Randomness-Classic Macaroni Salad

Hey guys! Looong time, eh? I have no valid excuse except for being busy except university. I bet that's the story of everyone's life though lol. So anyways I'm not a very healthy person. Not. At. All. Which I'm constantly reminded by my mother so I decided to be healthy and make a salad for myself. Salads are the epitome of healthy, right?  Everyone's always going on and on about salads and how healthy and green and nutritional they are. I decided to make a salad but unfortunately the end result wasn't green, AT ALL! Actually I doubt it even had any vegetables in it LOL. So obviously that was a healthy snack fail, but I did enjoy my Classic Marconi Salad without all the green goodness!

Yeahhh, you're all probably wondering why my MACARONI salad transformed itself to a SPAGHETTI one. I really don't know! MAGIC! Maybe! I do actually know, I didn't have any macaroni's at home so I decided to be pro-active and make it out of spaghetti. I really doubt it makes a difference in the taste though.

Do all of your mom's annoy you by constantly reminding you regarding your un-healthy lifestlye? Let me know so I don't feel alone haha.

Until next time, tc.

P.s-The salad was muuuch more delicious than it looks, my non-existent photography skills don't do it justice :)
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