5 Days Of Colourpop - Day 1

So while thinking of blog post ideas, I came across a series, on THIS amazing blog that literally every desi (and non desi lol) needs to read, and decided to do something similar on my blog. Instead of doing a ton of reviews, I thought I'd so this series instead and if the response is favourable, will be doing more posts like this for sure.

So I'm kicking of my 5 Days Of Colourpop series with my favorite shade out of the bunch that I recently got (check out my collection HERE!), namely BUMBLE. Bumble is such a lovely everyday shade, and I can't believe how well it compliments my skin tone! I'm in love seriously and it is a definite re-purchase.

Colourpop Buble is described as a 'dusty warm terracotta' and according to Temptalia, it's a muted, medium rosy pink with warm undertones and a matte finish. Since Temtalia is much more eloquent in describing makeup than I'll ever be, I decided to put her description here because if I were left to the job, I'd just be using adjectives like amazing, lovely, stunning haha.

Check out the images below and try not to fall in love with this gorgeous shade! 

Guys, have you ever seem a prettier shade? Just look at the swatch when it's dry - PERFECTION!

Now I'll be honest here, almost all the face shots I put up on my blog are unedited, but I have added some Instagram brightness to this image because I've been on a green juice kick this week, and for some reason, the addition of healthy and nutritional green stuff into my diet has made me face go all bumpy which has NEVER, EVER been a problem for me my entire life! I've heard this is just my skin cleansing itself so fingers crossed I get my 'good' skin back soon otherwise me and green juice will have some issues haha. So forget that and notice the pretty-ness of Bumble on my face instead lol.

You can get Bumble online from HERE!

Hope you guys enjoy this series :) Stay tuned for Day 2 tomorrow. 
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