Bridal Diary - My Walima Outfit

Hey hey ladies! I hope you're enjoying my wedding series so far - today's post is going to be all about my Walima outfit. I loved, loved, lovedddd my Barat outfit a ton but there was just something super special about my Walima outfit that made me love it just a bit more than my Barat outfit lol. I feel like this is a great outfit if you want to be a traditional Walima bride because I know these days it's all about silver-y outfits for the Walima function.

I have never actually thought the color orange would be something I'd opt for but when we (me, Imad's mom and cousin) were at the shop and were looking around for a contrasting dupatta for the off-white base - I spotted this wonderful mustard-y orange one and all of us loved it at first glance! It's so super pretty and I can't wait to wear this outfit (separate, of course) at different events.

I lost a ton of weight before my wedding and it just for some reason didn't show with my Barat outfit but I was super happy because my hard work did show in this outfit haha. Don't you guys love the color combination? I'm in love with it till now (and probably forever haha)

My jewelry had some rose-gold tones in it and I think it went very well with my outfit.

Just a close up to show you guys the details :)

Where You Can Get This Outfit - 

I can't remember the name of the exact shop but if you're in Islamabad, go to F-7 where OPTP is - there are a couple of bridal boutiques there go to the first one on the right in the basement :) We matched the dupatta ourselves and made change to the design, embroidery etc so you won't get the same outfit but I'm sure you'll be able to customize what you want according to your tastes there!

Hope you guys enjoy this post, coming up next are my makeup reviews for the wedding!

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