I'm Loving It-August

Hello everybody! Eid Mubarak to whoever is celebrating and even to those who aren't hope you had a wonderful day. Please excuse my McDonald's inspired post title, in simpler words these are my August 2011 favorites. I don't have too many favorites this months so this should be a comparatively short post. Lo and behold-

I absolutely loved the movie 'Trust'. With the world wide web advancing at a speed like never before, the dangers attached within it are popping up every two seconds as well. The movie in particular deals with how a young girl falls prey to an online sexual predator and is lied to time and again, until she is trapped in a situation where she fails to see reality. The movie beautifully takes us through the journey of the girl and her family and how everyone deals with this unexpected explosion in their lives. I'll link down the trailer below, please watch it. It will only take two minutes maximum and I can assure you this is a movie you would want to watch yourself. The music also perfectly complements every scene that is being played out, and if not anything else, the movie reminds one of how at the end of the day, family will always be there for you.

Next is a Rose Water spray, also famously known as Arq-e-Gulab. This has definitely helped me survive in the unbearable summers that us Pakistani's had to endure. The bottle is fairly decent sized (although it could be smaller) so it's easy to pop in and out of your bag without too much of a hassle. Use it as a refresher, toner, just to cool yourself down-it is multi purpose. The subtle but definitely beautiful rose scent that lingers after you spray it where ever you want is just another perk! In all honesty, if the scent was longer lasting, I'd stop buying body sprays and just use this instead! I don't remeber how much it was for, but not more than a 100.

The Revlon Illuminance Cream Eye Shadows in Not Just Nudes is practically the only thing I've been using ALL summer! They have the most creamiest of consistencies and are super easy to blend whether you want to swipe one all over your eye lid and do a more complicated look where you apply the shadow to your crease, inner corner etc. The colors are wonderfully pigmented and range in different shades of brown. The only problem I had with this was that it creases. I'm not a primer person, so I can only tell you that it creases after a while. I can't say whether it'll be like that with in case you apply them with a primer. The good thing even with that is that whenever a crease forms you can easily swipe your finger over it and it'll vanish. These cream eye shadow can easily be applied with your fingers or if you want, proper eye brushes. I got my one from England last year for about 4 pounds but you can easily get them for rupees 500 at where other shades are available as well. In case you want to get your hands on them, order as soon as possible because without the current discount, they retail for a 1000 rupees from the same website. The link follows-

Last but not the least is a book by one of my favorite authors, Cecelia Ahern (author of the famed P.S I Love You). The Gift focuses on the life of a man who is always too busy with his work to pay special or any attention to his family. It is set around Christmas and by the time you're finished reading it, I can guarantee it that you will want to get up and spend time with your loved one's because it is one of those books that reminds you of the importance of time, family, love and the present. Since Eid is also a time where families get together, this book is a must read and it'll make the strongest of hearts shed a few tears throughout the duration of it. It is widely available at all leading book stores, but I got mine from an Old Book Store in Jinnah for 300 only although I've seen it in almost every old books store I've been to. Without a doubt, I would've gladly paid double the amount for such an inspiring book which reminds one of all the important things in life without being very in-your-face about it.

Sorry about the long post! Guess I didn't realize how much I had to say until I started,

Until next time, tc :)

P.s-Please let me know if you'd like an in-depth review on anything :)
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