The Perfect Summer Outfit

Hello guys! Another day, another outfit of me posing my life away, looking down on the ground, trying to look for something that I just can't seem to find haha! My husbands so sick of this pose of mine, he told me this time that he won't be taking anymore outfit pictures for me if I don't come up with a new pose! Lol.

Anyways, on to the outfit itself - it's super simple, causal and perfect for a hot summer today since everything is so loose and flowy! The pants are ankle length flowy bell-bottom somethings and the top is cold shoulder one that I tucked semi into my pants.

My bag is something that I'm super in LOVE with! It's like a small bag pack but it's a cross body - I've always wanted bag pack style bag that's everywhere these days but I don't like the wearing it on your actual back style, so this was the perfect combination! Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

Top - Target
Bottom - Target
Bag - Betsey Johnson

Until next time!

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