Bridal Diary - My Barat Outfit

Hey hey guys! My wedding dress post has been a super duper long awaited post, so I hope you guys enjoy it! We'll kick things off with the Barat outfit and then move onto the Walima one.

So first off, this wasn't actually my Barat outfit - I had a separate outfit made, loved it and was all set to wear it until my mom opened one of her decade old suitcases and found a Barat outfit that she had made for her wedding but never got to wear because her father-in-law died and the event had to be sobered down. She went with another outfit and this remained locked away in a suitcase unworn and untouched until now!

When we saw this lehenga, me and my mom knew that I just had to wear this on my Barat instead of the other one. All it needed was a bit of fitting and we were good to go!

The good thing was that my actual bridal outfit (that I did not wear) was not that heavy so it was easily used as a post-wedding kurta, with the dupatta paired off with another outfit and same with the lehenga. This way, we utilized both dresses and nothing was wasted!

How regal does the lehenga look? The work is super old zamanay ka and very very traditional.

For my jewelry, I wore two sets. One that my mom gave me from her wedding and the other one that Imads family gave to me on my Nikkah. Both pieces have a lot of history so I think they went well with my dress as well.

My shoes were the same heels that I wore on my Nikkah - I really don't wear heels so I just bought one pair that I then paired with all my wedding functions haha!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it was well-worth the wait for you. Before I wrap this post up, I just wanted to say - don't spend too much on your wedding outfit, you really only wear it once. The outfit that I ended up wearing was basically one that I got for free, but the one that I had gotten made was super inexpensive as well (think under the PKR 80,000 mark) - weddings are such an expensive affair, it makes no sense to invest in clothes - invest in relationships and your marriage more :) 

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