I'll be honest, orange isn't a color I would ever choose to buy for myself so I was a bit hesitant to wear what I had been sent by the lovely team of Arora (you might remember me talking about them from a while back, here's the post). From a personalized hand written card, to some delicious Lindtt that was gobbled up immediately.. the package had everything to make a blogger feel special.

Anyways, like I said - orange was a color I had avoided for as long as I can remember, but this sequined glitter kurt by Arora has changed my mind completely. I have never, ever gotten as many compliments at my work place as I did when I wore this to work. From hearing that I look fresh, to I look a lot slimmer (yay!) - praises were pouring in from everywhere and I couldn't be happier.

Usually when brands send me stuff, they usually send foundation 10 shades lighter, or shirts two sizes too big - but everything about this was perfection. From the sizing, to a color that flattered my skin-tone  and a cut that slimmed me down - everything was, as they say in Instagram lingo, on point! I love the contrasting yet subtle print on it, the perfectly aligned pleats on one side on top, and the super snazzy glitter collar and pocket on the other.

I'm a big fan of Arora quality in general - I was gifted a gorgeous evening clutch by them ages ago, and it still as good as it was back then. I recently wore it to my Nikkah as well, if that isn't a testament  to how much I adore it, dunno what is! Check out the clutch HERE!

Here's a quick OOTD from when I wore this - hope you enjoy :) 

Kurta - Arora
Pants - Outfitters
Bag - Aldo
Shoes - Can't even remember, they're that old!

Details - 

Arora Facebook page - HERE!
Arora Location - 3rd Floor, Centaurus Mall. 

Psst.. there's a End of Season Sale there right now, with price slashed upto 50% off! 

Hey hey ladies! Happy Eid Mubarak :) I think this is the first time I'm wishing you guys on the day of Eid. This is just a quick OOTD post of what I wore on Eid - excuse the non professional vibe of the images - I was posing in the middle of the street since it was such a beautiful day, and well, posing with people looking on isn't easy haha. The day started off super hot, so as soon as the clouds rolled in, I ran outside to get some outfit shots for you guys! Hope you guys like the outfit, it was a gift from my in-laws :)

Kurta - Deepak Perwani 
Pants - Outfitters
Kundan Khussas - Shoes By Uzi (Facebook page here!

Don't eat too much meat, guys! :)

Hello ladies! First off, thank you for the over-whelming love and wishes that you guys sent my way on my Nikkah! My snapchat (username - nayabnajam) literally crashed because there were so many messages from all of you and that has never happened before haha! I'm so glad I decided to share my big day with you guys because I was till the very last minute umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether to just do a blog post or let everyone know on Snapchat as its happening. I'm so glad I went with the latter option - the love was truly over whelming.

Now coming on to the Nikkah itself - I'm doing a separate Nikkah post about the day itself, how I managed everything so this post is mainly for the outfit pictures that everyone has been asking me about! I looked through all of the photographers images and the ones guests took and no one seems to have a full length one :(

My Outfit 

My dress was basically a lehenga cholla thingi with a deeper neck at the back that was tied with some lovely gold tassels and a be-dazzled net duppata! The lehenga cholli combination is one that I would have never, ever chosen for my self since I always feel like it would make me look heavier but it was really slimming! I looked super slim and that's always a good thing, for me atleast haha.

The Nikkah dress itself was a gift from my in-laws so I didn't have to worry about anything. I just went to their place 2-3 days before the Nikkah, tried on the dress and fell in love!

Here are some images from when I was trying on the dress :)

My Jewelry 

For the jewelry, the set i wore is super duper special. Once again, my in-laws gave this to me to wear so I literally had nothing to worry about when it came to clothes and jewels haha. This particular set was given to my mother-in-law by her mother-in-law and now she's passing it down to me - how cool is that! I'm a bit of a history buff so I love that there's a backstory to what I was wearing.

I wasn't sure how the choker would look on me since I have a bit of a double-chin problem, but I'm happy to report, that it look so good! Everyone said that it gave off a very royal vibe - which I loved! The coolest part about this set is that it's double sided - the front (which I wore) has multi colored stones and beads and the back is pure white- can use this on so many occasions!

