn to university which is what I do every day without looking too out of place. Wearing lipstick to university may seem a bit much to some, but since I have a huge aversion to lip-glosses, never ever liked them, I choose to go with natural hued lipsticks.

These lipsticks are fairly moisturizing but I’ve noticed that if you wear them without a chap stick or lip balm underneath you’ll find yourself with lips that have noticeable lines. So I’d recommend putting on some lip balm and then applying the lipstick to get line-free application that looks prettier. 

The packaging is pretty sturdy and I can attest to that since I’ve dropped the lipsticks more often than I should and they haven’t snapped in two till now. However, the quantity you get isn’t fair enough for the price. Previously the lipsticks used to be for PKR Rs. 440 and recently they’ve been changed to PKR Rs. 540 without having any noticeable changes made in the quantity or the quality so that kinda sucks a bit. Even though I’m fairly content with the all the lipsticks that I’ve tried I doubt I’d be buying more as a protest to the unnecessary price change (unless I find a color like Dreams, and have to have it haha).

Have you tried any lip sticks from Luscious Cosmetics? What do you think of their recent price changes to most of their products? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, tc.

Luscious Cosmetics are available widely throughout Pakistan and online here.

Project Perfect


I don't think there is any girl out there (including Hollywood celebrities and Victoria's Secret models) who is completely happy with the way they look. In this age of hardcore photo shopping, each and every one of us has this falsely made notion of perfection that we try soo soo hard to achieve. In this race towards perfection, we tend to sometimes forget that there are millions of people out there who would give anything to look the way we look. We might not be happy with the texture/color of our hair but what about someone who has gone through chemo therapy and doesn't have a single hair of his/her head? We're always trying to get rid of this pimple or that breakout on our face but what about people who are burn/assault victims?

This is where Project Perfect comes in. It's being going around Blogger and I thought I'd do one as well.

What you need to do:

1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.

2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.
3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.

Why I like this photo?

I like this photo because it is pretty natural and casual and it was taken when I went to Bhurban for the first time!

State three things you don't like about yourself, and turn them around.

1. I have extremely thin hair, meaning they are very brittle and break easily but it really does help because I have virtually no hair on my legs and arms so I don't have to go through the torture that is waxing/shaving!

2.I have a very manly nose that I inherited from my father. Even though it doesn't show too much in the picture, it was a constant source of ridicule and names all throughout high school. A nose my size may look funny on some face but I think my facial structure with a broad forehead and comparatively high cheekbones balances it out (:

3. I have three stitches on my lips as a result of when I fell face-first in the bathroom around 10 years ago or something. I used to be very conscious of it back then but now I feel like it gives my face some personality, and you can barely see it after 10 plus years.

State three thing you like about yourself.

1. My hair color and my very pretty curls cum waves. Everyone's constantly asking me whether I dye my hair or curl my hair every morning before coming to university. I don't. It's all natural and you can't really see it in the picture but my hair goes extremelllly light in the sun, almost brownish-blone-copper something haha. Since almost everyone in Pakistan is dark haired, it makes me stand out in a good way.

2. My skin. The only issue I have with my skin are the dark circles that I have under my eyes. Other than that my skin is pretty good, not at all acne prone, doesn't react to products and is as smooth and soft as a baby's butt! Haha

3. My smile. Everyone says its the most genuine one they've come across (:

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, please leave a comment down below about what you think and feel free to do this post if it interested you enough.

Until next time, stay confident and stay beautiful!


Review-Revlon Matte Plus Long Lasting Lipstick


Revlon is a brand that has become increasingly difficult to find in Pakistan, but everywhere that I went (beauty stores) I saw these Revlon Matte Lipsticks that came with a price tag of Rs. 175. I decide to grab one, although I was a bit sketchy about whether these lipsticks were the real deal or a Pakistani version of Revlon (the latter proved to be true!). This is definitely fake Pakistani Revlon! Anyhoo, the shade I got was 273 which is a rose-y pink.

These lipsticks according to the description that goes on the back are supposed to be 'beautiful, long wearing and lip-conditioning'. As far as the claim of being beautiful goes, the shade that I got really was a very pretty pink but when it comes to the packaging of these lipsticks its a bit on the cheap side (at least for me, I'm not really feeling the red and gold stripes).

Next, the company states that these lipsticks are supposed to be long wearing. This actually depends on the person that's wearing it. If you're someone who licks your lips then this won't stay on for more than an hour, although for me, I can make it work for around 2-3 hours (without having food) before I have to go and re apply it. Therefore the claims that this lipsticks is long lasting aren't very right.

