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Before getting married, I had this entire series planned where I'd be churning out one blog post after the other regarding my wedding, but here we are almost 6 months later and I still haven't posted formally about it. One of the main reasons behind it because I was batting (and still am) with whether I truly wanted to share such a private and cherished part of my life with literally everyone.

While my readers have never left any hate or negativity on any of my social media posts over the 5+ years that I've been doing this, there's just something about wedding posts that attract a huge number of new readers where everyone isn't as nice. I went through that when I posted about my Nikkah and it did tick me off to the point where I edited down the post and deleted a couple of pictures. You can check out my Nikkah outfit HERE!

Long story short, I thought I'd so a mini series on the blog which wouldn't be more like oooh look at my wedding but more of a helpful guide as well to those who want to save on their wedding as well. Weddings in Pakistani can get very expensive, very fast but I wanted to keep that to a BARE MINIMUM where ever it was possible. It was me and my mom who were paying for the wedding so we saw no reason to spend where it wasn't necessary.

Before I bore you guys, let's have a look at the decor - I'll explain where and how everything was set so you guys can get a clear idea too.

So this was the main stage area - the mirror you see on one side - we had one on the other side too.

I love white furniture and this looked so good against the green backdrop!

There were these mini candles everywhere around the hall. 

These were the center pieces for all the guests tables, some had tiny mirrors too.

Now this was an area that was specially created after a request from us. Me and Imad (my husband) didn't want to eat on the stage so this special canopy type area was created, it was towards the right of the stage. We had a little dinning table and area. This is also where the cake cutting took place. I love the hanging flowers and the chandelier.

Here's another look at it.

During the cake cutting - on a side note, the cake from Mariott sucked! It was so so bad lol - ugh.

So the vendor we went for was a guy that our wedding coordination at Mariott gave us the number of. We invited him over to go over a few designs. At first when I saw quotes like 200,000 for stages - my mind was baffled! There was no way I was going to pay that much - and I really didn't care for any exotic plants and flowers either.

It took hours but I finally came across a design that he had done from Hamza Ali Abbasi's sister which was very similar to my stage arrangement - I made a few additions and deletions and finalized it. Since the green background the was grass and not full of flowers the cost was reduced significantly and the cost for the stage decor came to about PKR 40,000. We paid an additional PKR 18,000 for the side canopy.

Price - 

Stage - PKR 40,000
Canopy - PKR 18,000

Useful Tips -  

  • Don't use imported, exotic flowers - they really add up to the cost of stage decor.
  • Don't go for flowery backgrounds - I can't tell you guys how amazing my photographs came with the simple green background - everything just popped with the green background.
  • Don't place the giant mirrors where I did, place them a little further so that the people near the stage aren't in the reflection of the photographs taken.

Contact for Hammad - 

0321 5154946

I don't get any commission or money from recommending him, he doesn't even know about this post. He's just someone who was ready to work with any budget and I liked his work. If you're willing to spend more than what I did he had spectacular designs, if you're willing to spend less than I did, he had some pretty great designs for that too. I'm sure he doesn't even remember me - you'll probably have to show him these pictures for reference.

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