Shopping From SheIn - My Personal Experience

A while back, I was contacted by one of the super famous online retailers that are all over Instagram these days, think Zaful, Romwe, SheIn etc - so I decided to test one of the online store myself with my money and review it honestly for you guys. If the experince was to go well, I'd say yes to accepting some samples from them and if it were to go negatively, then oh well - no free clothes for moi haha. So here's my shopping experience from  SheIn - no sponsorships or free goodies involved, just me trying to find out whether all the Instagram hype is real or not.

How long did it take the order to arrive?

So, the total time it took for my order to reach me was about 15 days, which is a lot longer than what it was supposed to be. I emailed the customer service and I have to give props, they replied within 12 hours and apologized and I had my package with me within a few days.

Was the material what you expected?

The product itself was a bit different in material than I had expected. Where I was expecting something cotton-y or linen-y it was mostly polyester which at first I didn't like but now I have no issues wearing.

Was the design/color what it was shown to be on the website? 

When it comes to color, getting what you ordered and all of that - my blouse was exactly what I ordered so there were no discrepencies in that area.

Was the fit okay?

The fit was the biggest concern when I was ordering and due to some tips and tricks (click HERE to read them) I nailed the producer of ordering something that fit me perfectly. I cannot stress enough how important it is to look at the measurements they've given and focus on those - irregardless of whether you're a S/M/L you need to match your measurement.

Final Thoughts

Basically, apart from the slow shipping at first, and my confusion about the material I've really had an amazing experience - there was no shady business going on and I would defiantly order again, taking in precautions like checking the material.

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