My Henna 

Okay, so I've had my share of misfortunes when it comes to henna because no matter what type I use, it stings that crap out of me. Knowing that, I really did not want to spend thousands on henna application which I would wipe off immediately. Also, my Nikkah was decided in less than a week so everyone was charging like crazy for last minute bookings. My savior in all this was my cousins daughter, who is only 14 and applied henna not only for me, but my sister and my childhood bestie as well. I loved, loved, loved it and so did you guys (judging from the screenshots of the henna application on my Snapchat) The design I chose was super simple with prime focus on the fingers only.

I did not get henna on the palms of my hand, only ooper se because my hands started stinging really bad and I had to wash it off within 20 minutes. Only one hand was done, and for the other hand only the fingers were done but I couldn't bear the sting anymore so decided to just let that be lol.

I wanted to introduce the groom as well in this post, but it's gotten super long already so you guys will just have to wait a day more for that one. I will also be answering all questions you guys sent via Snapchat/Facebook/Instagram in that post. 

I love this time of the year, it's sale season everywhere. I really don't have much from Ethnic by Outfitters in my closet, although the kurtas that I do have have lasted me super well. Since it was announec that there was going to be flat 50% off at Ethnic outlets - I was ready to pounce and do some serious shopping. Unfortunately, the sale was on casual stuff, not the karhai type kurtas I wanted but there was still a lot of variety. Problem is that all the kurtas I like only had XS and S sizes remaining - Lord knows I haven't fit into a S size in years haha. I did manage to pick up these too and I'm super happy with them. Love the zipper detailing on the dragonfly kurta. 

Fun fact - the blue kurta has squirrels on it and some random aunty told me I shouldn't wear haram clothes - I was like whattt in the world?!? Anyways, check out the kurtas below and let me know if you plan on getting something from the sale. 

Blue Kurta - PKR 1300 (approx)
Red Kurta - PKR 900 (approx)

Check out Ethnic by Outfitter on Facebook HERE!

I know Lavender Oil is more synonymous with its soothing and relaxing properties but I'm here to enlighten you guys today on how it is the best kept secret to getting amazing hair. I'm talking crazy hair growth here (at least in my case). It was a while back when I was sent a box full of natural oils and serums to try out and I wanted to make the most of everything given, so I started Google-ing and that is where I came across the links between Lavender Oil and hair growth.

The benefits are unlimited - following are some that I've experinced myself - 

1. Moisturizes your hair
2. Visible decrease in hair fall
3. Visible decrease in dandruff
4. Enhanced new hair growth

Now you have to be a bit careful when using essential oils. From my research I read that it is always best to use a 'carrier' oil when putting essential oils directly on to the skin which basically means you have to mix your essential oil (any) with a regular oil (olive, coconut etc) and then use it.

I use 100% natural coconut oil and mix anywhere from 4-7 drops in it and apply directly to scalp. Let it sit and shampoo as you normally would, and repeat continously for a good month to see results!

Now coming on to the Lavender Oil itself - there are many in the market, some super cheap (that make me doubt their natural-ness) and some super expensive, which obviously can't be purchased by everyone. That is where Dr Kureshi comes in - offering natural and beneficial products in a price range that everyone can afford. Also a bonus is the quanitity you get, I've been usng mine for over a onth and it doesn't even look like I've used much at all!

To know more about Dr Kureshi, their story and check out the extensive range of products they have, please click HERE!

Website - HERE!

All I kept on wondering during Choti Eid was if society would accept me if I went out without wearing Kundan Khussas that were all the rage and beyond haha. Thanks to a few celebs and the actual pretty-ness of the product - these are selling like hot cakes everywhere, mostly online through Facebook pages though. I did a fair bit of research and found one of the original concept creator of these Khussas and decided to order them in time for Barri Eid - lucky for me, there was a 14th August discount going on so I definetly pounced on the oppurtunity.

What I got in the deal were these stunning Kundan khussas, a pair of payals (anklets) and free delivery for PKR 3000 - which I think is a fair deal since these usually alone sell around the 2500-3000 PKR mark.

The shop I ordered from was Shoes By Uzi (Facebook page HERE!) Dealing with her was super easy and super quick. She asked for my size and told me that with khussas you generally go half a size bigger. I was very unsure of ordering khussas online since they aren't the same as your typical shoe size, BUT the ones I got fit me super perfectly! Couldn't have chosen any better if I tired. The delivery was super quick and I loved the packaging, everything came in pretty green wrap net and then bubble wrapped for extra measure. I will definetly be ordering some more color combination from the shop since the variety is crazy! It's hard to just get one haha.