Day In The Life - Greek Food & A Stormy OOTD

Hey guys! Just thought I'd share some images from when I went to a Greek fest and tried to attempt an OOTD photoshoot, the key word being TRIED! Lol.

So, first off, I love this top! I was sent this via ROMWE*, it's super reasonable, click HERE! to check it out! I know most people think that with these sort of websites, you get stuff that is way different from what you order but it wasn't the case with me - what I ordered was what I got, you can check the original piece of clothing out by clicking HERE!

Price - click HERE!

romwe - affordable fashion - ootd - modest fashion

Honestly, I tried posing for 10 minutes but the wind just wasn't stopping haha - so this is what you'll have work with - the lace detailing is super pretty and this top is perfect for when you wanna dress casually but don't wanna put too much effort - the perfect blend of casual and comfort.

Now, onto the Greek fest - Imad was really excited for it but I wasn't - poor guy - he was super disappointed when the meat balls that he ordered turned out to be some takeaway ones from Subway! Haha - I ordered some fried donuts and those were much better but we decided to not order and waste more money at the Greek Festival and just head out for some burgers!

food festival - day in the life
food festival - day in the life

This was my burger from Red Robin - it was sooooo good! The garlic parmesan fries were re-fillable so it was hard to resist not ordering them again! Haha

food festival - day in the life

Anyways, as always a food centric post but that's what I love the most haha! Hope you guys enjoyed it, and don't forget to check out the outfit HERE!
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