Randomness-Waffles & Vanilla Cure

So guys, I had my university orientation a few days back and after a day full of listening to heartless speeches, roaming around in the dirt, registering for courses and just sweating like there's no tomorrow, I came home very tired, to say the least, and was instantly craving something vanilla-y! I could barely walk so I didn't want to whip up something complicated and time consuming. Therefore I did what shamelessly lazy people like my do -heat up some frozen waffles, put a huge slice ice vanilla ice-cream, adorn it with sugar and calorie infused eatable sprinkles and chomp on it like a woman possessed.

Needless to say, I was very content after gobbling this up. Would a treat like this make you feel a tad bit better after you've had a down day? Let me know :)

Until next time, tc :)
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