Review-Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush

Hello everybody :) Hope everyone's doing well. Thank you to my new followers who found my blog interesting enough to read and follow, I'm very thankful, honestly. I'm going to be reviewing the Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush today. The shade that I have specifically is 40-Soft Plum. The product in itself isn't new, it has been in the market for a fair amount of time, and there are without a doubt quite a few reviews out there but I thought I'd put my two cents into the mix as well.

The product in my opinion is more cream based then mousse-y and is definitely an air-whipped formula that look flawless on one's skin. From my own experience I can guarantee, that it is EXTREMELY easy to blend and it isn't any hassle to use at all.The blush can be worn all by itself or underneath a powder blush-this way it'll help the powder blush stay on for much longer than normal by acting as a cheek primer. (Lol, that term is my own creation-I doubt something like that even exists, but you catch my drift.)

I initially had concerns with the jar being not too big and about how much use I'd actually get out of the product but a little goes a long way with the product. The best part about this blush is it leaves one's skin looking natural and flushed.

Many people seem to think that by rubbing a mousse blush (or any other product) for that matter on top of our foundation may not be good for the foundation and end up wiping it off. This is clearly not the case with the blush because I have been using it for quite some time and haven't noticed any such problems. I used to believe that using a mousse blush over a powder foundation will make it look cake-y and crease-y because of the difference in the textures of the products, but I have had no such problem with this Maybelline Mousse blush in particular-although I can't say anything about other mousse blushes.

The only thing I try to be careful about while using this product is that it is quite shimmery. Nothing that'll make you look like a a glitter bomb but it is definitely noticeable. I tend to be careful while using it during the day but at night time it gives off a lovely sheen due to the tiny particles of glitter. Another issue that I have is the packaging. I'm not too fond with the idea of dipping my finger time and again into the pot. There have been instances where the blush gets stuck between my nails and that's not really the best of feelings :P. This could easily be avoided by using a brush to apply the product but it is not mandatory and the usage of either fingers or a brush would give off the same result.

In the picture above, you can easily see the consistency of the product and how it blends to a very au naturale finish.

The price is a bit steep at Rs.900, but the product is definitely going to last you a long time. Just a tip for all mousse based makeup products is that by turning them over and storing them upside down you actually preserve and prolong the life of the product and your mousse blush/foundation/eyeshadow won't dry out or get flaky.

Until next time, tc :)
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