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The Perfect Kundan Khussas For Weddings

All I kept on wondering during Choti Eid was if society would accept me if I went out without wearing Kundan Khussas that were all the rage and beyond haha. Thanks to a few celebs and the actual pretty-ness of the product - these are selling like hot cakes everywhere, mostly online through Facebook pages though. I did a fair bit of research and found one of the original concept creator of these Khussas and decided to order them in time for Barri Eid - lucky for me, there was a 14th August discount going on so I definetly pounced on the oppurtunity.

What I got in the deal were these stunning Kundan khussas, a pair of payals (anklets) and free delivery for PKR 3000 - which I think is a fair deal since these usually alone sell around the 2500-3000 PKR mark.

The shop I ordered from was Shoes By Uzi (Facebook page HERE!) Dealing with her was super easy and super quick. She asked for my size and told me that with khussas you generally go half a size bigger. I was very unsure of ordering khussas online since they aren't the same as your typical shoe size, BUT the ones I got fit me super perfectly! Couldn't have chosen any better if I tired. The delivery was super quick and I loved the packaging, everything came in pretty green wrap net and then bubble wrapped for extra measure. I will definetly be ordering some more color combination from the shop since the variety is crazy! It's hard to just get one haha.


  1. Are they comfortable too?

    1. they're as confrotable as khussas can be - the front part is obviously a bit heavier than your regular khussa because of all the embellishments.

  2. Saw these on your snapchat and immediately fell in love! Beautiful *_*


  3. They are lovely! Cinderella slippers!

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