Lastly, the claims of being lip-conditioning are SOO SOO FALSE! This is absolute rubbish since I couldn't even get the lipstick on my lips without applying tons of lip balm beforehand. I know that matte lipsticks tend to be drying but this lipstick wont work for anyone unless they use a lip balm. I'd recommend proper exfoliation and moisturization of the lips before applying this. Even though this lipstick is a pain to put on, I don't find it to be too drying once it is on.

One more thing that I just have to tell you guys is that this lipstick smells like crayons! There's no better way to describe the scent of this lipstick. It bothers me when I put it on but after 5 minutes or so, I get immune to it. The color really is pretty as you can see from the swatches above, and I bear the smell in the name of vanity haha.

Hope you guys like this review. Thank you Flayva for requesting the swatches.

Until next time, tc.

NOTD-Valentines Inspired


So Valentine seems to be the theme on YouTube and Blogger these days, and I decided to jump on the bandwagon as well. But the NOTD  I have is comparatively quite subtle. Very simple, very chic.

So what do you guys think? Like them, don't like them? Let me know in the comments below (: Btw the last picture is a random glitter heart I made on several envelopes for my friends.

Until next time, tc.

DIY-Tinted Moisturizer


I love doing DIY stuff, it always makes me feel useful and less wasteful. Tinted moisturizers are something that I've been turning towards more and more since I started university. In all honesty I really don't have the time or the patience in the morning to put on face primer and foundation etc so I make my life easier and use a tinted moisturizer instead. In Pakistan I haven't seen the biggest variety of tinted moisturizers so I looked up a DIY recipe and made myself one. In case any of you guys wanted to know about it, you can have a look down below.

What you'll need-

1. Foundation- I used Marks and Spencer Color Adapt Foundation.
2. Moisturizer-I used Olay Daily Moisturizer with SPF 24.
3. An empty air tight container- I used an empty Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation jar.
4. Anything to stir the mixture with- I used the back of an eye shadow brush.

Put equal parts moisturizer and foundation or you could put in more foundation depending on the amount of coverage you'd like.

Mix it thoroughly, and TA-DA! You have your DIY tinted moisturizer ready.

Have you guys tried tinted moisturizers, or making them? Are you a foundation girl through and through or do you switch it up with tinted moisturizers at times? Let me know in the comments below (:

Until next time, tc.

OOTD-Tribal/Aztec meets Velvet?!


Hey dolls, this post is going to be short and to the point. I'm probably the last person on the tribal print band wagon but there are pictures below of a 'pishwas' with gathered sleeves that I wore a few days back when I was out with friends. I paired it with a 'chooridar' pajama. The print is pretty loud so I decided to tone it down with some subtle bottle green velvet on the neck, sleeves and daaman. 

Girls please please excuse the horrendous posing! It's quite a task to set the camera on timer and then run back to pose while simultaneously hiding my face because I'm not too comfortable with the idea of putting up my face on my blog just yet. Maybe someday soon (:

As always, please let me know what you guys think in the comments below? And has everyone been loving velvet as much as me? Because I swear I'm obbsessed with the trend.

Until next time, tc.

Review-ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder


I have normal skin in the winters and get the occasional dry patch on my forehead, around the nose or between my brows (weird, I know) so I tend to be a little careful with the powders I use in the winters as I don't want anything to enhance that dryness. Using the ELF Clarifying Pressed powder hasn't really done anything noticeable to my skin meaning that it doesn't dry it out further, which is always a good thing. NO ONE wants to look like a cake face, irregardless of whatever season it is.

For only a dollar the very basic packaging isn't as flimsy as everyone had made it out to be, although it could definitely have been sturdier. The powder itself is quite powdery and using any sort of brush makes it fly way like crazy, so what I do is use a sponge carefully to apply it to my face. It seems to work for me. You get a fair amount of coverage but I wouldn't use this powder alone, expecting it to give me coverage. For everyday use at university, I pair it with a tinted moisturizer and it works well for about 4-5 hours before I have to go touch up. I don't get oily in the winters so I can't comment on whether this powder will help battle that, I'll probably update this post in the summers to let you guys know.

All in all, a cheap product that works just as well as other drugstore powders in my opinion. ELF is primarily available online here or at Target stores throughout the US. For Pakistani readers, some of the ELF products are available online here.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below :)

Until next time, tc.
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