My Wedding Decor - Walima

So my Walima was a super casual event, we wanted it to be a lot less formal the Barat and given it was during the day time on a perfectly sunny winter afternoon in December, it was the perfect setting! I don't have professional pictures but you can check out some video stills from the Walima video below :)

Pretty white flowers to go with the white decor.

Loved the fairy lights wrapped around the trees! They looked super pretty in the evening.

An overview.

The was our informal stage area, we barely sat here haha! Me and Imad were mostly just going around, meeting people and saying hello to everyone who came.

And that was that, a lovely end to a super casual and wonderful end to our wedding festivities. 

Coming up next on my wedding series is a review of my videographer, photographer and makeup services! Hope you guys enjoy! 

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